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The main material of light steel villa is light steel keel synthesized by hot dip galvanized steel with cold rolling technology. Through precise calculation, it proves to have rational carrying capacity with support from auxiliary, to replace the traditional houses.

Light steel villa with light thin wall steel galvanized material as a structural framework, combined with various kinds of veneer decorative plate outside.The overall weight is lighter, for earthquake has the obvious effect.Because the material weight is small, the material consumption is relatively reduced, thus reducing the construction cost.Because most of the basic material made of steel materials can be recycled, is a very good energy saving and environmentally friendly homes.


  High degree of mechanization and commercialization

Short construction period.

 The recyclable material is conducive to sustainable development.

 Due to the light weight, it has good seismic performance, which is preferred by seismic structure area countries.

 The comprehensive economic index is not higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

Compared to brick concrete residential, it can effectively avoid the waste of resources by baking bricks.

Due to the small thickness of wall, it can increase the efficiency of space use.

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