Lawn and Garden Watering Pressure Sprayers

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Product Description:

Description Of plastic watering can:

1. Material of tank:  PP. very durable fresh material.

2. Capacity: 12/16/18/20Liter

3. Working pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa

4. Max working pressure: 1.0Mpa

5:Fiber glass lance +Plastic nozzle +Plastic switch (regular)

One sprayer come with three different kinds of nozzles.

There are different kind of sprayer lance can be chose

Brass lance ,fiber glass lance, Stainless steel lance, Telescopic lance et

6.Hose: 1.2M PVC hose :some free parts go along with sprayer

8. LOGO:Your logo are print on as long as reached the quantity

9.Packing :1pc/color box packing

Lawn and Garden Watering Pressure Sprayers


Rated filling capacity(Ltrs):7

Total tank capacity (Ltrs):6

Max.working temperature(+oC):40oC

Working pressure (bar):1.5-3

Tank Material:PE

Net.Weight (kg):1.3

Carton Size(mm):190*190*515

Packing:1PC/Color Carton

Mini order:1000Cartons

Supply Capacity:50000cartons/month



Key Features:

•Robust UV Resistant Tank

•Adjustable spray nozzle: fine mist to continuous jet

•Funnel neck to reduce waste and easy filling

•Hand held lance for easy access to hard to reach places

•Durable piston pump

•Locking trigger allows continues spray

•Safety value to decompress tank

•Shoulder carry strap


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Q:what is the difference between plastic moulding, blow moulding and injection moulding?
Q:A large number of polyethylene particles, good color
PE recycled particles are equivalent to polyethylene, but only the recycled particles are plastic, and the finished products are recycled into PE raw materials containing some impurities.
Q:High strength rubber repairing agent
Of course, the rubber repair agent is used in the construction of the drum and plastic interface, and there should be some other applications, so that we can know more about it.
Q:is melted plastic poisonous?
Any plastic contains small amounts of solvents that can make a person sick, and high temperatures release whatever compounds the plastic breaks down into. Only one death has been reported and that was an incinerator that was not equipped to handle the plastics they were burning. So I don't think it's dangerous, but it stinks pretty badly.
Q:What is the environmental impact of producing plastic?
The problem is disposing of plastic: the molecules are too large to be broken down by bacteria and fungi. Therefore, plastic becomes non-biodegradable. There are two ways (that I know of) to get around this: 1) Insert a cobalt atom into the plastic molecule at the manufacturing level, or 2) introduce a sugar molecule into the plastic molecule at the manufacturing level. This will allow the plastic (on a molecular level) to break down (becoming biodegradable). The disadvantage of this is in the reduced 'shelf-life' of the product.
Q:What's the best way to repair plastic products?
Plastic handbags, wallets and other thick soft plastic film products broken or degumming, after the gap, you can use a hot iron bar, the need to repair the place of hot sticky hair, and quickly docking good, and then pressed hard on the mend.
Q:PBS plastic concrete introductionIntroduce PBS chemical name, purpose and so on. The more concrete, the better
Good heat resistance, heat distortion temperature close to 100 degrees Celsius, the modified temperature close to 100 degrees, to overcome the other biodegradable plastic low temperature resistance; good processing characteristics, for various types of processing in the existing general plastic processing equipment, is currently working with the best performance of degradable plastics, and can blend a lot of carbonate calcium, starch and other fillers, reduce the material cost; PBS production can be based on existing general polyester production equipment slightly modifying the current domestic polyester equipment serious excess capacity, the transformation of the production equipment for PBS excess polyester offer new opportunities. In addition, the degradation of PBS in compost and water contact only under the condition of specific microorganisms that performance is very stable under normal storage and use of the process.
Q:Your view on plastic surgery?
What an adult person does with their body is their business and their right. If what they do has no impact on anyone else, then it isn't my business and I don't care. You might interpret this to mean I think using drugs falls under the same, but it really doesn't. Drug use causes behavior that impacts everyone around them. The purchase of drugs funds organized crime. But things like tattoos, piercings, surgery etc. is really up to the person if they are a fully informed adult.
Q:are unmarked plastic bags recyclable?
Just make sure you exclude any plastic bags that are dark in color or bags that have handles or drawstrings. Plastic food packaging and plastic food wrap (Saran wrap) are also non-recyclable. :( And you have to clean and dry bags thoroughly before recycling, making sure they are empty of any debris. This is important, since foreign objects will contaminate the plastic as it is being recycled.
Q:how to make a hard plastic baseball helmet or at least hard plastic?
complex thing. try searching at the search engines. that can assist!

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