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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4187M3517A1/M Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo,290HP,4×2,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)


Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:A2 can I have a semi tractor truck during the internship?
Motor vehicle driver shall drive the bus, bus or the task of police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles and carrying explosives, flammable and explosive chemicals, toxic or radioactive and other dangerous goods in the internship period; driving the motor vehicle shall be towed trailer.
Q:At present, FAW Jiefang J6 tractor what price?
The current price of 288 thousand horsepower J6375 9 275 thousand 375 double, 336 price 247 thousand Auman Auman Auman bought 6 lines, mostly directed to the Weifang is filled with J6, Wuxi (small, certainly not to overload Weichai Deutz Diesel), but the standard load condition with a little wasted Weifang, relative Wuxi to save fuel, in this case you suggested the use of axle of the liberation of J6375 HP (ratio 4.11) run high speed fuel consumption so that you are satisfied, this ratio is also no problem climbing occasionally, which belongs to the national roaming models, do not know how to contact me again, I Chinese Howard heavy steam distributor,
Q:Load tonnage standard for semi trailers
Two have to look at, the main car to see traction quality, trailers to see the quality of the load, are generally 30T appearance!
Q:What is the difference between and the flatbed trailer
CNG to almost, especially in summer, air-conditioning is even worse, LNG no problem, equivalent to diesel
Q:How to reverse the tractor. How to pour, how to hit the direction. When reversing, I feel uncomfortable
1. be sober minded2. reversing direction and playing the direction of the steering wheel is just the opposite
Q:What are the proper tyres for tractor tires?
If only the standard load of 30 tons, more than 1600 yuan of tires can generally do. The service life of the tire has a direct bearing on the internal pressure of the tire. The weather is hot and the air pressure is not too high. It is only about 12 of the air pressure. Cold can reach about 14 is appropriate. It's better to suggest a 1100 - 20 tire!
Q:Can a 2 tonne tractor drag 10 tons of flat cars? Traction is not the same as traction
The 2T of traction should be, and the 20000N of its pull is converted to a mass unit, in other words, its pulling force in the horizontal direction is equivalent to 2T. The weight of the flat car acts in the vertical direction and horizontally pulls it as long as the friction is overcome. If the ground is smooth, the friction may be small and of course it will drag.
Q:Which category of the trade mark registration category contains tractors and refitted vehicles?
As for the type of car you want to register, you also need to see the use of your modified car. For example, when you change the car, you can choose the goods: light truck 1202, truck 120076, truck 120022 and so on. Used to do passenger vehicles, you can choose bus 120018, bus 120019, sports car 120178, camping car 120249, RV 120249, and so on. You also need to see what the specific purpose of your car.
Q:Which tractor is more fuel-efficient, light weight, the most affordable?
Hello, you can choose a tractor, Nissan F3000 is also good, or Dongfeng Hercules, and Jianghuai line
Q:Tractor car country four and country three difference, where hope informed friend inform?
Is the automobile exhaust emission standard is different, now the car manufacturers have no production in 3, now the country 3 emission car has many restrictions on trading city, especially to mention.

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