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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4251M3241A1/M Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Golden Prince,290HP,6×4,Europe Ⅱ

Mass ParametersTotal Weight (kg)25000
Rated Loading Weight (kg)
Size ParametersOverall Dimensions (mm)Length6520
Distance between Axles (mm)3225+1350
Performance ParametersMax. Driving Speed (km/h)93
Economic Speed (km/h)70
Recommended ConfigurationEngineWD615.87
Rear AxleHW1279
Oil Tank (L)400
Suspension (front/rear spring)4/5

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Q:Is there any change in the payload quality of the tractor in the new traffic law?
After the introduction of the new traffic law, the provinces have introduced relevant interpretation of the rules, the actual operation of each province is not the same. The cost of buying a car how to get six figures, it is considered a lot of money, or recommend you to be on the safe side, consult the local traffic management department.
Q:Auman heavy truck tractor 9 series and 6 series of what is the difference?
Auman 9 lines with 13 tons of double reduction axle assembly 260-480 horsepower engine torque, in Steyr platform on the basis of the Benz technology system upgrade, fully meet the requirements of the use of heavy load and poor working environment, has a strong supporting capability.
Q:What's the total mass of quasi traction?
That is, the quality of the tractor head (excluding drivers and fuel), the quality of the tractor body, and the quality of the goods to be loaded together, the sum of the three together.
Q:Standard dimensions of container tractors?
Vacuum tire relative to steel tire, load performance is not so good, but particularly suitable for running high speed, and fuel-efficient, used Germany million 12R vacuum tires, not bad, is not three packs
Q:How about the total quality of quasi traction in a semi trailer running permit?
Service quality: the quality of the vehicle itself;Approved quality: the vehicle design specifies the standard quality of the goods to be loaded.The overload is calculated by the approved payload (the quality of the trailer being checked by semi-trailer)But the traffic police enforcement will often exist without discharge would directly with the total quality of calculation, some also according to the standard of total quality of traction calculation, is the direct Trailer weighing. According to the total quality is far fetched, according to the standard of total traction quality calculation can still, after all, to pull the weight of vehicle traction can not drag head approved car traction weight.
Q:How to clean the electric traction truck everyday?
Change the battery: 1. steps to ensure the tractor stopped; 2. turn off the power switch and pull out the key to open the battery cover; 3.; 4. out of the main power supply plug; 5. remove the main power cable; 6. undo battery limit bolt 7.; the lifting rope is fixed in the battery; 8. will be hanging out on the side of the battery; 9. in the reverse order will be fully charged, or a new battery back.
Q:What are the differences between trailers and trailer?
A trailer is a vehicle that is drawn by the car without its own power. A combination of a car (a freight car or tractor, a forklift truck) and one or more trailers. The truck and tractor are called the main vehicle for the driving section of the automobile train, and the trailer is called Trailer by the main vehicle. It is an important type of road transportation, and the automobile train transportation is the most effective and simple means to improve the economic efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of rapid, flexible, flexible, safety, etc., and can conveniently realize the sectional transportation.
Q:How much is the risk of semi-trailer towing?
Operating freight traffic. To impose insurance down about 24 thousand dollars or so. Look at the insurance amount. According to the travel tax service quality is. It used to be a special car, but now it's a wagon.
Q:What do they mean by tractor 6X4 6X2?
The bridge also known as axle, through the suspension and frame (or monocoque) connected to install it at both ends of the wheel, its function is to transmit the frame (or body type bearing force and torque between the wheels) and each direction. According to the vehicle wheels on the axle, divided into: drive axle, steering axle, steering axle. Support bridge, which support the bridge towards the bridge and the bridge are driven.
Q:What brand is the best semi-trailer in China?
Now the most expensive is the liberation of J6 55th Anniversary Commemorative EditionAnd a combination truckDriving the most comfortable is the HOWOA7 of the heavy duty truckThe most fuel efficient is Dongfeng Tianlong

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