VC726 Vertical shaft impact crusher

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1. Higher crushing efficiency, has the function of fine crushing and rough grinding;
2. Increased rotor speed and higher crushing ratio, deep cavity rotor for larger capacity;
3. Simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance, low operation cost;
4. Optimized structure and energy-saving, more environmental protection;
5. Thin oil lubrication, various of protection measures to decrease fault, high degree of automation and long service life;
6. Good shape of final product,cubic shape, small fraction of elongated flake, suitable for aggregate shaping, manufactured sand.

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Q:How does the crusher discharge too much?
Open the crushing process in the three paragraph of coarse and medium crushing and fine crushing, according to the production requirements of the final product size, (manual or automatic) set crusher discharge mouth, through the crushing machine load constant control system, adjust the volume of ore crusher is crushing machine feed, so fine the broken machine running under full load; crushing machine load constant system, according to the crushing load value (or the amount of ore required value) and the broken machine load, adjustment or random discharge amount of ore, the broken machine maintenance work at full load, and the the discharge amount according to the third generation of fine sand making machine broken system requirements change, thus make the crusher also maintain work at full load; crushing machine for ore crushing machine is discharging quantity of the system by adjusting the amount of ore crushing machine to change in the third generation of crushed sand making machine the amount of ore, In the realization of crushing machine load constant control for coal mud drying machine with multi section crusher load and discharge control, according to each crusher detection load value and processing equipment [discharge size, discharge automatically adjust crusher or amount of ore, in the final product size and broken efficiency to achieve the requirements of the process conditions, so that each crusher is in full load operation of multi section crusher, cone ball mill and negative charge discharge controlIn the production process of multistage continuous crushing, the crushing ratio of each section will be uneven if it is not properly matched
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