Heavy Media Milled FeSi 15%

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Milled FeSi 15%:
1.As Heavy Media for Mining Separation
2.With Low Si :15%
3.Competitive price

Milled FeSi 15% as Heavy Media for Mining Separation :

FerroSilicon 15% is widely used as Heavy Media for the Dense Media Separation process in Mining Separation.

Ferrosilicon 15% has many properties essential to a metal or alloy powder that is to be usei as a heavy medium, some of the more important being the following:
   (1)  Resistance to abrasion,
   (2)  Resistance to corrosion,
   (3)  High specific gravity,
   (4)  Magnetism, which allows easy magnetic recovery with subsequent easy demagnetization,

   (5)  Low cest.

FerroSilicon 15% manufactured by Futong is exactly with above properties, and is suitable for the HMS separation in Diamond, Zinc, NIckel Mines etc.

Our FerroSilicon 15% is with good performance but much more competitive price than other suppliers.


   As Heavy Media in Dense Medium Separation process of Mining.

Chemical Analysis:  


           Si            Fe




     12-18% 70-85%   0-3% 0-7%


       15%       77%           1%          4%  

Available Sizes:

   48D, 65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F, 48MESH, 65MESH, 100MESH, 200MESH.    

   Any other sizes can also be available by your request.


   1 ton / big bag, 250kg / bag or drum, or other package by your request.

  If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me.


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Q:What are hard alloys? Which ones are they? How often are they chosen?
Cemented carbide is a hard particle of refractory metals (tungsten, tantalum, titanium, molybdenum, etc.) that is mixed with one or more iron elements (cobalt, nickel, or iron), pressed and molded, and then sintered. Types and properties of cemented carbides: (1) classification and grade of cemented carbides. Tungsten carbide cobalt carbide is mainly composed of tungsten carbide (WC) and binder cobalt (Co). The brand is from "YG" ("hard cobalt" Pinyin prefix) composition and percentage of average amount of cobalt. For example, YG8 is a tungsten cobalt carbide that represents an average WCo = 8% and the remainder is tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide cobalt carbide is mainly composed of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide (TiC) and cobalt. The grade by "YT" ("hard ti" Pinyin prefix) and the average content of titanium carbide. For example, YT15 represents an average WTi = 15%, while the others are tungsten titanium cobalt carbide with tungsten carbide and cobalt content. The tungsten titanium tantalum (NB) hard alloy is the main component of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide (or niobium carbide) and cobalt. This kind of hard alloy is also called universal cemented carbide or universal hard alloy.
Q:YW1 what do you mean by "YW" in carbide cutter head?
You can go to Zhuzhou tungsten alloy online to see them, there seems to explain in detail
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the hardness is relatively high, generally above HRC90 degrees, and it is suitable for batch processing and hard processing!
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The cutter head is mounted on the cutter body and the grinding cutter is called an internal grinding type; the cutter head is individually worn on the fixture and is called external grinding type.Indexable(indexable tools): this kind of structure has been widely used in face milling cutters, end mills and three edged cutters.Product classificationTooth milling cutterA narrow blade is sharpened on the flank to form the back angle, and the cutting angle is reasonable, and the service life is higher. Sharp cutter tooth back straight, curve and line 3 forms.
Q:What's the use of recycling cemented carbide?
Refined tungsten, northern recovery mostly shipped to Hebei, Xingtai.
Q:What kind of cemented carbide is used for processing HRC40 degrees stainless steel?
It is recommended to choose YS8 welding tool. Very good processing quality can be obtained.
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Almost impossible to sell, you can choose to use media, multi section welding, bonding completed.AskMultistage welding? What welding is it?Chasing the answerUsing a steel as the matrix, the copper inserts are used to complete the desired specifications.
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Kunshan Feng rui1 tool company to provide technical information:The whole tooth tooth alternately around the turn, is used in the wood. The ladder tooth, generally used for cutting aluminum. So choose what kind of tooth shape is based on what cutting material to choose, and not good or bad points.How to choose the profile of alloy saw bladeThe tooth shape of a commonly used alloy saw blade tooth (alternate teeth), flat teeth, ladder flat teeth (low gear), trapezoidal teeth (inverted conical teeth), dovetail teeth (Tuo Fengchi), and industrial grade does not see more of the three left and right, left and right flat teeth etc.
Q:What is the base material of carbide saw blade?
Base material of carbide saw blade1., 65Mn spring steel, good elasticity and plasticity, material economy, heat treatment, hardenability, and its heating temperature is low, easy to deformation, can be used for cutting requirements of the blade is not high.2. carbon tool steel with high carbon content, high thermal conductivity, but by 200 degrees -250 degrees Celsius temperature, its hardness and wear resistance decreased rapidly, heat treatment deformation, hardenability, tempering time is long, easy to crack. Manufacture economical materials for cutting tools, such as T8A, T10A, T12A and so on. 3. alloy tool steel, compared with carbon tool steel, has good heat resistance, good wear resistance, good treatment performance, heat-resistant deformation temperature of 300 degrees -400 degrees, suitable for manufacturing high-grade alloy circular saw blade.4. high speed tool steel has good hardenability, hardness and rigidity, less heat distortion, ultra high strength steel, thermoplastic stability, suitable for manufacturing high-grade ultra-thin saw blade.

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