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Product Description
Natural Stone Paint is a decorative wall paint with natural color, lifelike textures, and hard finish surface that look like granite and marble stone, which gives a grave, elegant, and luxurious visual enjoyment.

Where to Use
1.wall substrates of rendered mortars, concrete, gypsum plasters, wood, etc

2.external thermal insulation system
3.internal and external wall

4.old wall surface

1.Excellent uvioresistant
2.Superior weatherability
3.High dirt - pickup resistance
4.Corrosion resistant
5.Crack and scrub resistant

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The difference is your degree. In other fields, having the appropriate degree can enhance your salary and make you more promotable. In the real estate investment field, I'd imagine it will be an advertising tool. I have a 4 year degree specializing me to work in this field, unlike other real estate investment advisors who haven't bothered to take advanced training. That sort of thing.
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anything can be possible. do what you want. it sounds like alot. but whatever you want to succed..go for..good luck :) !
Q:How important is investing in real estate?
Renting is never easy. Where I live there is a gang problem. Never take section 8 tenants, they usually cause endless problems, and damage. If you can't afford the house, without collecting rent for three months, don't do it. Eviction costs $500 and takes three months.
Q:Can Real Estate generate a positive revenue ?
A real estate portfolio can generate a positive cash flow and a return on investment. Its a great way to leverage a large asset for a relatively small down payment. An example of leveraging is when you purchase a $200,000 home with 20% down payment or $40,000. If the home appreciates 5% over the year or $10,000 that would translate into 25% return on your initial investment of $40,000. On top of this 25% return on investment you have equity buildup as the mortgage is payed down over the year plus positive cash flow from the rent. If you use a joint Venture partner for the $40,000 down payment you could go into this transaction with nothing down for a portion of the return. You put the deal together the investor put in the down-payment. Finding the right property to invest in is another topic.
Q:Real-Estate Fraud Attempt?
That is why I always recommend not doing business with a friend or relative. What your friend is proposing can get him several years in a federal prison. It is a tough choice for you. Do you just walk away from him and let him commit the fraud with someone else. He is probably aware of the penalties but is willing to take the risk to make big bucks. If you want to stop this crime, call your local FBI office and tell them what you know. They may (or may not) set up a sting or watch his transactions and then pull him in for questioning. By the way, lying to an FBI agent is perjury and can get you serious jail time, Any deliberate misinformation that appears on the closing HUD statement is considered fraud and perjury. A coomon example is: If another agent offers to settle a repair outside of closing by a direct cash payment without notifying the bank, that also is a federal violation. I have been participant to several FBI stings and have given testimony that has resulted in several jail terms, the longest being to a 30 year attorney who committed loan frauds (like your friend proposes) and perjury to the FBI. He is serving 15-20 years now.
Q:Do you really need a drivers license to sell real estate?
No, a real estate agent does not need to have a driver's license or need to drive. BUT if they have clients who don't have vehicles or have disabilities themselves, then they would like/expect their agent to drive them around to view homes. I have never ever met an agent that did business solely through the internet without meeting clients, taking them to view homes etc. The only time that's the case is if you have long time investors that you've worked with previously that trust you wholeheartedly to do all the work without seeing the property because they live elsewhere. other than that, there is no way I can fathom when an agent sells properties online and doesn't do anything else.
Q:Part-time real estate MBA?
Don't think they'd let you do it part time, but USC has what is supposed to be a real good program. I know we had a project manager here do that program from San Diego while holding a full time job. Not easy by any means (1 year program), but if you are looking for a good program, that is one.
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Q:how much does a real estate agent make anually?
It varies greatly by area, agency, and most importantly the agent. Take a look at the resources i found. The Yahoo! Hotjobs Salary calculator lets you enter your area to see averages. You might find the Slate article interesting.
Q:what does a real estate company do?
They sell houses or find tenants to rent a property on behalf of the landlord. Or a buyer can work with a realtor to find a property (to rent or buy) that meets their needs.

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