HCP 239 Impact crusher

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HC Series Impact Crushers are built onadvanced technology with a combination of domestic applications. Morehuman-oriented with simple design and reasonable structure, bigger and bettercavity, higher capacity.

1.As the core part, rotor is locked throughassembly wedge block, but many rotors form other manufacturers are locked by Spressing block. As a result, the pressing block will easily fall off to damagethe crusher. Assembly wedge block has larger torque and is conducive to replaceblow bar. During working, the larger of momentum, the more tight of stability.We can increase the power and rotor speed to enhance the crushing efficiencyand capacity if conditions are good.

2.The front shell and back shell are fastened through bowknotbolt、pin、compressor sheet and plate lug. It is simple operation and saveslocking time.

3. HC adopts hydraulicsystem to open the frame to maintain crusher and adjust discharging opening. Soit has simple operation and working efficiency and capacity are increased.

4.The main shaft of HC hasno press button and adopts word advanced locking way so that more reliableoperation and more convenient maintenance are ensured.

5. HC crusher changes feeding angel of material to increase capacity.

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Q:why is the skull candh crusher headphone's tax so high?
It has absolutely nothing to do with the product or the store. The sales tax rate is determined by your state local government. Find another item at the same price at another store in the same town, the tax will be the same.
Q:Glass & bottle crusher/shredder for behind a bar.?
My electrical teacher had a cool flourescent bulb crusher it was a 55 gallon drum w a motor mounter in lid shaft down with what looked like a lawnmower blade mounted under it off to the side of the lid was a small hole. turn on motor put bulb in hole instant crushed bulbs it was cool and safe. As the bulb went in the blade would spin so fast it busted whatever went in he built it himself. Just an idea.
Q:I am looking for a trashcan with the can crusher attached to the top?
Q:We live in a mining city and need a good name for a steak house!!!!?
Copper Crusher's King of the Hill Clark Fork and Knife Don't name it The Berkeley Pit for obvious reasons.
Q:How does the counter crusher adjust the particle size?
The crusher is commonly used as a tool for breaking two broken, large production capacity, convenient adjustment, effective control of the particle size, particle size of the product has the advantages of simple structure more uniform, more important is the main force in the crushing machinery equipment. Therefore, to choose reliable manufacturers in the purchase of equipment.
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Q:Need your help about chooseing a crusher machine.?
And which models have you been considering to choose from?
Q:Skull Candy Skull Crushers Good Or Bad?
I haven't heard of those but I think that Skull Candy Titian's are the best.
Q:What preparations should be made before the crusher starts?
Check the eccentric position of the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft at the lower center of rotation, and the driving wheel hoist crane application, to start the upper of the eccentric shaft to the rotary center of the future. The jaw crusher driven by two motors can start directly because of its large starting torque.
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