Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price

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Ferro manganese

1. Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steelmaking.

2. Used as alloy agent ,widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and
heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

3. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese.


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Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price

Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C7.5 With Low Price


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Q:I would like to ask cemented carbide grade YK15,
Just found the carbide under YK15, its cobalt content in 10%.According to its brand, YK15 should be used to process cast iron, so the main ingredient should be WC+Co.So its WC component should be in 89-90% (just for inference, for reference only)Based on the molar mass of WC, the mass fraction of the W content is deduced
Q:Zhuzhou Hard Alloy Co. Ltd., Xiamen Jiangxi copper and tungsten, which is better,
Prospects for the development of hard to say, look at individuals, we this profession, if it is small Shuo, the main income is project bonus, this with your personal ability is very large. These two enterprises are similar in terms of welfare benefits. If you're a girl, it's better to suggest a closer home. Jiangxi copper did not understand, ask your elder sister what, to see if there is no inside, we also find out from these companies in Shixiongshijie there, not just listen to HR talk.
Q:What kind of carbide alloy is used in stainless steel processing?
The hardness of stainless steel is martensite, high hardness, using tungsten cobalt (do not use tungsten cobalt titanium, this is the 1 note) and Ta containing hard alloy.
Q:Buy whole cold carbide drills
I know Zhuzhou Hua tungsten seems to have what you need. I suggest you go to see their company
Q:Is there any pollution in the production of cemented carbide?
There is no pollution, the most basic production, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide after heating, heavy water generated after, there are also the noise, dust, harmful substances should be there on the edge of it, so do the work people must take the mask ah, ordinary mask should be useless the kind of good filtration mask, good sealing performance should be divided into ordinary medical masks, and senior two. Ordinary medical masks cost is not high, protection is not outstanding; and senior medical masks is surgery the doctor or dentist, pay attention to the fluid barrier, filtration of particles, guarantee in precision work environment with permeability, haze and mean gray dust, haze (Yan Xia) in the air of sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other disorders that cause visual history of haze. The difference between haze and fog is that when the haze occurs, the relative humidity is not large, while the relative humidity in the fog is saturated. (if there is a large amount of condensation, the relative humidity may not reach 100%, it may appear saturated). Sources of toxic particulate matter in cities: first of all, automobile exhaust. Diesel vehicles are the highest standard American imports of medical masks, such as Beijing work guard Xin, filter good, not only anti particles, but also anti droplets.
Q:What is the hardness of cemented carbide?
Different grades, different hardness, usually (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC);
Q:Carbide grades, properties and applicable ranges
(4) tungsten titanium tantalum cobalt (WC+TiC+TaC+Co) cemented carbide (YW);In addition to TaC YT hard alloy on (NbC), improve the bending strength, impact toughness, high hardness, anti oxygen ability and wear resistance. Both can be processed and can be made of steel, cast iron and nonferrous metals. It is often called the universal hard alloy (also known as the universal hard alloy) mainly. For the processing of heat resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other hard materials processing.
Q:What's the use of recycling cemented carbide?
In the cutting tool is also hard alloy materials, recycling can be re - cemented carbide cutting tools ah.
Q:What are the differences between the two grades of carbide, YT15 and YT5?
YT15 is compared to YT5. The former has high hardness, great brittleness and good wear resistance. The latter is low in hardness, tough in toughness and poor in wear resistance. YT5 is often used for roughing or machining, impact cutting, and YT15 is usually semi finishing and finishing.
Q:What are the features of cemented carbide YG8 knives?
Density: 14.6-14.8; hardness HRA:90.5; flexural strength, Mpa2300High bending strength, shock resistance and vibration resistance is better than YG6. It is suitable for low speed rough machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, and non-metallic materials

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