Medium Voltage Drive VFD 1400KW 6KV HIVERT-Y 06/173

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Medium Voltage Drive VFD 1400KW 6KV HIVERT-Y 06/173


In the RMVC 5100 converter, the medium voltage output isconstructed by connecting the outputs of single-phase
low-voltage IGBT-based inverters in series, with an equal number per phase. Each individual single-phase inverter power module is powered by an internal rectifier, itself supplied from separate phase-displaced secondary
windings of the integrated transformer. An inherent feature of this technology is that a high pulse number rectifier is created resulting in a significant reduction of input current harmonic distortion. In the example shown below for a 6kV output, the diode rectifier is 30-pulse. The input Power Factor is also high at a minimum of 0.95 regardless of speed and power. The PWM switching strategy ensures that sinusoidal current is supplied to the motor. The low levels of harmonic current in the motor ensure that both motor heating and shaft torque pulsations transmitted to the coupling and load are minimised. Use of the multi-level PWM topology also results in areduced size of voltage steps imposed on to the motor and cable insulation systems compared to 2 or 3-level inverters.The dV/dt is less than 1,000V/μs. 


Compact design

• Transformer integrated within cabinet
• Modular power module design
• Front access only for easy maintenance and replacement


Fully equipped

• 7” HMI touch screen for status display6 and local control
• Internal cabinet lighting
• Visual and audible local alarm


Restricted access to medium voltage area
• Door interlock system prevents unauthorised access
• Special tools required to open doors
• Handle lock provided
• Fibre-optic communications for exchange of status and
control between Medium Voltage Cabinets and Low
Voltage Control Cabinet
RMVC 5100 : 6kV, 1250kVA



1.what kind of load the frequency inverter used for? 

2.Please provide specific motor parameters ?

3.Application Environment 

4.if need special internet port?

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