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CHASSIS MODEL: ZZ4257N3247A1/N Tractor Truck
General Configuration : Howo,336HP,6×4,Europe II

Mass Parameters

Total Weight (kg)


Rated Loading Weight (kg)

Size Parameters

Overall Dimensions (mm)







Distance between Axles (mm)


Performance Parameters

Max. Driving Speed (km/h)


Economic Speed (km/h)


Recommended Configuration





Rear Axle


Oil Tank (L)


Suspension (front/rear spring)




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Q:How to pull the car on the card?
Data: Car Buying invoice, vehicle certificate, identity card or organization code certificate and a copy of the invoice, pay high insurance policies, tax clearance certificate, temporary residence permit, foreigners also two procedures: 1. make the vehicle purchase tax, submit materials (ID or organization code certificate, invoice vehicle qualification photocopy of the certificate of Car Buying invoice first copy and tax declaration). But to take the first invoice and certificate of the vehicle with 2. original registration form and inspection table 3. fill out the registration form, with the certificate and the application form to the Department of environmental protection environmental protection cover chapter 4. photos, grinding table code, the printer will indicate whether the motor parameters, the test line inspection certificate in 5. originals on line detection, not to play the serial number 6. Toudang, photo number, pay. 7. on the card, environmental protection card, driving license and vehicle registration certificate
Q:Tractor for military vehicles
The cars used here to haul artillery, radar, and command vehicles are important members of military vehicles - tractors. A car that is used to transport missiles and tanks, such as long and heavy weapons, is called a carrier. It is also an integral part of the large family of military vehicles. These two kinds of cars are towed and carried by large individual units, some of them very tall, so their strength is particularly large. Of course, you shouldn't be too small.
Q:Why are tractors all hung and semi-trailer pulled?
The popularization of expressway is the important reason that the full trailer is replaced by semi trailer, because the driving stability of the whole trailer is not as good as that of the bicycle and semi trailer, so it is forbidden to travel at high speed. This has caused the long-distance transportation vehicle to be unable to use the entire trailer the difficult position, certainly, also has been eliminated by many users.
Q:Can the old B permit me to drive the tractor?
You have to change your card in the year
Q:What are the actual effects of explosion proof tractors? Say four at least.
The BTR explosion-proof electric traction vehicle unique, compact layout, flexible and able to work in the narrow channel;The advantages of no pollution, such as mute, comply with environmental requirements;Electrical control panel - open the machine cover and the seal, the convenient vehicle maintenance, electrical components of waterproof and dustproof;
Q:How about the fuel consumption of the J6390 horsepower tractor?
If the car in full load fuel consumption per hundred kilometers in forty-five or so, if you pull sixty ton container, the performance of the car can still meet, the liberation of the car engine performance and power are more reliable.
Q:Brake adjustment of tractor and semi-trailer
When loaded with dozens of tons of goods, the brakes on the performance is very poor, so that it is easy to trouble. The gap size of semi-trailer must be able to adapt to the heavy vehicle driving, when we feel empty when the brakes too quickly, we can put back the brakes all off, the premise is that the front brake performance must be good, can not have the phenomenon of deviation. That's no big deal. Of course, the situation must be dealt with in advance, which is the root of the accident prevention ah. As for the optical hub you master, here we all agree that the semi-trailer hub is not required to light, all right, well, I wish you May you be safe throughout the journey!
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two tractors?
The 6*2 traction, which has only one drive shaft, belongs to the policy model following the axle weight charge in previous years. It is light in weight and cheap in price, but there is a design defect in the vehicle itself. Suitable for driving in plain area.
Q:The tractor chair is what
The total mass indicated on a lorry is the weight of the car's nuclear load plus the weight of the lorry itself
Q:What's the difference between a semi-trailer tractor and a tractor trailer?
The difference between semi-trailer tractor and all tractor is that the connection between tractor and trailer is different.

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