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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4187M3517N1/L Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo A7,266HP,4×2,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)

Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:What are the better tractors in China?
Seeking cheap, of course, domestic cars, dragon, J6, quality Mercedes Benz, Volvo, both of them also have, Sichuan modern tiger, the price between the two, of course, more close to the people, but also the quality of joint venture vehicles.
Q:Why two semi-trailer brake
Two hand you see there are two modes of some is divided into front and rear but that almost no Trailer main car and motorcycle is now a handbrake left when the emergency brake
Q:Heavy semi-trailer tractor in the inquiry, what type of violation?
Traffic violation inquiry refers to the behavior of motor vehicles, non motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians in violation of traffic management through SMS, telephone and internet. There are five ways to inquire about motor vehicle traffic violation, such as traffic brigade, terminal inquiry, service website inquiry, telephone inquiry, mobile phone inquiry and tool inquiry.
Q:Trailer towing vehicle belongs to the wrecker
The tractor is simply between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction carriage, and the carriage can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general (trailer).
Q:Can a 2 tonne tractor drag 10 tons of flat cars? Traction is not the same as traction
Under normal circumstances, there is no problem.The tonnage of a tractor refers to its pulling force, and the tonnage of a flatbed truck refers to its carrying capacity.In this way, you can see that traction is generally a horizontal pull. Carrying capacity is the force in the direction of gravity.Of course, the friction coefficient and the angle of force are also concerned, but they are not the main consideration.
Q:Why hasn't the horsepower of the tractor been high enough for the Ferrari sports car?
In addition, tractors require high reliability. Unlike a sports car, which needs to be squeezed as much as possible in light and small engines, the horsepower requirements are not high, but the torque is quite alarming
Q:What is the connection between the controller of the electric traction car and the motor?
But the five red thread in the red wire must be connected, other power lines and power lines arbitrary tune, Huo Dian line and hall line arbitrary tune, transferred to the normal operation of the machine on the line.
Q:Which tractor is more fuel-efficient, light weight, the most affordable?
Recommended Scania G440, not expensive, 900 thousand can be, a hydraulic retarder, suitable for a large downhill place, AMT, has a total weight of 7.5 tons, relatively light, is the king of the road, quality assurance.
Q:What about the 6 tractor?
On the one hand, this route is very far, one-way more than 4000 kilometers; on the other hand, I am pulling vegetables, there is a certain shelf life, can not delay the time, this requires the car to have a strong dynamic.." The liberation of J6 did not disappoint Guo Zhiliang. In the actual operation of the vehicle, when the vehicle speed in more than 4 steps, equipped with 9L, 350 horsepower engine Wuxi, its power can completely meet the demand for vehicles. This point, whether it is 380 HP Nissan F3000, or other domestic brands of similar products are very difficult than."The car is fast and fast."." A typical example impressed Guo Zhiliang. A tractor, he and a domestic brand of a walk from Mongolia Ji toll station to overload monitoring station of Hebei Huaian, more than 40 km away from the road uphill downhill, the final liberation J6 compared the earlier arrived half an hour.
Q:How does an airport tractor pull a plane?
Low brake pressure alarm.11. throttle fault alarm.12. air filter plugging alarm.13. rear drive compartment and rear console.14.PLC control system and LCD display.

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