LT28T block handler arragnement fork loader

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LT28T block handler arragnement fork loader 

28ton forklift

Operating weight 31,000kg
Engine model WD10G270E201
Rated engine power 199kw
Rated rotate speed 2200r/nin
Max.dumping height 28tons @3600mm height              30tons @1600mm height
Rated load 28T
NO.of shifts Forward 4 For Reverse 2
Driving speed 
Forward IV0-41km/h
Grade ability ≥25°
Turning angle 35°±1°
Overall length 10100mm
Overall width 3130mm
Overall height3680mm
Wheel base 4200mm
Track base 2830mm
dimension of fork 1500×250×120
Torque converter Model: YJ375X3 ratio:3.166
Cycling time 18s
Tire type 26.5-25

Company Information 

Located in Beautiful Garden City Xiamen Special Economy Zone, Xiamen Xinlongteng Machinery Co., Ltd.(LTMA) is specialized in the manufacture, sale, service and R&D of construction and engineering machinery.Since foundation in March 2000, LTMA has always kept its professional role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 13 years. At present, it among Top 200 Chinese construction machine enterprises, develops products from 5ton wheel loader in 2001 to the most complete product type and series: 1-8 ton wheel loaders,10-40 ton forklift loaders,(as well as grapple loaders, side loaders.) ,1-35 ton forklifts.

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