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Product Description:

1. Structure of Magnesium granule  Description:

Deoxidizer. Removing the oxygen in molten steel in the process of steelmaking, some ferroalloy can removing the other impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen in steel.

Additive in alloy. According to the requirements of steel composition, adding alloying elements in the steel to improve the performance of the steel.

Inoculant. In front of the cast iron casting in molten iron, improve the crystallization of castings.

Reducing agent to the metal thermal reduction process in the production of other alloy and nonferrous metal reducing agent; Non-ferrous alloy alloy additive; Also a small amount of used in the chemical industry and other industries.

All steel, steel capital is a kind of ferroalloys, it also makes the iron alloy is the most widely used, dosage biggest alloy.

2. Main Features of the Magnesium granule

• Quality assurance

• Mutual benefit

• Preferential price

• Various choice

3. Magnesium granule Images:


Magnesium granule                            -

Magnesium granule                            -

Magnesium granule                            -

4. Magnesium granule Specification:





Total Moisture ( As received basis )

5% max

Ash ( dry basis )

12.5% max


Volatile Matter (dry basis )

1.5% max

> 1.8%

Sulphur ( dry basis )

0.65% max

> 0.75%

Phosphorus ( dry basis )

0.035% max

> 0.045%


8% max



82% min



62% min



28% max


Size 30-80 mm 

90% min

+80 mm

5% max



5% max



5. FAQ

Also put some iron with high carbon content in high school textbooks and all the iron alloy is called ferroalloy.

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Q:How to detect carbide material is raw material or recycled material, what is the difference?
The original material has uniform particle size and stable performance.
Q:Hard alloy die mold grinding angle how slim
The diamond electric grinding head can be polished, and the electric grinding head has a conical grinding head. Place the grinding head on a drill press or polish on an electric tool. Can the hard alloy die is caught in the lathe, grinding with diamond file.
Q:Is hard alloy magnetic?
No, cemented carbide is mostly used as a knife head and has never seen a turning tool. It can also absorb ironBecause this is caused by friction, when the metal friction, so that the movement of free electrons become regular, resulting in a magnetic. If you want to remove the magnetism, you must make the motion of the free electrons irregular. For example, force, heat, etc.
Q:Carbide and carbon steel
Cemented carbides are of high hardness, but they are brittle. The toughness of high carbon steel is better.
Q:Carbide cutting tool type
The difference between cemented carbides A320 and A325 is that A320 is smaller than A325. A320 length is 20 A325, length is 25 QQ, 404200629 to split bar carbide saw blade, including alloy cutter type, matrix
Q:Can hard alloy be welded with silver electrode?
Hard alloy can use silver electrode welding, some more liquid silver wire than general tin brass or iron brass, the cost is too high, the strength level than the ordinary copper electrode should be higher, personal suggestions for the selection of copper base up instead of silver electrode, such as the WEWELDING 46 electrode (referred to as Odin Wei 46 If the strength of electrodes), the structure is higher than silver, if it is to achieve the high permeability, it is still the ideal to silver, only from the strength level, is not WEWELDING 46 copper based electrode.
Q:Can CBN wheels grind cemented carbide? Why?
Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is not suitable for grinding carbide and non-metallic hard materials. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel is suitable for processing several material products: high manganese steel; high chromium nickel molybdenum alloy steel; the chilled cast iron (HS80 ~ 90); the various types of hardened steel (HRC55 ~ 65); various types of iron (HB200 ~ 400), and has been in the domestic car (gear, flywheel, shaft, bearing, roller, machining) (slurry pump impeller, volute, shield, sheath and other processing) and mould, the glass cylinder; and the gem high hardness of soft and ductile materials, the high hardness in all walks of life to machining processing of materials, and can enhance the working efficiency. Greatly saves processing time and power and gain huge economic benefits.
Q:Hello, what's your company? What do you do with carbide? Thank you in advance
Our company is the manufacturer of woodworking knives, made of carbide alloy circular saw blades and forming tools.
Q:Is there a material that is more wear-resistant than cemented carbide and has a relatively low cost?
If it is numerical control tool, it is more wearable than cemented carbide: ceramic, CBN, diamondAmong them, the lowest price of ceramics, diamond prices are highest
Q:How to polish and polish cemented carbide? Five
First of all, is the alloy itself if there are problems, product patterns, mainly to see the pattern is a kind of form, if a cluster or cluster, is generally the product of carburizing, such products also have a feature in 40 times under the anatomical microscope observation, can see the concave point, the because the graphite particles in the grinding conditions, free C from the alloy caused by the desquamation of this kind of products, should not be a problem after carburizing burnback.

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