PVC drywall bead/ pvc corner bead for wall protect

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1. tile corner bead
2.Stable quality with all kinds of color
3.Anti - UV ,environmental
4.Size: mm

Tile corner bead for wall protection

all kinds corners , including vinyl corner bead,casing bead,angle bead,pvc casing bead,drywall products,perforated angle bead,Movement Joints.

Wehas been exported all over the world since 2002. We have cooperation thousands customers from over 116 countries , and our hot product even take up over 70% for some of the markets , such as Puerto Rico , Ethiopia , England , America.

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Q:Home decoration corner must be safe angle?
Home improvement is not necessarily installed corners, corridors are generally used in public places (kindergartens, schools, hotels, etc.), home decoration angle is a bit neither fish nor fowl. At home if you worry about sharp wounds, can be made into a small corners of the corners, there is no need to add a snatch.
Q:What is the guard angle?
Acrylic certainly better than the glass, acrylic is not fragile, there are a lot of tricks, glass cheap.
Q:What is the hole cover? What is the angle of protection?
Corner, is installed in the corner of the wall, the protection of the corner is not bump damage, in addition to wood materials, there are generally glass and metal, as shown on the right: Pass, window sets, corners not only have some of the features mentioned above, but also in some style to create a certain decorative role, but these three are not necessary decoration, if the pursuit of simple style, can not be produced.
Q:Home improvement wall of the corner of what kind of good material?
The corner of the installation is still necessary, there are four reasons: 1, moving the furniture when the corner is inevitable, hit the wall beautiful beauty greatly discounted; 2, the whole family all day running the house, 3, the corner often hand, the white walls will leave a stain, a long time will be a black one, while the corner is easy to clean the corner of the corner, but the corner is easy to clean ; 4, home furnishings sometimes a color of the wall, the lack of touch the finishing touch, and with the color of the corner can play the art of embellishment, more beautiful, more fashionable.
Q:Corner with the glass glue how to take down
Use a putty knife to remove it.
Q:The difference between the corner of the perforated wall and the corner of the perforated wall
A sticky! An electric drill turns on the screw!
Q:How is the glass corner made?
The first cut a piece of glass grinding four sides of the hole after the bending of the hole after the film affixed to the nice look like a glass photo practice is as simple as
Q:How long is the wall guard?
Wall Corner Classification According to the material is divided into: metal corners and plastic corners; corners according to the use of location is divided into: angle angle corners, corners of the corners of the corner, can be bent corner, T-type angle; The article can also be divided into insulation corners and decoration corners.
Q:Home improvement tiles do chamfer good or good angle? Mainly refers to the kitchen and bathroom.
1, chamfering more beautiful, but the operation is more trouble, the requirements are relatively high. But the right angle is not safe enough to be more dangerous when people fall. 2, the angle is relatively simple, rounded more secure. It is difficult to match the color of the tiles. Not enough to get used to the current home improvement are generally used to complete the Corner.
Q:What is the cement corner when plastering?
Using 1: 2 cement mortar to wipe the dark corners, in order to increase the angle of the plaster layer of the hardness and strength. The height of the corner should not be less than 2m, the width of each side should not be less than 50mm.

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