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Metal Corner Tape is unique designed

features traditional paper with two reinforcing

strips of galvanized steel. The results are

tough corners designed to withstand “day

to day” abuse. The tape is easier to use

than traditional metal corner bead. Our steel

corner tape is packaged in rolls making it

easier to merchandise and transport. It also

saves waste, we can cut only the size we


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Q:Cement mortar room Corner when no design requirements, the height should not be less than the number of meters?
4.1.9 The angle of the interior wall, cylinder and door openings shall conform to the design requirements. Design without requirements, should be used 1: 2 cement mortar to do the angle, the height should not be less than 2m, the width of each side should not be less than 50mm.
Q:What is the corner of the corner
Brick walls, pillars, doors and windows and other parts of the sun angle.
Q:Which norms are staircase stepping angle using steel bars to do corners of the practice
I have not heard of this specification, only seen with copper bars do staircase corner. Because the steel exposed to the air is easy to rust, the volume becomes larger, will open the cement mortar, causing the paint layer cracking off. So in principle, should be used copper or stainless steel as well
Q:Wall Corner is what to use, you can explain why the installation of this?
Corner installation is still necessary for four reasons: 1, moving the furniture encountered when the corner is inevitable, hit the wall a lot of beauty on the discount; 2, the child at home all day running a house, a careless touch in the corner, but you feel bad Yo, Corner can play a buffer effect of the impact; 3, the corner often hand, white walls will leave a stain, a long time will be black one, and the corner is easy to clean; 4, home furnishings sometimes a color of the wall, the lack of touching the finishing touch, and with the color of the corner can play the art of embellishment, more beautiful, more fashionable.
Q:Paste the wall of the corners how to unload
Wall angle with corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, good adhesion, and putty and other advantages, greatly enhance the corner of the impact resistance, to maintain the long-term beautiful wall without damage, with the main project synchronization , The use of the process without the use of foot board, easy to operate.
Q:Yang angle of the corner should be done more than meters
From the ground not less than 2m.
Q:Wall is a good paste or paste the good eye
1, paste the corner of the installation method: the use of glass adhesive to the corner, and then seal the edge can be sealed. 2, punching angle installation method: 1) The installation height is adjusted according to the individual aesthetic angle. Recommended height: corner of the corner from the ground 20-30 cm can also be directly to the ground or with the base line flush. 2) first affixed to the wall on the wall, put the required height, and do a good job in the installation hole mark, in order to take the corner after the accurate punching. 3) Please use a drill bit of 5mm adjustable speed hammer drilling, the plastic expansion bolt into the hole. 4) Align the hole on the corner with the hole in the wall, tighten it with the screw, and then cover the buckle and then seal it with the sealant.
Q:What is the guard angle?
Acrylic is good. But choose acrylic. Choose to import acrylic. Can guarantee that no yellow does not change color. Made of acrylic long time will change color yellow. Our home improvement is the law of the corner. Imported material. Work better than any other home.
Q:What is the classification of paper corners? What is the role of paper angle equipment?
Paper Corner, also known as the edge of the board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, instead of wood packaging and other bulky packaging. It is made of waste paper, with low prices, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Also known as paper angle or corner cardboard, edge board, angle paper, paper angle steel, by the tube paper and cattle cardboard by the set of angle machine made of stereotypes made of two smooth surface smooth, no obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other, Can replace the wood 100% recycling, is the ideal new green packaging materials. Advantages 1, paper angle from the product can be bundled together so that the overall packaging more solid and solid. 2, the goods fixed on the tray, can play a protective product and its edge role. 3, in the handling process can protect and support the product. 4, according to the customer's different specifications and requirements of tailor-made it can be in the transport of goods to play the role of reinforcement and tray, so as to avoid the goods in the handling, packing, transport process on the edge of the damage. Its material is the cardboard laminated adhesive made of, so you can recover and recycling. And in the export container can be fumigation, cost savings, widely used.
Q:Erhu protagonist wear particularly fast, how to protect, please answer, thank you
With a knife and a small word screwdriver, you can slowly pry down. Careful points do not generally hurt the piano piano skin.

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