Lawn and Garden Watering Pressure Sprayers

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500000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Description Of plastic watering can:

1. Material of tank:  PP. very durable fresh material.

2. Capacity: 12/16/18/20Liter

3. Working pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa

4. Max working pressure: 1.0Mpa

5:Fiber glass lance +Plastic nozzle +Plastic switch (regular)

One sprayer come with three different kinds of nozzles.

There are different kind of sprayer lance can be chose

Brass lance ,fiber glass lance, Stainless steel lance, Telescopic lance et

6.Hose: 1.2M PVC hose :some free parts go along with sprayer

8. LOGO:Your logo are print on as long as reached the quantity

9.Packing :1pc/color box packing

Lawn and Garden Watering Pressure Sprayers


Rated filling capacity(Ltrs):7

Total tank capacity (Ltrs):6

Max.working temperature(+oC):40oC

Working pressure (bar):1.5-3

Tank Material:PE

Net.Weight (kg):1.3

Carton Size(mm):190*190*515

Packing:1PC/Color Carton

Mini order:1000Cartons

Supply Capacity:50000cartons/month



Key Features:

•Robust UV Resistant Tank

•Adjustable spray nozzle: fine mist to continuous jet

•Funnel neck to reduce waste and easy filling

•Hand held lance for easy access to hard to reach places

•Durable piston pump

•Locking trigger allows continues spray

•Safety value to decompress tank

•Shoulder carry strap


What's your service?

1. We can make all kinds of plastic products according to customers’s drawing  or samples.

2. We specialized in designing ,drawing ,prototypes, injection moulds according to customer’s requirement. And assemble package.

3. We own a professional technique team, advanced equipment.

4. Please proivde 2D/3D drawing or samples for the exact quote,lease feel free to contact us.

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Q:Plastic junction box?
as long as you use it appropriately, meaning properly fastened, properly secured wires, appropriate length in the box, appropriately sized box for the number of conductors, accessible location, no potential weather infiltration, and properly twisted and capped connections. Oh and a cover. And make sure wires are appropriately coded (white is neutral or colored when used as a current carrying conductor) As for the safer than metal boxes there is nothing unsafe about a metal box, besides you having higher potential of unloading static charge if you touch one after walking across a floor with rubber soles (though that's more of a nuisance than a danger). In actuality a metal box surrounds the conductors with a grounding source to quickly trip the breaker in the event of wire failure (overheating or degradation). But to answer your question simply, it is not against the code to use any appropriately sized, UL approved electrical box as a junction. You can use a nail up single gang, a plastic 1900 with 3 plastic extensions and a plastic 3/4 device ring... just pay attention to box fill limitations. Most plastic boxes you buy today have numbers printed inside indicated how many conductors of 14 or 12 gauge you can have. All grounds count as 1 together. Then you have to count every black, red, white (etc) as 1 each, you have to deduct for internal clamps, (and devices you install) and any wire that is excessively long (12 or more) counts as double. You can't use plastic boxes in commercial applications, or in hazardous environments where damage is likely (such as a shop with machinery) But as for a residential home, and even the garage or basement, plastic is A-Ok.
Q:what is the best glue for plastic?
Legos are made of stryene and glue suprisingly well with styrene(plastic model) glue. If you want tube type use Testors red tube glue. You can also use a liquid type such as Tenax, Ambroid or Weld-on. This will yeild better results applied with a brush or a needle bottle. Basically you're melting two sides to weld them together. You have to be careful not to run this down any exposed faces as it will mar the surface. Also make sure you have adequate ventilation. Both types can be found at a good hobby store.
Q:Hair Straighteners Plastic?
That's messed up! why in the wor... Never mind. ok You can either keep it hot and let it become nice and melted so you can easily get the plastic off, or The best solution would be to wait until it dries(unplugged and off of course) and gently scrape off the plastic, with a knife or razor, whichever you prefer. Wash it with a wet rag, if there is still plastic, repeat the process. =P
Q:do plastic bags get recycled?
Q: Can I recycle plastic bags? A: Yes, plastic grocery or merchandise bags, dry cleaning bags, and bubble wrap can now be recycled. To be sure this is a successful program, please place only the types of bags requested and remove all receipts, other packaging material, and any food residue. It does not matter if the recycling symbol is not on the bag or if a certain number is inside the chasing arrows on the bag. They can all be placed in the plastic bag bin. Plastic bags cannot be recycled with rigid containers because they have a different melting point. The plastic bags melt very quickly compared to rigid containers and therefore cannot be used in the same process. The plastic bags will be mixed with urban wood waste then melted into a new siding product in residential and commercial construction that is resistant to rot. Plastic bags can also be used to make plastic lumber for decking, outdoor furniture, and lawn edging. It takes a lot of plastic bags to make a bale, so please bring us your plastic bags and bubble wrap! Plastic bags can be reused and most grocery stores have recycling bins near the front door for plastic bags as well. Instead of using a plastic bag, try using durable canvas bags on your next shopping trip!
Q:what are the substitute of plastic bags?
paper bag
Q:Painting Milk Crates... Krylon Fusion for Plastic®?
on plastics i would advice to use gloss directly without primer or undercoat because it will adhere better. we gloss directly onto plastic guttering on outsides and have found this to be best im sure milk crate are made from the same plastic
Q:What are plastic plates made out of?
Q:Why aren't roads made of plastic?
no traction! the expansion and retraction rates are far to great! in the event of a fire you could not put it out, brittle in the cold, to soft and easy to rip up or damage, repairablility is low and costly
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Q:Can all Plastic be used to make plastic beads?
Although all plastic is fundamentally the same, plastic is made by adding different chemicals together to come up with a compound of those chemicals. The use of the plastic would determine which receipt of chemicals to use to obtain the attributes you want for the finished product. Short answer, you'd have to know what was the intended use of the plastic you want to melt, to know if would be appropriate for your needs.

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