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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4181M3611A1/L Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,266HP,4×2,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)18000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length5950
Distance between Axles (mm)3600
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.62
Rear AxleHW1249
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:Tractor for military vehicles
In the grand military parade on Tiananmen square, we can see rows of flashing green light cannon stretched long barrel, in vehicle traction under the uniform through the reviewing stand, especially style. There are tens of meters long, a few people can not hold together the giant missile, divided into several sections lying on a dedicated large trailer, there is majestic, strong marching music marching slowly, particularly noticeable.
Q:Can a 2 tonne tractor drag 10 tons of flat cars? Traction is not the same as traction
Under normal circumstances, there is no problem.The tonnage of a tractor refers to its pulling force, and the tonnage of a flatbed truck refers to its carrying capacity.In this way, you can see that traction is generally a horizontal pull. Carrying capacity is the force in the direction of gravity.Of course, the friction coefficient and the angle of force are also concerned, but they are not the main consideration.
Q:Do you think the semi-trailer 6 or 6 is better than 4 or 2?
Of course, * 4 good strong and not easy to be stuck to.
Q:I want to buy a tractor, run from Shandong, Xinjiang generally pull about 35 tons, is 6*4 good or 6*2 good?
From Shandong to Xinjiang direction, basically is an uphill, return instead, so you choose to go to Xinjiang when the vehicle can ensure the vehicle dynamic, return and can keep a certain speed, so as to achieve the minimum fuel consumption. So I suggest you select the vehicle configuration of the overdrive +4.44 rear axle ratio.
Q:Why hasn't the horsepower of the tractor been high enough for the Ferrari sports car?
First of all, negate your latter. The torque of the tractor is large, but its speed is not high, and its engine, cylinder, etc. some of the key design is how to produce more power than the power and speed of the extreme.
Q:Auman 5 tractor fuel it
Auman 5 Series tractors from the body to the chassis, from manufacturing to drive all includes the safety design, the new development of the 2420 body cab, in line with the latest European safety regulations and standards, including the front, side and top pressure collision, four point floating vibration, collision can be met after the shift to 200mm, fully guarantee the personnel safety. Also, the chassis to ensure the carrying and safety of the premise, also used the advanced technology of double thin high strength frame, through the CAE analysis and design, anti distortion, enhance the anti fatigue strength, long service life, safety and reliability. Moreover, the good braking performance also provides active safety protection for vehicle safety. The driver's cabin is well sealed, spacious and comfortable, ergonomic, and safe on the basis of the driver's comfort.
Q:How about the total quality of quasi traction in a semi trailer running permit?
Service quality: the quality of the vehicle itself;Approved quality: the vehicle design specifies the standard quality of the goods to be loaded.The overload is calculated by the approved payload (the quality of the trailer being checked by semi-trailer)But the traffic police enforcement will often exist without discharge would directly with the total quality of calculation, some also according to the standard of total quality of traction calculation, is the direct Trailer weighing. According to the total quality is far fetched, according to the standard of total traction quality calculation can still, after all, to pull the weight of vehicle traction can not drag head approved car traction weight.
Q:How to judge the body straight when the tractor is in reverse storage?
On the contrary, at the end of the vehicle has entered the library, the front did not enter the library, the rear of the car if biased towards the central side, the reason is that the time to return the steering wheel is too late, or too slow. That is to say, the midpoint of the rear has been aligned at the bottom of the midpoint of the garage, the wheel of your car is not back, you'll analyze, the car at this time is not diagonally biased line ah. Therefore, in the process of reversing the straight line, the midpoint of the rear of the eye has been aligned point at the end of the swing range of the garage, or must be controlled within 10 cm, 10 cm, but beyond, when you adjust the direction, the front will swing it around the swing amplitude is much larger than the car the tail swing amplitude, so, the front is not easily touch the bar into the library. If the front has been into the library is very easy to qualify, which requires you to reverse all need to pay attention to, once found a deviation, must adjust the direction quickly, let the car tail point in the process of reversing the line, and is always aligned at the end of the midpoint of the garage.
Q:What does the tractor in the driver mean?
The tractor is simply between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction carriage, and the carriage can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general (trailer).
Q:How many tons can a semi-trailer pull at most?
Semi-trailer pull cargo pull multiple, first of all depends on what kind of configuration is to buy trailers, the most common configuration can pull about 40 tons, and if you configure high, you can pull about 120 tons. There is also to see what goods are pulled, and if you pull the daily Department of higher allocation can not pull 100 tons, if it is coal or steel, you can pull more. Now, the semi-trailer freight station is charged weight charge, buy a can pull 60 tons or so can be.

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