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Product Description:

Product name: Grey High and low pile silk shaggy carpet

Origin: Tianjin China


Technique:Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm, low pile 3cm

Size:  or customized

Weight: 6.0kg/m2

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a sweet life

Advantage:Non-slip,Moisture-proof,Anti-static,Soundproof,Cold insulation,Wear-resistant,Easy clearing,Cost-effective。

Application:sitting room,bedroom, bedside study,entryway。

Washing:please make sure to use dedicated carpet cleaner or neuter scour after add water dilute washing. Pay attention to dry in the shade, airing, avoid exposure.

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Q:What is composite carpet
Composite carpet is made of plush fabric, sponge, non-woven cloth or plastic cloth or by flame, glue composite machining. It has flexibility and moisture insulation, heat accumulation, so it's comfortable to step and suitable for sitting and lying.
Q:Any advice how to remove smell from damp carpet?
If you have a carpet cleaner (or can borrow or rent one) I would do it. There are special carpet cleaners that are heavy duty and for mold/mildew/pets and will get rid of most smells. We had some flooding in a carpeted room, and it took a couple of cleanings, but you can't smell anything funky any longer. We used regular cleaner the first time and the heavy duty stuff the second time. As a temporary solution, you could out some baking soda on the carpet, leave a day or so and vacuum it up. But, if the smell is in the carpet pad, it won't do much.
Q:removing pet urine odor from carpet?
You are never going to get cat urine smell out of the carpet, your olfactory senses are just going to become accustomed to the smell and mask it themselves. Then when you have company or guests they will smell it. That carpet needs to be ripped up and the floor checked for saturation as well. The landlord IS responsible for that, and should have gotten a cleaning/security deposit from the last renter which He/She probably did, and wants to pocket the money, or tried a quick cheep carpet cleaning method which is a joke anyway, but that's a whole new subject/posting. I'm not sure what your relationship is with the landlord, but I told you what needs to be done, and maybe there is hardwood flooring under the carpet that can be restored or even just rip up the carpet and the HW floors might be in good enough shape to just clean up. ANYTHING will be better than that cat urine smell and nasty unsanitary environment for anyone to be around. I sure hope you dont have children especially ones that crawl still, THAT IS JUST NASTY. Either way, the landlord IS responsible and you have rights so If said landlord is refusing to step up and take their responsibility seriously, then take the slumlord to court and do a little research to find out the list of infractions they are committing , there's quite a few last time I inquired. Good luck, and remember, any cleaning will only mask cat urine, some more than the next, but will never completely remove the secretions.
Q:Has anyone used a Rug Doctor you rent from the supermarket?
I have used them many years ago before I bought my own steam cleaner. They are fine and not all that expensive. Like any steam cleaner it applies soap and water and then sucks it out of the carpet leaving the carpet damp not wet. No you don't have to leave windows open. When it is done the carpet is barely even damp if done right. I much prefer my own steam cleaner or at times hiring Stanley Steemer for a whole house job. But the rentals work fine for the money. They also offer upholstery cleaner so it's a great way to clean your furniture at the same time.
Q:Painting a rug on a wood floor.?
google this - trompe l'oiel floor rug lots of ideas btw trompe l'oiel means fool the eye
Q:Carpet asbestos??
well, that must be some sort of carpet padding, but i suppose it depends how long ago the carpet was installed. there was a time when they used asbestos to insulate like everything. so, if the carpet was installed after the mid 80's my guess is it's not, but if it was installed before then there is a good chance it is. if it is in fact asbestos, get it out of there, that S%^ will give you cancer, or something, it's terrible for the lungs.
Q:Estimates for new carpet?
Empire carpet is just one who will come to your home and install the next day. Why drive around? USE Google or any online search in your area. Pay for the carpet, not the gas. If they are not in your area ask them for a lead for your area if they know one. If all else fails use the phone book. smaller areas don't use the internet.
Q:help! burnt carpet!!!?
Depends how deep you burnt it. If not too deep, try clipping the melted portion off with a pair of nail clippers or small scissors.
Q:How can I get the wrinkles out of large area rugs?
Wet it and hang it outside to dry, using clothes pins directly on two corners, or completely flat against a fence.
Q:What color does the red carpet have on the stage?
Generally speaking, in terms of color, cold tones and warm tones match each other individuallyWarm colors + cool colors: red, vs, blue, yellow, vs, purple, this match is relative color matching;Light color: light blue vs + dark blue, pink vs grey, with this method, is the depth of color;Warm colors + warm colors: yellow, vs, red, yellow, vs, green, this match is a match color;Cool color + cool colors: gray, vs, black, purple, vs, black, this match is a match color;Bright + dark lines: white vs black, this match is the light and shade matching, deep color matching and shading, creating different visual effects.

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