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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4187M3517N1/M Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo A7, 290HP, 4×2, Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)

Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:What do you mean by "6 * 4" and "4 x 2" in the tractor?
8*4 means the car a total of 4 axis, the axis is the drive shaft, the other common form of heavy truck driver and 4*2, 6*4, 6*2, 8*4 and so on, in order to allow you to see more clearly, you can see a few pictures below (mostly in the tractor, see clear) 4*2 tractor
Q:What are the criteria for heavy vehicle classification?
Heavy duty vehicles: class M and class N vehicles with a maximum mass greater than 3500Kg. An automobile train consisting of a heavy tractor and a heavy trailer. Large cargo for carrying size and weight over highway traffic regulations.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two tractors?
The 6*2 traction, which has only one drive shaft, belongs to the policy model following the axle weight charge in previous years. It is light in weight and cheap in price, but there is a design defect in the vehicle itself. Suitable for driving in plain area.
Q:Heavy semi-trailer tractor in the inquiry, what type of violation?
Heavy duty semi trailer tractors are subject to heavy duty in the inquiry.Traffic violation inquiry refers to the inquiry of motor vehicles, non motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians, violating the road traffic safety law and traffic management regulations.
Q:How to reverse the tractor. How to pour, how to hit the direction. When reversing, I feel uncomfortable
Before reversing, first adjust the body to do the head and trailer line, reversing the speed can not be too fast
Q:Dongfeng dragon 451 horsepower semi-trailer, how much is the headstock?
Dongfeng Tianlong heavy truck 420 horsepower 6X4 tractor (DFL4251AX16A) 312 thousand yuanIts configuration is: drive form: 6X4Engine: Dongfeng dCi420-40Horsepower: 420 horsepowerGearbox: fast 12JSD200TAFuel type: DieselEmission standard: country four / Europe four
Q:What does the front of the trailer depend on the container?
The traction seat locking mechanism is used to make the locking block open and form a free state.3, traction tractor back, the tractor and semi-trailer central line strive to be consistent, two car center line deviation is limited to 40 mm below. Tractor saddle mouth aligned traction pin after slowly reversing until you hear a "click" sound, the locking block back, then the tractor and semi trailer traction success.4 、 check whether the lock block of the traction seat locks the traction pin and whether the lock is firm.
Q:FAW hanwag tractor configuration what single-stage drive axle
Hanwag liberation is the FAW for domestic medium and long distance logistics market and modified car market to develop new product platform, located in the northwest of the liberation of popular over the years Wang, four engineering Wang upgrades.
Q:How to maintain and maintain electric tractor?
Abnormal sound; check the wear of the brush; change the brush as appropriate. 4, check whether the armature rotation is flexible, there is no false wipe phenomenon; check the electrical outlet (or terminal) of the connection is reliable; check all fasteners are fastened; end cover, brush holder must not loose solid. If you want to turn or remove the brush rack, you must mark it properly to loosen the end cap screw. When the brush is reset, align the mark line and tighten the screw so as to keep the brush at the original neutral position. 5 、 brush in the brush grip box should slide freely. The pressure of the constant pressure spring made by the brush shall be normal, and the running area of the brush shall be no less than 80%. The distance from the surface of the brush holder is 2~4mm. 6, check whether the commutators of clean, when necessary, can be soft and lint free cleaning brush commutator of clean cloth and carbon powder on the surface of the commutator groove. If the surface of the oil, white wine can be dipped to wipe (when parking); rough and commutator runout, resulting in uneven surface friction due to brush commutator reached 0.5mm, the car should be light, commutator runout is not greater than 0.04mm, the surface roughness is not greater than 1.6 mu m; commutator insulation shall not be higher than the surface of the commutator, when necessary use planing or milling method, cutting depth is 1mm; the surface of the commutator used for a period of time the pale red, all copper segment of the same color, the surface of the commutator of pale red is a normal phenomenon, copper segment defect is dark.
Q:now, How do I drive the tractor?
No, just like usual, but it should be slowed down so as not to slam the brakes. The rear is pulled and hit the car in front. There is also a double flashing switch

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