High Carbon Femn For Steelmaking

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different kinds of ferromanganese
1 different brands of products for different industrial uses
2 high quality
3 good service


There are three kinds of ferromanganese according to its different carbon content: low carbon FeMn, middle carbon FeMn, high carbon FeMn. And there are two different types of high carbon FeMn according to their different chemical composition: electric furnace FeMn and blast furnace FeMn.

Application: deoxidizer, alloying agent, desulfurizer.

Package:(1):ton bag

                  (2):according to clients special requirement

electric furnace FeMn
typesbrandchemical composition%
low carbon FeMnFeMn88C0.285.0---92.00.2120.10.30.02
middle carbon FeMnFeMn82C1.078.0---
high carbon FeMnFeMn78C8.075.0---

blast furnace FeMn
typesbrandchemical composition%
high carbon FeMnFeMn7875.0--82.07.5120.30.50.03

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Q:What are the types of cemented carbides?
5, industry special cutter category, including auto industry special knife, mobilization machine, industry special knife, sewing machine industry special knife, die industry special knife, textile machine special knife and printed circuit board industry special knife.Hard alloy tool with cemented carbide and carbon steel bar welded, it is characterized with high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance of hard alloy blades are made of high abrasion resistance and high heat resistance WC (tungsten carbide), TiC (Tan Huatai), TaC (TAC) and Co (cobalt) powder after high temperature sintering.Different cemented carbide is suitable for different purposes, so you can refer to the following, I hope you can help!
Q:Y represents the metallurgical (Yejin) Department standard. W stands for universal (Wanneng) alloy
Ha ha, I'm good at that!HC is the sign of the attractive magnetic force of the alloy, and HRA is the sign of hardness. COM is the cobalt magnetic mark of the alloy. D is the density of the alloy. The general quality certificate of the alloy product will have three indexes above
Q:How many temperature can the carbide valve seal reach?
The 425 degree here means that WCB carbon steel can withstand such high temperatures and has little to do with sealing. In the sealing surface location, surfacing, etc., is the role of erosion resistance. If your body can only withstand 200 degrees, but your valve that can withstand 1000 degrees, which makes sense? So resistance to temperature is a comprehensive concept, and the temperature depends on the lowest temperature resistance in all of your parts (somewhat similar to the cask theory in economics). Of course, scouring will be a little faster at high temperatures.
Q:What does carbide K15-K20 refer to?
Cemented carbide K15, K20General K stands for cemented carbide ISO grades; generally used to process Cast Iron and non-ferrous metals15 represents its abrasion resistance or impact resistance,
Q:What kind of clamp blade should be used for hard alloy?
Hard alloy tools are used for turning cemented carbides. Now the general superhard materials are PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (poly cubic boron nitride)However, because carbide contains more carbon elements, PCD is easy to produce chemical dissolution (carbon affinity) during processing, so the PCBN blade should be considered.
Q:Hard alloy and cast iron join together, what glue is good?
High temperature resistant high strength metal and carbide inorganic adhesive YL04-3. For the structure of all kinds of cutting tools such as bonded &def hard alloy cutter and lengthened drill, geological drill; casting airhole crack repair; use temperature of -196 DEG ~800 DEG
Q:What materials are hard alloys used to process?
YG hard alloy, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, processing pig iron.
Q:What is a hard alloy mixture?
Tungsten carbide mainly consists of tungsten carbide + other small elements,
Q:Where can I use cemented carbide?
The main application of carbide cutting tools, cutting tools and metal processing in geological drilling, drill and tool in shield construction. Manufacturing cutting tools, cutting tools, cobalt and wear-resistant parts, widely used in military, aerospace, aviation, machinery processing, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields.
Q:What are the well-known brands of cemented carbide materials at home and abroad?
Domestic mainly Zhuzhou, the other side, the 601 factory is the best made in Zhuzhou. That is, the Taiwan side of the spring insurance is equal to the domestic better, and even better point is the German Lu Sheng Fort I know these, ha ha!

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