TRACTOR Rated traction 3000kg, Driving motor power 4.5kw

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Product Description:

Product Description

Comfortable suspended seat

Reliable accelerator

Big steering angle

Tricolor taillight

Comfortable suspended seat

Beautiful and useful tighten mechanism 

Comfortable Suspended Seat

Applying the new type of suspended seat: adjust the bearing capacity according to the weight, and provide the most comfort. The moving range is as far as 150mm.


Reliable Accelerator

The inner safety switch ensures safer operation.

The service life is more than 10 million times.


Big Steering Angle

Bigger steering angle ensures smaller turning radius and easier operation, and the space utilization ratio is also increased.


Beautiful and Useful Tighten Mechanism

The tighten mechanism is installed at the top of the cover, so that the forklift is

more beautiful, convenient and useful.


Tricolor Taillight

The tricolor taillight gives you obvious indications of turning, breaking and reversing, which ensure more safety for both life and property.


Easy Maintenance

Applying the new generation AC driving motor, there is no need of carbon brush or changing the easy wearing parts. So the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

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Q:How to pull the car on the card?
Look at the certificate, the rated load quality. Is on the card tonnage ~ ~ now a lot of heavy trucks have to install the ABS brake system can be on the card, after a good brand, but also equipped with a car recorder, in order to do the operation of the vehicle. In fact, these procedures can be skipped, looking for someone chanting ~!
Q:Tractor twelve to correct use method of fast gear box height valve
The correct method is simple, as follows: turn the preselected switch - step on the clutch, take off gear - neutral stop - hang gear.
Q:How many gears are there in the tractor gearbox?
As for the arrangement of gears, it is easy to understand. The second transmissions are equivalent to the variable transmission ratio of the main reducer (which can be controlled by second small gears using similar off-road vehicles).
Q:Who knows the price of all kinds of homemade 6 * 6 tractors?
China truck Steyr truck chassis 6x6, protection type, look at the picture, the largest to the Yellow River 10x10 all wheel drive trucks have, you can find your local heavy truck dealers asked with the price, I saw a truck drove full price table, 6x6 truck remember no more than 500 thousand specific, you still consult your local dealer.
Q:What brand of tractor is good?
The towing vehicle selection is mainly to see the trailer requirements, such as body weight, tractive force etc..The rated load, this is to look at the work need to be traction pendant or general trailer carrying capacity, the general shape of the force load ratings ranging from 500-6000kg users, before the purchase, need to have a detailed understanding of their own work vehicle can begin the next purchase.
Q:A2 as tractor driving skills, how to exercise heavy driving?
And a large double bridge dump truck, an operating principle, just turn or reverse the car, you should increase the radius of the turn, turn, turn back, pay more attention to the mirror! The driving principle is still the same! However, some of the more a "climbing file", you pay attention to this, and basically the same
Q:What's the difference between the liberation of J6M and the J6P tractor?
Liberate J6M and J6P configuration contrastFacing different market demands, the liberation of J6 is divided into two major J6P and J6M series, respectively, for the heavy vehicle market and quasi heavy vehicle market.What's the difference? What's the difference, please see the following table:Liberation J6P & J6M comparison series, J6PJ6M market positioning, heavy vehicle market, quasi heavy vehicle market, cab width, 2490mm2250mmCab configurationStandard: full floating cab, power window, electric rearview mirror, remote control key, flashlight integral lifting mechanism.Matching: manual window, manual rearview mirror, manual lifting mechanism, driving recorder, adjustable deflector.Manual window, rearview mirror and manual lifting mechanism.Optional: recorder, flashlight integrated lifting mechanism.Engine Wuxi (CA6DM2, CA6DN1, CA6DL2, CA6DL1) Wuxi Dachai (CA6DL1) (BF6M1013) 280-500 220-310 horsepower horsepower horsepower gearbox FAW (9 stalls, 10 stalls, 12 stalls) ZF (16 grade), Shaanxi teeth (12 steps), Eaton (13), 7 (FAW Jiefang 10 stalls Shaanxi teeth (9) stalls stalls, 8 stalls) after the bridge 16 tons and 13 tons 13 tons of Daliang 300x80x8+5mm; 300x80x8+8+5mm; 300x8x8mm specification; 300x80x8+8+8+5mm270x75x7mm tab truck home
Q:Dongfeng dragon 451 horsepower semi-trailer, how much is the headstock?
Jac K3 series of heavy trucks, 336 horsepower 6X2 LNG tractor (HFC4241P1N5C29V) 335 thousand yuanIts configuration is: drive form: 6X2Weichai engine: WP10NG336E50Horsepower: 336 horsepowerTransmission: 12JSD160 Aluminum Alloy FashiteFuel type: DieselEmission standard: country five / Europe five
Q:What size is the height of the pull pin seat of the semi-trailer?
Your question is not clear, that is, the pin height. This height is required to fit with the height of the overhead saddle. So you should pay attention to the height of the front saddle when you design this height.
Q:now, How do I drive the tractor?
No, just like usual, but it should be slowed down so as not to slam the brakes. The rear is pulled and hit the car in front. There is also a double flashing switch

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