Speaker Cable Speakon connectors on both Ends

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Product Description:


O.D.10.1mm speaker cable

AWG12 2.5mm²;

Speakon connectors on both ends


Model No and Length:

LS401-2 (2M)

LS401-3 (3M)

LS401-5 (5M)

LS401-5 (8M)

LS401-10 (10M)    


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Common fiber interface: ST.LC.SC.FCFC type fiber optic connector: external reinforcement is the use of metal sets, fastening for the screw buckle. Generally used on the ODF side (the most used on the patch panel) SC-type fiber optic connector: Connect the GBIC optical module connector, its shell is rectangular, fastening is the use of plug-pin type, no need to rotate. (The most used on the router switch) ST-type fiber optic connectors: commonly used in fiber patch panels, shell was round, fastening way for the screw buckle. (For 10Base-F connections, connectors are usually ST type. Commonly used in fiber patch panels) LC-type fiber optic connectors: connectors that connect SFP modules with easy-to-use modular jack (RJ) latches Mechanism made. (Commonly used by routers)
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TV and audio synchronization connection: . prepare an AV cable or HDMI cable, insert the TV and set-top box AV interface or HDMI interface. . prepare an audio cable, one plug into the TV's audio output interface, the other end of the audio input into the audio interface can be. . after connecting, turn on the TV, set-top box, sound. . with the TV remote control TV signal source switch to AV mode or HDMI mode, you can display the set-top box screen, indicating that the two connections are successful. . and then the TV sound output is set to external sound, you can transfer the sound to the sound playback.
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