Intelligent Cleaning Robot Made in China

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50000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Save 20% profits,China robot cleaner factory supply  aspirateur robot

1.Factory Direct-Sale Homeba H518
2.Provide OEM service for the intelligent cleaning robot 
3.Best Price .Best Quality.New Style
4.CE.RoHS,TUV intelligent cleaning robot


- Push  buttom control
- Color: red
- Voltage:  DC:14.4v
- Power: 24W
- Noise level: 60dB
- Run-time: Max 2.5hours
- Battery:  Ni-MH 1700mA
- Dust  Bin:  330ml
- G.W:5.0kg
- N.W:  3.2kg
- Product size:Φ34cm x H8.6cm
- Gift box  size:48x45x16cm
- Carton size(4boxes/CTN):66x50x47cm

Hoba Robot is a professional manufacturer and supplier
1,Most fashionable Touch Screen Panel  Robot vacuum cleaner
2,High quality robot vacuum cleaner with virtrual wall , autocharge function
3,Provide OEM& ODM service also.


[15 Features]
Touch Screen Panel Vacuums on any Surface

Multiple cleaning modes

Returns to its Docking Station

Time Scheduling

Ultra quiet design

Slim Body Design

ABS Striking Protection

Virtual Wall Stair and Ledge Detectors

Side Brush for Edges & Corners

UV Light to Help Kill Bacteria Remote Control
Easier Maintenance

High Capacity Sweeper Bin

[ Details :]
- Cyclone  vacuum  inhalation can  clean  all the  dust,pet hair, ashes  etc.
- 3 operation modes  suitable for room  size  - small,  medium,large (S,  M,  L)
- Intelligent space  detection - will not  fall  off  edges,such asstairs
- Suitable for various surfaces - wooden  floor,marble, carpet etc.
- Infrared transmitter for the  containment of cleaning  areas  - serves as  a barrier (e.g.  to prevent the  transit of an open  door)
- Powerful, longer-lasting battery
- Includes  replacement side  brush  - for full  room  coverage
- Compact dimensions  - unit  fits and  goes  practicallyeverywhere
- Rubber  bumper  prevents your  valuable  furniture during  cleaning  time.
- Simple  and  quiet  operation
- Remote  control to change  the  direction as  your  want.


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Q:Why is my vacuum so loud?
really?? did u not think about this b4 u posted??......the only vacuum in ur vacuum cleaner is inside of it....the motor and the parts making the vacuum are not anywhere near the vacuum so noise travels freely.....
Q:I need a new vacuum help me pick one!?
Try a hoover tempo they do a pretty good job on carpeting, it's biggest flaw is that it has a short hose but for about $60 it's a good deal
Q:Which is more powerful, an amp or a volt? By how much?
Sometimes a waterfall analogy is used: voltage is equivalent to how high the waterfall is, amperage to how much water is flowing. Power (watts) is volts x amps. (There is a technical point about phase, which we ignore.) Since household voltage is 110 in the US, a typical 10 amp vacuum will provide 1100 watts.
Q:Do Vacuum cleaners get rid of germs?
a vacuum will suck up things like dust mites and other irritants. but if you are thinking about germs then no. the best defense for germs is basic soap and water. but you are right. who wants to wash their carpet every week. also it isn't good for your carpet unless you live in the south and it is summer. that way it will dry completely in just a few hours. there are a few things that come to mind here. you can use a typical disinfecting spray like lysol. or you can use a damp mop and go over the carpet. that also helps with allergens. over all there really isn't much germs in carpet. sun light kills alot of germs. and if you are truly worried about it. then wood floors are always nice.
Q:Is this normal for a dog?
Yes it is perfectly normal for a dog to do that, my dog does that all the time he loves it and the vet said it was normal for dog to do it too. Plus it helps it when your dog is shedding and it some what keeps dogs cooler.
Q:What is the fear of vacuum cleaners called?
lazy dirty lol~~~idk but the cat has it @!!!!
Q:Which suck worse: leeches or vacuum cleaners?
Leeches. I don't think vacuum cleaners draw out blood.
Q:Is there a Vacuum and Steamer/Shampooer Combo?
Vacuum Shampooer Combo
Q:What are everybody's opinions on the Kirby HI/HII/LI/LII vacuum cleaners/carpet shampooers?
Absolutely love my G3. I've had it for over 20yrs had no problems what so ever. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
Q:What are the filtration methods for vacuum cleaners?
Rely on the cyclone dust cup and HEPA duct filter material filter, a reverse dust, easy to clean: dust cup filtered through the high-speed motor of the vacuum separation and waste gas, and then through the HEPA filter material, air purification, so as not to cause two pollution. The utility model has the advantages that the dust bag is not always changed; the disadvantage is that the dust is cleaned after being finished.

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