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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4187M3517A1/L Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo,266HP,4×2,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)


Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:What's the difference between a tractor or a truck?
The simplest explanation: for example, a tractor is a locomotive, a freight car is a locomotive and a truck behind it. That is to say, the tractor is only power, and the lorry is power plus passive gravity
Q:Can the B2 model drive the heavy tractor semitrailer?
May not。 The trailer driving model is A2. This is A2. B2 only allows ordinary vans.
Q:Who knows the price of all kinds of homemade 6 * 6 tractors?
China truck Steyr truck chassis 6x6, protection type, look at the picture, the largest to the Yellow River 10x10 all wheel drive trucks have, you can find your local heavy truck dealers asked with the price, I saw a truck drove full price table, 6x6 truck remember no more than 500 thousand specific, you still consult your local dealer.
Q:Germany X3000 6*2 tractor sleeper Longxin widened 430 horsepower and 480 horsepower, which do not take the high-speed fuel, which to buy
In fact, this is not absolute, generally speaking: to avoid long engine idling, as far as possible to avoid the emergency brake. Reasonable use of high and low gear, to maintain the proper speed. Generally speaking, at the speed of 88.5 kilometers per hour, the most fuel-efficient, speed increased to 105 kilometers per hour, fuel consumption will increase by 15%, while 110 to 120 kilometers per hour will increase by 25%. Keep the vehicle low wind resistance, try not to load on the roof or make improper alterations.
Q:Saddle problem of tractor
The 90 type traction seats have simple pendulum type and double pendulum type. A simple pendulum means that the support can only swing longitudinally, with a swing angle of 15 degrees.
Q:Excuse me: are dual drive tractors and dual guide tractors that more advantageous?
Standard load, of course, double guided fuel saving, pre tire dual guide traction head is also cheap, I personally think Dongfeng dragon looks better, you yourself
Q:What do they mean by tractor 6X4 6X2?
6X4 is a dual rear axle, single front axle model, a total of 6 wheels, 4 driving wheels,6X2 is a dual front axle, single rear axle model, a total of 6 wheels, 2 driving wheels.
Q:Now, how about buying a tow truck for transportation?
. Scania. Hino like, if the money is not very wealthy consider Guangqi Hino, fuel-efficient low is not bad. If you buy a home-made car, you'll have to spend a lot of time fixing it. Now can do loans or financial leasing, most of the money is not a problem
Q:How to lift the electronic speed limit of the J6 dangerous goods EFI tractor?
Turn off the power, pinch the brakes at the same time, speed to the maximum, and then turn on the power, rotate speed, two times to maintain speed, in the end to keep the brakes for 3-5 seconds, into full speed state. This is the old way to lift the speed limit.
Q:What kinds of tractors can be divided into?
There are two ways of connecting tractors and trailers:The first is the front half of the trailer, which is attached to the traction saddle on the rear section of the tractor. The rear axle of the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer;The second is that the front end of the trailer is attached to the rear end of the tractor, the tractor only provides the forward pulling force, and the trailer is towed, but it does not bear the downward weight of the trailer.

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