In-line Pump Engine: 1006TG2A good performance

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Product Description:

  High Power Density — More power than competitive models at similar displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitor.
  Low Fuel Consumption — Adopted European patent combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise. Meanwhile, increase engine power.
  Good Cold Start Performance— Start normally at -10℃ without preheating device. Start smoothly at -25℃ through flame preheating device.
  Stability & Reliability — Stable and reliable engine performance, with good market feedback.

Main parameters

Prime power 92.3 Standby power 102

Prime power 108.4 Standby power 119.2

Cylinder number 6 Cylinder arrangement In line

Bore * stoke 100*127 Displacement 5.99

Aspiration Turbocharged Cycle 4-stroke

Combustion system Direct injection Compression ratio 17.5:1

Total lubrication 16.1 Total coolant capacity 29.5

Overall dimensions 1484*740*1107 Dry weight 710

In 2013, Foton Lovol will continue to adhere to its guideline and its focus on 'strategy and transition & quality and talents". Looking into the future, Foton Lovol will transform from a local company into a global player by maintaining its leadership in China market, manufacturing in Brazil, Russia and India and achieving breakthrough in Europe and North America. It is also dedicated to become a world-class leading machinery equipment manufacturer through a decade-long endeavor

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Q:Why is the engine hot car difficult to start
(1) for fault self-diagnosis. If the fault code, according to the fault code to find the corresponding cause of the malfunction. (2) Check the vacuum of the intake pipe at idle. If the vacuum is less than 667 kPa, indicating that the air intake system has air leakage, should check the inlet pipe joints, pads, vacuum hoses, etc., as well as exhaust gas recirculation system, fuel evaporation recovery system.
Q:What is the problem of engine torque failure?
There are many reasons for the lack of power, and the engine and gearbox faults may cause this problem,
Q:Why some engine exhaust pipe in front, some are in the back! What are the advantages and disadvantages
Only the tapping engine only "positive and negative" that the longitudinal engine into the exhaust manifold at both ends, the exchange is no difference, so there is no such argument.
Q:What is the way the engine is lubricated?
Splash lubrication is suitable for exposing parts surfaces such as cylinder walls, cams, etc .; parts with relatively low moving speeds, such as piston pins, etc. • Mechanical load lighter parts such as tappets.
Q:Introduce a -95 bomber engine below
Figure -95 is a four generation turboprop subsonic bomber. The slender fuselage circular cross-section, high aspect ratio and a single vertical tail swept wing layout. Type HK-12MB turboprop engine 4 high-power packaging on both sides under the wing of the nacelle, a single power rating of 11010 kW (14975 HP), thrust of 11.77 kn (1200 kg). The engine drives two AB-60H - type reversible propeller propeller with variable pitch, and the propeller is 6.5 meters in diameter.
Q:Special technologies for automotive engines AVS?
By creating structural design, timely to the intake air quantity adjusting the original complex technological processes have been streamlined and optimized cleverly, inlet gas regulation is more accurate, the combustion efficiency than the traditional way of regulating the intake air quantity is higher, so the engine fuel consumption effectively reduced by about 7%
Q:What's the difference between front and rear of a car engine?
In actual driving, the wheel idling affects the transmission of power. There are two conditions: starting and bending. FF the driver of the car for the two kinds of the most troublesome, one is watched continuously from the power output of the engine, but the car is going round in circles, and when bending, inner tire crazy turn, but did not want to accelerate the reaction. For the MR and RR of the car, the driver as long as the kick accelerator, the car will be in accordance with your thoughts on flying, and can withstand the power of the engine is much larger than FF car, when you drive a horsepower over 250 FF car, you will feel the car began to get out of control, so the fanatical pursuit of power and the speed of the super sports car, MR and RR is the best choice.
Q:Passat, Teana, Reiz which car V6 engine is the best
If the new Passat 3.0V6250 horsepower engine, the new Teana; engine is VQ series, but the rear car Teana subsidence, let his ass with the rear wheels only connected; Reiz V6 is also good, but 3 power seems as the new Passat, this is your hobby, love front or rear drive.
Q:What engine is the BYD M6 engine?
The displacement of the 2.0L manual is BYD Mazda self-developed engine 483QB, Germany, EFI fuel technology, the Aluminum Alloy material, 08 years China Ministry for economic assessment of its fuel-efficient engines; tiptronic 2.4 displacement with MITSUBISHI 4G69 champion engine, cast iron material, MITSUBISHI original electric fuel technology.
Q:What is the engine ECM?
Electronic controlled engine control system is composed of three parts, namely the Sensor sensor and the electronic control unit ECU and actuator, in which the ECU bear "brain" role, from the use of the special microcomputer controller of engine. Like ordinary computers, it consists of microprocessors (CPU), memory (ROM, RAM), input / output interface (I/O), analog to digital converter (A/D), and large scale integrated circuits such as shaping and driving.

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