In-line Pump Engine: 1006TG2A good performance

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Product Description:

  High Power Density — More power than competitive models at similar displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitor.
  Low Fuel Consumption — Adopted European patent combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise. Meanwhile, increase engine power.
  Good Cold Start Performance— Start normally at -10℃ without preheating device. Start smoothly at -25℃ through flame preheating device.
  Stability & Reliability — Stable and reliable engine performance, with good market feedback.

Main parameters

Prime power 92.3 Standby power 102

Prime power 108.4 Standby power 119.2

Cylinder number 6 Cylinder arrangement In line

Bore * stoke 100*127 Displacement 5.99

Aspiration Turbocharged Cycle 4-stroke

Combustion system Direct injection Compression ratio 17.5:1

Total lubrication 16.1 Total coolant capacity 29.5

Overall dimensions 1484*740*1107 Dry weight 710

In 2013, Foton Lovol will continue to adhere to its guideline and its focus on 'strategy and transition & quality and talents". Looking into the future, Foton Lovol will transform from a local company into a global player by maintaining its leadership in China market, manufacturing in Brazil, Russia and India and achieving breakthrough in Europe and North America. It is also dedicated to become a world-class leading machinery equipment manufacturer through a decade-long endeavor

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Q:Why is some engine displacement unit CC?
It is the displacement of the motorcycle, because it did not reach 1 liter in milliliter, CC = ML (ml) ml unit, the main unit is liters (L), 1L = 1000mL CC. 1cc = 1 ml cc
Q:Hippocampus m3 engine and gearbox how
Leading the same country car V emission standards, a substantial increase in energy quality, environmental technology leader.
Q:What are the advantages of Audi's TFSI engine?
We look at the previous working principle on the turbocharged to know, that is due to the inertia of the impeller on the throttle suddenly slow response, that is, from your big step on the throttle to increase the horsepower to the impeller will be more air pressure
Q:Engine and motor and engine, what are the concepts?
Is the two concepts, three called, two uses: the engine is the engine of the transliteration, that is, the engine; so the engine is the engine. Motor is motor translation, the Chinese meaning motor generally refers to the motor, such as the starting motor is the starting motor.
Q:Kart engines are
What is really professional is the two stroke, and some professional outdoor venues are available. That is, YAMAHA kt100 engine, the original 17 horsepower, with different frame brand, can be regarded as an entry, go line, brakes must be professional, in order to guarantee non pro tire wall. Although not measured, but the absolute bending reached more than 1 G. In addition, there seems to be a 80 stroke of two for children, which I don't know very well. In the mainstream, there are X30 and ROK engines, 30 horsepower and 28 horsepower, which is a professional kart racer, which can adjust the gear ratio, one hundred kilometers, 3 seconds and 5 seconds, depending on the track. However, the kart has no direct connection with the 100 kilometer acceleration time, and does not run a straight line acceleration. Just to say, there is a concept.
Q:What is the engine, displacement, piston, trip
The engine displacement is the sum of the working volumes of the cylinders and is generally used for (L).
Q:What is the difference between the car's brake and the engine brake?
(Sometimes used in the uphill start) 3. engine brake it: you think the car is running fast, suddenly open the clutch, the car will be faster and faster, because the inertia of the car speed will be greater than the speed of the engine itself,
Q:Where is the brilliance BMW engine factory?
BMW brilliance engine factory is located in Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone is the BMW group's fourth engine factory, is the only one in Europe outside the engine factory formally put into use in Shenyang, will produce four cylinder engine with a new generation of BMW global leader.
Q:What is the power of the engine?
Give a popular example, for example, like a person's body in motion, power is like the durability of the body, and torque is the body's explosive force.
Q:Suzuki k10b g13b how about the engine?
Double overhead camshaft, 1.0L displacement, the engine maximum output power to 52kW, peak torque 92Nm.

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