Yuchai YC12VC (1200-1500kW) Series Engines for Generators

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Yuchai YC12VC (1200-1500kW) Series Engines for Generators

· 4-valve with electronic unit pump (EUP) injection system and advanced injector provide better combustion

· Dual thermostats with gear driven water pump improve reliability and cooling efficiency

· Operator and nature friendly with low noise, rapid start ability and low emissions

· High fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost

· Reliable cold starts at -25and applicable altitude at 2500m without derating







Vertical, Vee, 12-cylinder, Water-cooled, 4-stroke


Turbocharged and air to air inter-cooled

Bore ×Stroke                                                (mm)

200 × 210

Displacement                                                   (L)


Compression ration


Prime power/Speed                            (kW/r/min)




Standby power/Speed                        (kW/r/min)




Fuel consumption                                   g/(kW·h)


Oil capacity                                                      (L)


Oil consumption                                     g/(kW·h)


Starting method


Noise Lw                                                     dB(A)




Applicable altitude                                        (m)


Engine dimension (L×W×H)                       (mm)

3285 × 1644 × 2218

Dry weight                                                     (kg)


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Q:Motorcycle Engine Type Four Stroke What does it mean
Motorcycle two-stroke and four-stroke two, two-stroke engine crankshaft every turn (the piston up and down once) for a power, four-stroke engine crankshaft every two turns (the piston up and down a total of four times)
Q:How does the motorcycle burn the oil?
In fact, the engine oil for the engine is only a general intermediate failure, you can spend tens of dollars can solve the problem of burning oil, incredible, right?
Q:How to maintain the car engine
No longer move, dragged to the repair shop, the engine overhaul, also online complaints that 4S to his car plus oil can not flow, alas, let me say what is good?
Q:What's the difference between front and rear of a car engine?
The only commercially available car Porsche RR 911 as an example, the official before and after the weight ratio is 39:61, almost equal to a turn FF car, MR car weight ratio is more uniform, the Porsche Boxster 46:54, Ferrari 360 Modena 43:57. Although some car factory like FR cars can do 50:50 car weight ratio, the controls is handy, but from the perspective of acceleration, or head light tail heavy MR and RR are the most favorable for before and after the weight ratio is as small as possible, will adopt a car body design wide narrow tail head and rear wheel the coarse
Q:Solve the tank world engine governor usage
Buy a can use a lifetime, only c and s system, the tank started when you press the open job, how to press you to set it to the first few supplies, 4 or 5 or 6, can not be used for a long time The engine will be damaged
Q:What are the modern systems of Beijing
Theta-II type engine, the power parameters are 121kW / 198Nm and 132kW / 231Nm
Q:How many kinds of jet nozzles are there?
The jet nozzles used in aero turbine engines include centrifugal nozzle, pneumatic nozzle, evaporating tube nozzle and oil throwing nozzle.
Q:When the coolant of the automobile engine is insufficient, can I just add water?
The main function of coolant is to prevent freezing and improve the boiling point. In emergencies, water can be added, preferably pure water, but only to prevent excessive water temperature due to lack of coolant
Q:What are the engine parts?
Main cylinder block, piston, crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, piston ring, crankshaft tile, connecting rod tile, and so on
Q:The car's engine trouble light is on. What should I do about it?
2, fuel quality is not good, many found that the engine fault lights on the car has a feeling: that is added to a tank of oil, engine fault light suddenly lit. Because the engine for oil quality indicators are required, especially with the increasing demand for engine specifications everywhere, then the quality of the oil index is also demanding higher and higher. In real life, after all, there are some gas stations can not fully meet the specifications to meet the high performance engine fuel, which led to the engine fault lights occur.

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