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Metal Corner Tape is unique designed

features traditional paper with two reinforcing

strips of galvanized steel. The results are

tough corners designed to withstand “day

to day” abuse. The tape is easier to use

than traditional metal corner bead. Our steel

corner tape is packaged in rolls making it

easier to merchandise and transport. It also

saves waste, we can cut only the size we


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Q:What is the corner of the wall?
Corner is a corner for the corner, the door corner, window angle construction and difficult to design a new type of building materials. One is decorated, highlighting the "corner" effect, and achieve the color of the partition. Second, to cover the direction of the line, but also on the wall and the ceiling of the junction is not at right angles (that is, not a straight line) from the role of cover, in short, is the role of cover ugly. Third, the ability to crash, to avoid the construction process encountered in the corner, resulting in gaps and repeated repair of the trouble.
Q:What is the size of the guard angle bars?
Corner to see what you need, with where the above, there are soft corners and hard corners. Soft corner prices are relatively high.
Q:Home decoration corner must be safe angle?
Home improvement is not necessarily installed corners, corridors are generally used in public places (kindergartens, schools, hotels, etc.), home decoration angle is a bit neither fish nor fowl. At home if you worry about sharp wounds, can be made into a small corners of the corners, there is no need to add a snatch.
Q:What is the guard angle?
Look at their own personal preferences! Now a wide range of corners of the material
Q:What is the classification of paper corners? What is the role of paper angle equipment?
Paper Corner, also known as the edge of the board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, instead of wood packaging and other bulky packaging. It is made of waste paper, with low prices, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Also known as paper angle or corner cardboard, edge board, angle paper, paper angle steel, by the tube paper and cattle cardboard by the set of angle machine made of stereotypes made of two smooth surface smooth, no obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other, Can replace the wood 100% recycling, is the ideal new green packaging materials. Advantages 1, paper angle from the product can be bundled together so that the overall packaging more solid and solid. 2, the goods fixed on the tray, can play a protective product and its edge role. 3, in the handling process can protect and support the product. 4, according to the customer's different specifications and requirements of tailor-made it can be in the transport of goods to play the role of reinforcement and tray, so as to avoid the goods in the handling, packing, transport process on the edge of the damage. Its material is the cardboard laminated adhesive made of, so you can recover and recycling. And in the export container can be fumigation, cost savings, widely used.
Q:What is the hole cover? What is the angle of protection?
Corner, is installed in the corner of the wall, the protection of the corner is not bump damage, in addition to wood materials, there are generally glass and metal, as shown on the right: Pass, window sets, corners not only have some of the features mentioned above, but also in some style to create a certain decorative role, but these three are not necessary decoration, if the pursuit of simple style, can not be produced.
Q:Home improvement wall of the corner of what kind of good material?
Note: 1, glass fragile, easy to hurt. 2, the glass is a combination of two, the protection effect is poor. 3, angular edge whether the humanized rounded angle processing. 4, color is not beautiful, fit the home decoration. 5, is also the most important point, whether environmental protection.
Q:What is the pillar of the pillars?
Installed in the wall of the corner from the protective role of the lines, shaped like a corner iron. 5-8 cm wide, the installation height of 1.2-3 m, the color is mostly transparent or White, made of plexiglass, acrylic, PVC plastic and other materials.
Q:How long is the wall guard?
First, the corners of the general 1.2-1.5 m is appropriate, of course, can also protect, need to be based on the preferences and needs of the owners. Second, the corner is a kind of work on the wall, so that the corner of the shelf more clean and beautiful a profile, in addition to beauty, the corner of the corner at the same time strengthen the corner, to avoid the corner of the dents and other damage.
Q:What is the corner of the corner
Brick walls, pillars, doors and windows and other parts of the sun angle.

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