Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid

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1,Structure of (Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid) Description

Aluminium grid open ceiling :
1Material: Aluminum alloy
2.Factory price, good quality
3.Certification: ISO9001:2008 ,OHSAS


2,Main Features of the (Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid) 



2014 hot sale aluminum grid open ceiling


1, Feature


Grid ceiling is a master work for big area with continuous visual angle, high dimensional effect. The top of main keel and auxiliary keel are folded inside for improving the solidity of the keel, main keel and auxiliary keel can be cut on site to meet the actual condition, and the keel after cutting can also be used.


2, specification



3,(Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid) Images

Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid

4,(Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid) Specification







Raw material

Aluminum alloy, the grade of aluminum alloy can be selected according to the actual requirement; Besides, galvanized steel and stainless steel material also available

Surface treatmentPowder coated(ordinary powder, polyester powder), Paint coated, film coated


5,FAQ of (Hot Sale Ceiling Suspension Grid)

1. Convenience in installation, it shortens working time and labor fees.

2. Neither air nor environment pollution while installing. With good effect for space dividing and beautifying.

3. Using fire proof material to assure living safety.

4. Can be installed according to practical demands.

5. The physical coefficient of all kinds Suspension Ceiling

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Q:Light steel keel fire rating?
Light steel keel itself is a kind of steel, so fire, the general will not.
Q:What is the 'Show Ceiling Button' in Sims 2?
I don't know if you know how to use Flickr, but if you roll your mouse over the picture it should have notes on it that will tell you what to do. Hope this helps!
Q:How much weight could metal dividers separating acoustical ceiling support?
The ceiling grid is usually suspended on 9 or 12 Ga iron wire. It is typical about every 4 feet along the grid spaced 2 feet at the light fixture corners and then about every 6 feet. If you need to suspend any weight more than about 10 pounds I suggest you install some support wires dedicated to the paintings that penetrate the ceiling grid where you need them. Much safer than using the grid and less likely to let the painting come loose and hit the floor.
Q:Light steel keel how fixed in the external walls?
With light steel keel partition and light steel keel fixed on the external wall is completely different from the two practices ah To make it clear
Q:15 square meters of double light steel keel gypsum board, probably with the number of self-tapping nail?
Each vertical interval of 25 cm each horizontal interval of 40 cm each. With 3.5 / .2 5 get 14. with 4.2 / .4 was 10.5,14 * 11 = 154 so side with 154 nails, both sides is 308.
Q:How much will it cost me to put in a drop ceiling?
Home Depot lists a 400 sq ft drop ceiling grid installation kit for $14.38. They also list 2' x 4' ceiling panels for $4.11 each. I could not tell it the grid kit included the actual grid, or just hardware. Your room is 336 sq ft.
Q:What is ceiling called that has big moldings across it?
Q:Light steel keel test report can be used for how long
Luan said, are generally a year, do not believe you can go to see the dragon and Jiangyin and Thai quality of the past that the product testing report.
Q:How do i get rid of mold in the ceiling?
Use striaght clorox in a spray bottle. Spray and let it set- the mold will disappear, the when it is completely dry apply a good sealent-such as clear varnish or Bin. This will stop regrowth. I would then check my tub/shower for where the leak has come from.
Q:using drywall panels in suspended ceiling?
As a professional let me give you some info. Cutting sheetrock into perfect squares and exactly the same size consistently is a real challenge for anyone. Not to mention the waste factor. You can easily chip corners or break an edge, not to mention you'll have unfinished edges that will spill sheetrock dust into the air. You can actually buy tiles out of a sheerock product and save valuable time and money plus the edges will be safe for your family. On another note you can just sheetrock the ceiling and install a few access doors below valves and things if that's your concern. BTW I like the sheetrock look too. Good Luck

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