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Product Description:

Product Description:

The tire mobile crushing plant can choose jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher or vertical shaft impact crusher, etc as it’s mainly frame, the raw material is delivered into the crusher evenly by feeder and then to be crushed, the crusher will constitute a closed system with round vibrating screen, as to crush the material circularly, the output material with size meet the requirement will be delivered out by the belt conveyors. It’s widely used in mining ore crushing, construction waste recycling, construction aggregate producing, high way, railway, roads and bridges construction, etc.

Main Product Features:

1. Can be equipped with  magnetic separator, which is suitable for recycle the city construction waste.
2. Can be equipped with independent generator sets.
3. Advance technics, simple operation and easy maintenance.

Economy advantages:
1.To save about 90 days preparatory period.
2.To save the high cost on foundation, installation of steel frame, testing and etc.


Product Specifications:

 Transport Length(mm)1280012150 Transport Length(mm)122001220017500
 Transport Width(mm)30502900 Transport Width(mm)280028003100
 Transport Height(mm)43004100 Transport Height(mm)449044904500
 Maximum Length (mm)1280012150 Maximum Length (mm)122001220014500
 Maximum Width (mm)41003100 Maximum Width (mm)440044004600
 Maximum Height (mm)43004950 Maximum Height (mm)607060708080
 Weight (t)3645 Weight (t)383545
 Tire Configuration    Dual-axis Triaxial Tire Configuration  Dual-axis Dual-axisTriaxial
 Crusher Model   PE600×900LE650*1000 Crusher ModelPF-1214VPYS-B1000DY-560
 Max Feed (mm)500520 Max Feed (mm)35016070
Discharge Opening Range (mm)65~16070-200Capacity (t/h)50-160     50-215200
Capacity (t/h)50~120120~320Belt Conveyor for FeedingB800×18MB800×18MB800×27M
 Vibrating FeederZSW-380×96ZSW-490*110 Belt Conveyor for Re-crushing MaterialB650×16MB650×16MB650×18M
 Main Belt Conveyer   B800×8MB1000*7M
Side-opening Belt Conveyer (Optional)B500×2.5M------ Discharging Belt ConveyorB500×16MB500×16MB1000×8.5M
 Iron Separator (Optional)RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-10Vibrating Screen3YA18483YA18482YK2160


mobile crushing plant


Three Segment Wheeled Mobile Crushing & Screening PlantCapacity (t/h)100~180
Jaw CrusherCone CrusherFine Jaw CrusherVibrating Screen
Unit ModelHost ModelUnit ModelHost ModelUnit ModelHost ModelUnit ModelHost Model

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Q:Can crusher............?
using the other answer. How about a frame of 2x4's to serve as a guide. Then a rope and a block and tackle, tied to a large block of metal say like a piece of rail road track. Hoist the track chunk, and drop it on the can. use some kind of lever as a release.
Q:Glass & bottle crusher/shredder for behind a bar.?
My electrical teacher had a cool flourescent bulb crusher it was a 55 gallon drum w a motor mounter in lid shaft down with what looked like a lawnmower blade mounted under it off to the side of the lid was a small hole. turn on motor put bulb in hole instant crushed bulbs it was cool and safe. As the bulb went in the blade would spin so fast it busted whatever went in he built it himself. Just an idea.
Q:what is a an crusher?
It crushes cans that are to recycled so that they are easier to transport and store.
Q:Daily maintenance of vertical compound crusher
Vertical composite crusher three level maintenance system, it reflects the focus of our equipment maintenance management from repair to maintenance changes, to prevent the main maintenance management policy more clearly.
Q:I am a crusher plant operater.What i want to ask is to know how ican reduce flakeness of aggregate?
Flakiness of the aggregate is mostly a property of the material you are crushing. Igneous rocks tend to break compactly while sedimentary stone will shear along the laminate axis.
Q:Making a can crusher for a Project??? Help!?
The crusher should be designed to push the sides of the can in before applying the crushing action. A dimpled can will collapse much easier than an intact one. Try one each way to prove it to yourself.
Q:The method and advantages and disadvantages of overlaying welding of jaw crusher
Overlaying characteristics of jaw crusher:(1) improve the crushing equipment parts (plate) the utilization rate of former pay per tooth plate can be used only 30 units, will be scrapped, occupied since the tooth plate can be subjected to continuous surfacing welding, each pay 140 units available, improve the utilization rate of up to 4 times.(2) cost is greatly reduced. The producer price of a manganese steel plate is 6 times more than that of the welded plate.(3) the tooth at the surfacing will not fall off until it is polished.3, crusher surfacing defects:The hardness and toughness are not enough, so the abrasion resistance still can not meet the requirement.4, jaw crusher welding should pay attention to:(1) the current at the time of surfacing shall be calculated by 45 amperes of 1 cm electrode (if 6 cm electrode is used, the current should be multiplied by 45 by 6 to 270)(2) the pig iron powder used for surfacing must be very clean, oil and rusty water can not be used.(3) when placing pig iron powder, it is best to block it on both sides, otherwise it will be easily separated when the arc is burning.(4) when welding the fixed tooth plate of the tooth, it should be noticed that there is a hole at the end of it, so the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will crack easily.(5) of course, before welding, the plate will be heated below, the effect will be better.
Q:is the covergirl clump crusher mascara good?
Yes it's good but it doesn't hold a curl for me. I found that Maybelline One By One worse better at holding the curl AND separating lashes. I like natural lashes btw
Q:In Transformers 2 Megan Fox has a big dog named bone(crusher), What kind of dog is he?
Bonecrusher The Mastiff
Q:Hi! Please can someone correct this short English text (thank you!)?
After this, the remaining power is passed through a grinder and cement is obtained.

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