Scaffolding Spanner Rathcet Socket Wrench Hand Tools

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Scaffolding  Spanner  Rathcet Socket Wrench

Material:CR-V, 40cr

Finish:  mirror polish ,sand blasting,matt,Black,spray























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Q:The process of making an ordinary open-ended wrench requires material and heat treatment
If it's not a wrench, then. Material selection carbon tool steel T10A or T12A.
Q:TOHNICHI torque wrench, where to introduce the use of it?
Check calibration a torque wrench using Nitto million times or a year, in order to ensure its accuracy.Japan, torque wrench warranty period for 180 days. Misuse, abuse, excessive use and collision are not within the scope of use.
Q:Does the torque wrench belong to the strong inspection range?
With the development of science and technology and international exchange of technology, the understanding of tightening technology is also improving. 30 years ago, China made aircraft without torque wrench, now, machinery manufacturing enterprises and electronic manufacturing enterprises has been widely used in torque wrench, more and more enterprises to build their own standard, strictly control the preload of bolt. In the national verification regulation of torque wrench calibration also more stringent, in 2013 China will use the verification procedures for new torque wrench, torque tester requirements increase, also put forward higher requirements on the torque spanner.
Q:What are the differences between electric wrench, pneumatic wrench and torque wrench?
The first set a torque limit when the applied torque reaches the set value, the wrench will be issued a "Kata" sound or a wrench bend at the joint point of this representative has not the fastening force. The pneumatic plate hand can be sized at each of the standard ratchet socket drives, from small 1/4, drive tools, group loading and disassembly to 3.5. The pneumatic wrench is not suitable for fastening the device body and is used for fastening the installation parts of ceramics and plastics. The working principle of torque wrench torque wrench (spanner) issued a sound principle Kata is very simple, can be divided into the following steps: 1, torque wrench to understand the issue of "Kata" sound after the prompt you has reached the requirements of the torque value; a torque wrench 2, "Kata" is produced by itself the torque release structure, its structure is divided into pressure spring, torque release joint, torque rod structure composed of three to 3, first in the torque wrench to set the desired torque value (set by the spring on the push rod to release joint torque pressure), locking torque wrench to tighten the bolts. When the bolt reaches the torque value (when the torque is greater than the pressure of the spring), it will produce an instantaneous disconnection effect. In effect generated from a sudden joint percussion, a wrench of the metal shell "Kata" sound. This confirms the reminder of the torque value (in fact, as in our elbow joint, which is bent at 15 degrees, placed in the iron tube and then touched by a straight line.
Q:What specifications of inner six angle wrenches are required for installing mountain bikes?
Under normal circumstances, the horizontal is the place where the number 5 sitting bar, there is basically a kettle No. 7-8, some are 4, there are also 5 front fork of the lock ring, where some are used No.1
Q:M42, what is the outer diameter of the six point nut socket wrench for the side s=65?
Inner six angle wrench: a L shaped six angle wrench, used for screwing six angle screws.8 torque wrench: it can show the applied torque when screwing the bolt or nut; or when the applied torque reaches the specified value, it will send out light or sound signals. Torque wrenches are suitable for assembly work that specifies the torque magnitude.
Q:What are the two purpose wrenches?
Standard for manufacture of dual-purpose wrenches: GB/T4392-1995 (percussion wrenches and percussion wrenches). Features: dual wrench and spanner by high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel forged into a whole, has the advantages of reasonable design, stable structure, high density material, anti attack ability, do not fold, constantly, bending, product size precision, durability and other characteristics.
Q:What does a wrench on a dashboard display mean?
The indicator light of a small wrench in the instrument is a "maintenance indicator", which is to remind the driver to maintain the vehicle after it has traveled a certain mileage.
Q:What material is the best inside six corner wrench?
The EIGHT of SNCM+V in Japan is more suitable for the material of inner six angle wrench than S2, HRC 55-60 and has toughness
Q:Automatic power-off electric wrench when it reaches a certain torque to control the (with what instrument switch or the like)
The current type constant torque electric wrench controls the output torque of the wrench by controlling the electric current of the motor, the price is moderate, the efficiency is slightly bad, and the fixed torque accuracy is medium.

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