Empty container handler 7-8 layers

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Load capacity


Load center

Lifting heightmm1880021300
Mast angle(front/back)deg3/63/6
Front suspension lengthmm12051205
Overall widthmm4080/25304080/2530
Overall lengthmm65856585

Min. turning radius


Max. travel speed(with/without load)


Service weight


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Q:How much horsepower is the horsepower of a 30 ton refrigerated truck or semi-trailer?
J6 is the most luxurious model for the time being! The best traction engine, manufactured in Wuxi! China's tractors are similar to those outside the J6! Generally, 1.HOWOO, Hao jun! Shandong heavy duty truck! Howe WO's speed is pretty high! You can speed 110 yards! 2.J6.J5 is the FAW aowei! Support J6, but not many people now! Maybe the price is expensive! ...According to reason, the greater the horsepower, the better, but the mountain road or more horsepower election. If the plain wine is more than 336 horsepower enough. Satisfaction, please adoptIs currently in the sale of the smallest tractor is the liberation of J4R, also is the liberation and a tractor, the car models is the minimum horsepower engine is 137 horsepower, CA6GH1 gasoline engine; it also uses a 180 horsepower and 185 horsepower diesel engine Wuxi models.
Q:What's the brand of 4*2 single drive tractor?
Do you mean imported ones or domestic ones? However, the driving form of 4*2 vehicles, basically every commercial car enterprises will produce.
Q:In order to increase the number of quasi - passenger cars of large passenger cars, they shall be entitled to drive medium - sized passenger cars or large freight cars with the number of quasi - frame type cars for more than a few years
First apply for a motor vehicle driving license, can apply for permission to drive for city buses, large trucks, small cars, small automatic car, low-speed truck, three cars, disabled only small automatic passenger cars, the general three wheeled motorcycle, ordinary two motorcycles, mopeds, wheeled vehicles, machinery trolley the tram, the motor vehicle driving license. Driver's license to apply for a motor vehicle, can apply for a quasi driving type for small cars, small automatic motor car, low-speed truck, three cars, disabled only small automatic passenger cars, the general three wheeled motorcycle, ordinary two motorcycles and mopeds driving license.
Q:Now, how about buying a tow truck for transportation?
. Scania. Hino like, if the money is not very wealthy consider Guangqi Hino, fuel-efficient low is not bad. If you buy a home-made car, you'll have to spend a lot of time fixing it. Now can do loans or financial leasing, most of the money is not a problem
Q:What is the biggest difference between heavy truck, tractor and truck?
Cards are reinforced, such as tires, steel plates, transmission shafts, and engines, gearboxes
Q:How about the J6 tractor?
Jiefang J6 is a high-end commercial vehicle platform, is the FAW Jiefang synchronous world truck development technology, the liberation of J6 platform engine, transmission, drive axle three assembly to the international level, power covering 310-460 horsepower. The core power is self-developed CA6DN, CA6DM2, CA6DL2 engines with international level, in which 6DN engine is the largest engine with the largest displacement and torque in china. The main CA6DM2 11L engine has large torque, strong explosive force.
Q:In the operation of special equipment, what kind of tractor?
Truck fork lifting height is generally around 210mm, mainly used for horizontal handling of pallets and cargo handling.
Q:Which brand of tractors is good?
And maintenance mileage is relatively long, 60 thousand km before changing oil, 100 thousand km before replacing the bridge gear oil. I hear it's a fire sale now!
Q:How many gears are there in the traction Trailer?
You have a one-sided problem. It depends on what kind of road you drive
Q:What are the most popular tractors for consumers?
The long run is the liberation of J6 and Dongfeng Tianlong short or Auman fuel-efficient or liberation HanweiMercedes Benz, Volvo. All right, the price is goodDelong F3000, Tianlong and J6 are good

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