Empty container handler 5 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm14960
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/6
Front lengthmm1205
Overall widthmm3460/2440
Overall lengthmm6110

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:How about using vacuum tires for semi-trailer tractors?
Tractor wheel front, I think as long as it is understood, will use the best wheel, drive wheel, that is the relationship road vehicle performance, so you have to choose, and now we mostly say this is a good wireOil is secondary, safety matters
Q:What kind of truck speed ratio do heavy truck have? What horsepower segments are used separately?
More common are 4.11, 4.44, 4.85. The dragon of the east wind is out 3.46. There are 2. more imported cars.
Q:What do you pay attention to used natural gas traction vehicles?
Chassis stability of the car, there will be no vibration in the driving, shaking; braking will not be deviation; steering smooth sound is no noise; suspension system is no sound, no leakage!
Q:Load tonnage standard for semi trailers
For example, the quality of the trailer is 8 tons, and that load is 32 tons. Traffic police weighing the total quality of the vehicle, such as empty cars for 16 tons (tractors and trailers), then the total quality can not exceed 48 tons. With 336 horsepower traction on the line.
Q:How do I drive the tractor?
It's hard to fall back, it's the opposite direction, but it's not hard to master.
Q:Are there any 2 license plates for all tractor and semi trailer?
There are two kinds of connection mode of the tractor and the trailer: the first one is the front half of a trailer traction saddle in the tractor rear section on the top of the back of the car bridge under traction Trailer part weight, which is half hanging; second is the front end of the tractor trailer even the rear of the towing vehicle only provide forward force, dragging the trailer go, but does not bear the weight down trailer, this is the whole hanging.
Q:What are the proper tyres for tractor tires?
Triangle tire has long gone, we have no one to buy, no one sold, the triangle tire East five Union agent to us, all can not recruit agents.
Q:Now, how about buying a tow truck for transportation?
. Scania. Hino like, if the money is not very wealthy consider Guangqi Hino, fuel-efficient low is not bad. If you buy a home-made car, you'll have to spend a lot of time fixing it. Now can do loans or financial leasing, most of the money is not a problem
Q:Why hasn't the horsepower of the tractor been high enough for the Ferrari sports car?
First of all, negate your latter. The torque of the tractor is large, but its speed is not high, and its engine, cylinder, etc. some of the key design is how to produce more power than the power and speed of the extreme.
Q:What does the front of the trailer depend in the container?
Check whether the locking block of the traction seat locks the traction pin and whether the locking is firm.Connection of traction head and Trailer1. The two trachea joints on the traction head (commonly known as handshaking) are attached to the two tracheal couplings on the trailer. At this time, the air supply pipeline of the tractor is connected with the air supply pipeline of the semi-trailer, and the control pipe of the tractor is connected with the control pipe of the semi-trailer (attention to the color of the joint: to install with the hue, not to install the reverse).2, after the gas connections are connected, the semi-trailer on the tractor shall be unscrewed, and the gas path shall be connected with the separation switch so as to be in a ventilation state. Otherwise, the gas supply system of the semi-trailer can not be supplied, and the braking system can not work.3. Start the engine, observe the pressure gauge in the cab, and increase the pressure in the storage tank of the tractor and semi trailer to the required pressure. Check the gas path for leaks and check that the brake system is functioning properly.4, seven tractor connection socket cable plug is inserted into the front end of the semi-trailer until seven in the clamping block on the bolt.5, check whether the electrode joint well, confirm the side lights, taillights and other lights are working properly. Hang up and confirm again after the half of the instruments. After the work is normal, you can start.

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