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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4181M3611A1/L Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,266HP,4×2,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)18000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length5950
Distance between Axles (mm)3600
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.62
Rear AxleHW1249
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:What kind of materials do you need to buy a tractor? How much down payment can you make for a few years?
Shoufu thirty percent normal, 2 years GPS insurance fee, fee, and in about half of these together in general is the price. For example, three hundred thousand of the car, about 150 thousand can lift the car.
Q:How many is Auman 380 standard load 100 km fuel consumption
350 of 100 kilometers fuel consumption, according to the driver's driving habits are different, running in the situation will be more or less the difference, but the average will be at 7L/100kmThe number of kilometers divided by the refueling amount is how many kilometers per liter.
Q:Which is better for tow drive or double guide towing truck?
The standard load, of course, is dual direction, saving fuel, and the front tire dual lead traction head is cheaper
Q:What are the differences between trailers and trailer?
Trailer chassis, lifting device, lift traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, vehicle and toolbox etc., with lifting, pulling and lifting traction and other functions, suitable for highway, city road wrecker operation.
Q:Heavy semi-trailer tractor in the inquiry, what type of violation?
Traffic violation inquiry refers to the behavior of motor vehicles, non motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians in violation of traffic management through SMS, telephone and internet. There are five ways to inquire about motor vehicle traffic violation, such as traffic brigade, terminal inquiry, service website inquiry, telephone inquiry, mobile phone inquiry and tool inquiry.
Q:What does the front of the trailer depend on the container?
Connection of traction head and Trailer1. The two trachea joints on the traction head (commonly known as handshaking) are attached to the two tracheal couplings on the trailer. At this time, the air supply pipeline of the tractor is connected with the air supply pipeline of the semi-trailer, and the control pipe of the tractor is connected with the control pipe of the semi-trailer (attention to the color of the joint: to install with the hue, not to install the reverse).2, after the gas connections are connected, the semi-trailer on the tractor shall be unscrewed, and the gas path shall be connected with the separation switch so as to be in a ventilation state. Otherwise, the gas supply system of the semi-trailer can not be supplied, and the braking system can not work.3. Start the engine, observe the pressure gauge in the cab, and increase the pressure in the storage tank of the tractor and semi trailer to the required pressure. Check the gas path for leaks and check that the brake system is functioning properly.4, seven tractor connection socket cable plug is inserted into the front end of the semi-trailer until seven in the clamping block on the bolt.5, check whether the electrode joint well, confirm the side lights, taillights and other lights are working properly. Hang up and confirm again after the half of the instruments. After the work is normal, you can start.
Q:Auman tractor engine with what engine
By the user, and the actual market operations that were Auman heavy than similar products in the security, reliability and economic aspects. Auman responsible person said, "the new LNG Auman heavy truck in operation, the gas cost is only the original fuel costs 60%, estimated annual users can earn 100 thousand yuan."
Q:What's the total mass of quasi traction?
The total mass of quasi traction is the theoretical value, also known as the nominal traction tonnage. The total mass of the car and the tractor being towedQuantity is the quality of the car, plus the quality of the traction, the traction on the total quality of consumption, therefore, in the "accounting traction total quality tonnage", not only the quality of the traction as "nominal traction tonnage."
Q:What brand of tractor is good?
The towing vehicle selection is mainly to see the trailer requirements, such as body weight, tractive force etc..The rated load, this is to look at the work need to be traction pendant or general trailer carrying capacity, the general shape of the force load ratings ranging from 500-6000kg users, before the purchase, need to have a detailed understanding of their own work vehicle can begin the next purchase.
Q:What is the influence of the total quality of the tractor trailer on the actual operation?
Tractor data indicates the quality total quality maximum weight. The quality of quasi saddle. Mass + maximum allowable saddle weight = total quality of quasi Trailer quality refers to the total quality of goods such as: behind the trailer and models of 4250 of the total mass of 25T is its mass is the maximum pressure 9T weight is 16T. The quality of the saddle is more 39.9T more quality goods Trailer allows to pull the more money you earn. But all the cars are overloaded now

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