Empty container handler 7-8 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm1880021300
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/63/6
Front suspension lengthmm12051205
Overall widthmm4080/25304080/2530
Overall lengthmm65856585

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:Auman tractor pull 35 tons with big horsepower relatively fuel-efficient car
Running, the general EFI engine at about 2200-2500 of the engine is most appropriate.
Q:Is there any change in the payload quality of the tractor in the new traffic law?
After the introduction of the new traffic law, the provinces have introduced relevant interpretation of the rules, the actual operation of each province is not the same. The cost of buying a car how to get six figures, it is considered a lot of money, or recommend you to be on the safe side, consult the local traffic management department.
Q:Can the B2 model drive the heavy tractor semitrailer?
Yes, the tractor head is a bike, not a train.
Q:How many tons are heavy duty semi traction tractors allowed to load?
2 floor of the right, the approved load is not calculated by the shaft, the rear bridge can be installed
Q:How do I drive the tractor?
It's hard to fall back, it's the opposite direction, but it's not hard to master.
Q:The tractor chair is what?
Traction saddle car, butter on the disc surface, in order to reduce the friction and the connection part of the trailer but there is a hole in the middle of the mill, traction pin Trailer card inside, used to connect the trailer in simple terms, is put on the trailer towing pin card into the card slot in the front traction
Q:Does the airport tractor have a lot of horsepower. Can you push the plane?
The airport tractor is not powerful enough to pull the plane.In fact, the airport ground is generally reinforced concrete structure, the friction is not as great as expected, and drag is the wheel, as long as the traction is greater than the wheel and ground static friction, the aircraft will be able to move. For example, it's the same reason that a kid pulls on a roller skate or a pony pulls a cart. Entertainment programs are particularly popular, a game "star pull aircraft", folk also have Hercules rely on aircraft to compete strength.
Q:Which is the main drive of the dual drive tractor?
The J6 is the commercial vehicle of FAW independent research and development, has the characteristics of economy, reliability, engine power, safety and comfort is high power, low noise, fuel consumption than the same type of vehicle 2-3 liters per hundred kilometers.
Q:What are the special uses of airport tractors and what kind of work do they do?
Special vehicles are vehicles with specific uses, such as cash carriers, fire engines, ambulances and so on.
Q:What is a tractor?
The tractor is simply between the front and the carriage is a tool used for traction (which is the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original carriage and other traction carriage, and the carriage can also be detached from the original front by other locomotives traction) large trucks in general (trailer). Commonly known as "semi hanging drag head", the rear of the frame, the bridge is located before the point of a loading turntable, called "saddle"".

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