drywall corner bead / PVC drywall corner bead in wall building field

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Plastic drywall corner bead in wall building field
drywall corner bead reinforces exterior stucco corners with durable, straight and rust free vinyl corners. The addition of stiffener ribs and slotted nailing holes makes these products easy and quick to install level and straight.
It guides the rain dripping down along the corner line, and prevent water infiltration to the wall, as well as protect the wall from water erosion, damp, leaky, moldy.
Vinyl drywall beads with UV protector, reinforces exterior stucco corners with durable ,straight and rust free vinyl corners. The addition of stiffener ribs and slotted nailing holes makes these products
easy and quick to install level and straight.

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Q:Why do the construction before the plaster angle
Now most of the construction staff, not according to the requirements of construction, the use of primer, plaster, reduced leveling this process, so plaster quality greatly reduced. If you are a manager, it is recommended by the construction requirements to do, because the construction fee is divided into three layers of plastering. That has been paid to leveling the process of money.
Q:Which norms are staircase stepping angle using steel bars to do corners of the practice
This is not standardized provisions need to do reinforcement angle
Q:Paste the wall of the corners how to unload
Unloading the corner can be blown with a hair dryer, heat will gradually fall off after the glue, and then wipe with a damp cloth.
Q:Can the bedroom be in the corner?
1. Change the traditional method of using hand or borrow a simple tool to fan the gray to repair the inside and outside corners of the wall, the use of the process without the need to use the foot board, just put the PVC corner of the first fixed with the putty wiping the corner, Corner, so easy to operate, simplify the construction process. Reduce construction costs, several times to improve construction efficiency. And this can reduce its technical requirements for the construction workers, the general construction staff can be very good to the original technical requirements of the work done well. 2. Anti-collision ability, to prevent the construction workers encountered in the construction of the corner, resulting in gaps. Effectively avoiding the trouble of repeated repair due to the corner of the trouble. And after the completion of the building in the use of the process,
Q:What is the corner?
On the current commercial use of the product, can be divided into three categories; The first category is the packaging corners, mainly used in product packaging to protect the product appearance and support products. Mainly materials are paper or paper-based composite materials; there are iron copper and aluminum metal. The second category is decorated corners, mainly used in the building of people or moving objects often contact the corner, play to prevent the corner and the protection of the role of the corner of the decorative role of protection. The main material is plastic, rubber, wood, glass, metal and other substrates. The third category is the construction of the corners, mainly in the construction of the wall during the batch process, the corners embedded in cement or putty, so that the corners straight. Mainly to solve the manual approval of the corners of the work of low quality problems. The main material is polypropylene plastic, galvanized thin iron, aluminum alloy profiles.
Q:What is the staircase angle?
In the stairs of the corner embedded in a length and step equal to the copper or steel bars, in order to improve the anti-wear at the corner of the anti-wear and anti-bump ability, called the staircase angle steel.
Q:Wall is a good paste or paste the good eye
Pure solid wood wall Corolla Paulownia wood 100%, three parts of the area Baked. I have log installation diagram, you look at installation method: 1, is to use glass glue (also known as silicone, sealant, building materials stores or hardware stores have sold) directly sticky, glass plastic recommended with a transparent, sticky seems to be better, not for decades. ) 2, sticky method is to choose a good position, in the corner of the corner coated with some plastic glass, each point should be thick enough for the job, willing to glue more painted, better sticky 3, but there is a problem to be solved, that is, in the glass gel is not solidified for several hours, it is possible to fall down to solve the problem of the method; Is the use of thick double-sided adhesive (also called bubble glue, stationery shop, stationery stores, general civilian hardware complex, and some supermarkets have to sell) to assist in the installation, that is, in the corner of the negative, paste some thick double Noodles, and then play some more plastic, so sticky after it will not decline, and so the glass gel completely solidified, it is strong.
Q:The difference between the corner of the perforated wall and the corner of the perforated wall
Worried about the destruction of the wall, you can choose to avoid holes to protect the corner. But free drilling, a long time, easy to fall off.
Q:Corner with the glass glue how to take down
The glue on the wall, you'd better cut down with a wallpaper knife, but can not completely destroy the wall. If the glass glue is not the problem, if it is structural glue must damage the wall
Q:How to install wooden corners
Wooden Corner Installation: 1, the wall is the original wall of cement. 2, a wall paint, and directly stick to the wall paint. 3, the glass glue or construction glue coated on the back of the horn, about 1 cm thick, point-like. 4, the wall as needed to do the mark, with 2mm thick double-sided adhesive attached to the back of the corner of the corner, the alignment mark on the wall, so that double-sided adhesive full contact with the wall, you can let go. But do not touch, until the glass gel can be used after solidification.

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