Empty container handler 5 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm14960
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/6
Front lengthmm1205
Overall widthmm3460/2440
Overall lengthmm6110

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:What kind of goods does heavy semi trailer tractor mainly transport?
They are generally large goods. I've seen logs, steel rolls, and the like. (if my answer is useful to you, please choose "useful for me" or "favorable comment". Thank you for your acceptance of my answer
Q:Heavy truck traction saddle difference, the difference between 50 and 90#, medium and heavy difference
The saddle 5090 of the heavy truck tractor represents the diameter of the work of the traction saddle, followed by the traction pin diameter of the trailer, 50 saddles, 50 traction pins, 90 saddles, and 90 traction pins
Q:Pull 30 tons. How much horsepower do you need to buy a tractor, and 6 x 2 or 6 * 4?
Horsepower terms, it is recommended to select about 400 horsepower, but also need to pay attention to the configuration of tractors. According to the different road conditions, to choose different transmission gearbox and the ratio of the back of the bridge, it can reach the most reasonable state.
Q:Do trailers belong to large vehicles or tractors?
And you can't drive a medium-sized or large truck with a yellow card! So you have to drive A2 now to drive a semi tractor! Specific to the driving school registration, driving A2 card, and then the same to re - learn and practice the car, and finally participate in a unified examination, after passing, in order to obtain A2 driving permit.
Q:How to lift the electronic speed limit of the J6 dangerous goods EFI tractor?
If your car controller is after August with the new method, turn off the power, pinch the brake handle and the speed to the maximum, and then turn on the switch lock, hold for 3-5 seconds, enter the full state, if not adjusted, the best go to the garage to professionals for you.
Q:What is the influence of the total quality of the tractor trailer on the actual operation?
The more goods quality greater allowable tensile quasi trailer, but you pay maintenance fees and tolls are much higher. Many people now use large tonnage vehicles to register very low tonnage. This can save money and make more money (but overloading is fine).
Q:What's the comfort of the V430 tractor?
The car is comfortable. Consider starting.
Q:What is a tractor? what is a trailer? what is dump truck?
The semi - trailer is only a tractor - driven car with a long carriage, and the tractor head and carriage are split.
Q:How to reverse the tractor. How to pour, how to hit the direction. When reversing, I feel uncomfortable
Before reversing, first adjust the body to do the head and trailer line, reversing the speed can not be too fast
Q:Does a civil aircraft need a tow truck?
The tractor is not required, but if the plane is connected to the boarding bridges on the tractor must use it, otherwise the plane not backwards, if the plane is connected with the general car ferry, then you can run on the runway, turning to aircraft and engine brake differential, differential thrust!

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