tile corner bead pvc , pvc tile corner bead for building wall

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1. tile corner bead
2.Stable quality with all kinds of color
3.Anti - UV ,environmental
4.Size: mm

Tile corner bead for wall protection

all kinds corners , including vinyl corner bead,casing bead,angle bead,pvc casing bead,drywall products,perforated angle bead,Movement Joints.

Wehas been exported all over the world since 2002. We have cooperation thousands customers from over 116 countries , and our hot product even take up over 70% for some of the markets , such as Puerto Rico , Ethiopia , England , America.

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Q:What is the corner of the wall?
Wall protection according to the material is divided into: metal angle and plastic corners, etc .; Corner according to the use of the location is divided into: angle angle corners, corners of the corners of the corners, flexible corner, T-type angle And so on; Corner can also be divided into insulation corners and decoration angle and so on.
Q:Erhu protagonist wear particularly fast, how to protect, please answer, thank you
I used the method is to paste the tape, so to prevent wear.
Q:What is the classification of paper corners? What is the role of paper angle equipment?
Paper Corner, also known as the edge of the board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, instead of wood packaging and other bulky packaging. It is made of waste paper, with low prices, light weight, strong, in line with environmental requirements and so on. Also known as paper angle or corner cardboard, edge board, angle paper, paper angle steel, by the tube paper and cattle cardboard by the set of angle machine made of stereotypes made of two smooth surface smooth, no obvious burrs, and perpendicular to each other, Can replace the wood 100% recycling, is the ideal new green packaging materials. Advantages 1, paper angle from the product can be bundled together so that the overall packaging more solid and solid. 2, the goods fixed on the tray, can play a protective product and its edge role. 3, in the handling process can protect and support the product. 4, according to the customer's different specifications and requirements of tailor-made it can be in the transport of goods to play the role of reinforcement and tray, so as to avoid the goods in the handling, packing, transport process on the edge of the damage. Its material is the cardboard laminated adhesive made of, so you can recover and recycling. And in the export container can be fumigation, cost savings, widely used.
Q:What is the hole cover? What is the angle of protection?
Window cover, that is, around the window that circle border, careful observation will find that the window cover is like half of the door
Q:How to remove the sticky corner of the glue
I suggest you choose the product of the East Rainbow. RPUF-374 sprayed hard foam polyurethane external wall insulation (thick plaster - tiling) system "Rain rainbow" spray hard foam polyurethane external wall insulation (thick plaster - tiling finishes) system by spraying hard foam polyurethane insulation layer and wall self-bonding, and on it to do the polymer leveling mortar layer, with expansion Nail fixed to the wall on the base of the steel wire mesh, polymer plaster mortar layer, paste the external wall tiles, hook and other processes. The system after spraying the rigid foam polyurethane insulation layer in the wall to form a continuous seamless overall, winter can avoid the heat bridge, greatly reduce the indoor heat loss; summer can greatly reduce the sun due to the external walls of the heat conduction, and then So that heating, air conditioning, energy consumption, energy saving effect is obvious, can reduce energy consumption, protect the theme structure, to extend the life of the building.
Q:Can I put the tiles on the tiles?
Only one, demolished re-posted.
Q:How long is the wall guard?
Wall Corner Classification According to the material is divided into: metal corners and plastic corners; corners according to the use of location is divided into: angle angle corners, corners of the corners of the corner, can be bent corner, T-type angle; The article can also be divided into insulation corners and decoration corners.
Q:A good way to protect the corners of the horns
Corner corner according to the use of the location is divided into: angle angle angle (angle installed in the protruding corner, mostly large hole section of the angle of more than 90 degrees), corners of the corners (corners installed in the concave The corner of the corner, the majority of small round hole, section angle of more than 90 degrees.), Can be bent corner, T-type angle; angle can also be divided into: insulation angle and decoration corner, Winged corners of the mesh material is attached to the metal or PVC profiles on both sides of the role, play a role in the stucco, wingless corners is in the metal or PVC guide profile drilling, so that the corners directly embedded Stucco.
Q:How does the decoration corner fall off?
he corner of the wall and the surface of the floating ash clean, in the back of the corner of the cast on the glass paste, and then in the corner and the walls around the gap at the touch of glass glue can be applied.
Q:Now people are home to putty putty Why use the angle of the corner
Yang angle angle can be putty putty, do not hurt to the corner.

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