Double Flexible Socket Wrench Carbon Steel Wrench Hand Tools

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Double Flexible Socket Wrench Carbon Steel Wrench Hand Tools


Material:40cr,50BV30,45#Carbon steel

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt

SIZE: 8*9.8*10.10*11.10*12.12*13.12*14.14*15.14*17.16*17.17*19.18*19.20*22

Packing:AS your request

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Q:TOHNICHI torque wrench, where to introduce the use of it?
Tighten the nut and adjust the torque (then stop immediately when the torque is reached). Please note that all the consequences of violating the normal procedures (especially the removal of parts or the use of excessive force) are the sole concern of the parties.
Q:It's powerful. Why isn't the wrench strong?
The beginning is mainly rely on the wrist, also need some skills, such as hand from their near some distance, it will pull the opponent's hand to his side pull, not straight pull, but to his palm tilt, as far as possible to his chest, called the other hand don't hold the opponent's table
Q:How much do you charge for a general wrench?
You are talking about a movable wrench, also called a live wrench, and the opening size can be adjusted with a knob
Q:How to disassemble a wrench faucet?
You are not recommended to dismantle, good leading assembly is more sophisticated, you will be installed after the demolition back, it is not so easy to use
Q:FAW Pentium X80 has a wrench symbol what does it mean?
Small wrench sign is maintenance reminder lamp, the alarm sign is the automobile manufacturer, in order to remind the owner of the mileage, according to the needs of maintenance, set up the maintenance reminder function. After the maintenance, need to be carried out in accordance with certain procedures zero, the maintenance lights can be extinguished.
Q:Working principle of hydraulic pulse wrench
Traditional pneumatic wrench: use the air pressure to adjust the torque. When the screws are tightened, the tools continue to act, causing the main parts to deform and damage. Because of the torque limit, accuracy is not high, around 50%.1. hydraulic machinery in a short time to set torque, torque distribution value is relatively small, so skilled operation is not required2. rotating torque adjusting bolt can easily change torque3., positive reversal, easy to operate, can be operated by hand4. double chamber motor by comparing with the traditional models about more than 30% lighter5. the main shaft does not have the striking position, therefore the vibration and the noise are smaller6. use a special blade, so you can use it without oiling.
Q:How to choose torque wrench for automobile assembly
Also known as the torque wrench torque wrench, common pointer is the maximum torque is 30KG, now most good garage is a selection of preset type adjustable torque wrench, due to various reasons the price origin, quality is uneven.
Q:How about 12 inches in a 12 inch adjustable wrench?
The movable wrench is a wrench for short, and the opening width can be adjusted in a certain range, and is a tool used for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts of different specifications. The inventor of the wrench was Johannsen (Johan Petter Johansson, Sweden, Sweden), who invented the movable wrench in 1892.
Q:Toshiba 206 wrench light, how to clear?
You press the number 8 and stop button to see what code is displayed, and if the code is not displayed, the machine can copy
Q:How to repair the air (pneumatic wrench)
The maintenance of pneumatic tools is still very simple.The main components are the pneumatic motor and the knock block.When the compressed air enters the pneumatic motor, the impeller rotates and the impeller rotates and strikes the block to do work.The most wear and tear is generally the impeller, take a look at the impeller bar.And that's the cylinder's wear.The most difficult thing to do is the moving parts, that is, percussion blocks.

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