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Product Description:

Product name: Grey High and low pile silk shaggy carpet

Origin: Tianjin China


Technique:Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm, low pile 3cm

Size:  or customized

Weight: 6.0kg/m2

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage:Non-slip,Moisture-proof,Anti-static,Soundproof,Cold insulation,Wear-resistant,Easy clearing,Cost-effective。

Application:sitting room,bedroom, bedside study,entryway。

Washing:please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour after add water dilute washing. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:how do you patch berber carpet?
There is a patch kit available at home depot. If you have extra carpet of the same kind that's great, if not, look in a closet or area where your room is carpeted but not seen and take some of that carpet. What you do is cut out an area a little larger than the area that needs to be replaced with the tool in the kit. Then cut a new piece, line up the grain or weave of the berber and put an adhesive on the backing or sometimes it is just a tape and roll it with a roller from the kit. It works great!!
Q:Can you lay new carpet over old carpet?
Loose-laying new carpet over old carpet could cause several problems. First, the carpet could shift if it's just laid in over the old carpet and not secured down by stretching it over tackstrip. Also, having carpet pad and two layers of carpet laid on top of each other will increase the height of your floor substantially, which may cause you to have problems opening and closing doors into that room. It will also make the flooring in that room noticeably higher than that in the surrounding rooms. Finally, you stated in your question that due to age and health reasons you can't rip out the old carpet. If you're unable to rip out the old installation, I doubt that installing new carpet would be a good idea, since even a single room's worth of carpeting is very heavy, and installing it, even as loose-lay over existing flooring would require moving all of the furniture out of the room. If you're going to go that far, you should probably just hire someone to rip out the old carpet, install the new, and do it properly.
Q:Braided rug instructions?
Q:apartment has wall to wall gray and beige carpet?
You said the carpet is grey and beige...and your color scheme is all earth tones....with all the earth tones, this should bring out the beige tones in the carpet more than the grey, but if you want to disguise it a little more in open and high traffic areas, get a large area rug with predominantly earth tone colors and just a small bit of grey or blue. This will make the rugs blend easily with the grey tones in the carpet, but draw the eye to the rug not the carpet under it.
Q:what can I use on hard wood and the partical board(under carpet) to get rid of that urine smell?
Carpet padding is usually under carpet in homes. Under that can be plywood or cement. To get rid of the smell under the carpet, you'd have to pull the carpet. The amount of effort it would take to pull that carpet and to re-install it would be tremendous, and it wouldn't have any guarantees of getting the smell out. You'd be better off getting new carpet padding.
Q:Do you know where I can buy an Area Rug for a good price?
Q:Plain rugs-teen's bedroom?
best links are the stores in your area
Q:why do stars walk on red carpet?
A red carpet is a strip of carpet in the colour red, which is laid out to welcome VIPs such as dignitaries and celebrities at formal events.
Q:How do you get wax out of the carpet?
Use an iron and a lot of cleans cotton or linen rags (nothing pilly or plushy, like towels). Pour a bit of boiling hot water on the spot and pick and scrub at it to get out what you can, and scrape at it with a butter knife is it's really on there thick. Then, use the iron for a FEW SECONDS over another clean rag to help suck up the crumbs and bits that you dislodged by picking and scraping. Repeat as necessary. And be rough about it! A few lost fibers of carpet aren't going to mar the look of the carpet as much as the stain will. Carpets are built tough. They can take the scraping and scrubbing and picking. Now, if the candles are heavily colored like red or black, that's another story. Follow up the removal of the wax with a steam cleaning of the carpet, with a heavy dose of Resolve carpet cleaner (and some Clorox Clean-up spray with Bleach if the carpet is light enough, but only DIRECTLY on the discoloration.)
Q:How do you clean the carpet with worms?
The carpet had been scorched, not serious, use a stiff brush or brush off part of the nickel will burn out if serious burn marks, and then book pressure on it, wait until after dry, in combs.

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