Manufacture Mhl Cable! 1080P Mhl To HDMI Cable For Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

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Product Description:

OEM 1080P MHL to HDMI Cable for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500


Samples available for testing. OEM orders are welcome.




    • 100% Brand New and high quality,Plug and Play, No Driver required.

    • Supports all video resolutions up to 1080p full HD, and audio formats including HDTV video and digital audio.

    • Support 7.1 surround channels, 192KHz audio transmission.

    • Supports Max resolution to 1080p ,Play back HD videos on a compatible TV.

    • Mirror your phone through the standard HDMI output on a compatible TV.

    • Uses a single MHL cable to connect your phone to the HDTV directly, no need to add any cable.

    • Connects USB2.0 cable to Computer or Power Adapter for charging and getting power.

    • mall & Light - also great for travel and presentations.




  • Input connector: Micro USB x1.
    Output connector: HDMI x1.
    Other connector: USB 2.0 x1 for charging

  • Length:From the HDMI to USB2.0 is 0.8 metres, from the HDMI to micro usb is 2 metres.

  • Weight:80g.

  • Color:black and red.

  • Power supply: 5V 1A

  • Power Mode: Portable devices or charging

  • Video Resolution: 480i, 480P, 720i, 720P, 1080i, 1080P (1920x1080/60Hz)

Compatible with:

  • Only compatible with/for the Samsung Galaxy NOTE2 / S III /S IV i9300 i9308 I9500 I9508 N7100  ,cannot be used for standard miro USB MHL mobile phone like i9100 i9220.


How to use:

1 Connect the MHL adatper to your power adapter through the USB port,(this is important,if no power,it will not work). 
2 Connect the MHL adapter to your phone through the MHL port. 
3 Connect the MHL adatper to TV by through the HDMI port, Pls switch the TV to HDMI Channel. 
4 Restart your phone. 
5 Seconds later, your phone's contents should now be mirrored on the big screen.

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According to the requirements of the mechanical strength, the minimum cross-sectional area of the cable core or insulated wire used shall be such that the copper conductor connected to the strong terminal should not be less than 1
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With the AV converter, the audio and video signals into radio frequency signal on the number, the converter is very cheap, 10 yuan or so.
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