High-Pressure Laminates Sheet HPL Board for Furniture

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1000 m²
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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.Description of HPL:
Fireproof board, fireproofing veneer) also known as fireproof board, formerly known as layer is a thermosetting resin impregnated paper, high pressure decorative veneer, English abbreviation for HPL, surface decoration with refractory building materials a, rich surface color, decorative pattern and special and convenient processing. It is widely used in interior decoration on the surface of the material
2.Feature of HPL:
1)  Finishied via impregnating the decorative paper and kraft paper in melamine,drying and high temperature and presure
2)  Outstanding resistance to abrasion,high tempreature,dirty,shocking,cigarette ignition and open flame
3)  Exceptional mould proof performance ,has very wide application and very big market potential
4)  Decorative surface material for both indoor and outdoor use
5) Widely used in surface decoration of rooms, offices, compartments, partitions, kitchens, sideboards, furniture and laboratory table tops
6) Fireproofing
a) Abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, ray-resistant (depigmentation-resistant),
    stain-resistant, impact-resistant and heat-resistant
b) Waterproof
c) Easy to be processed, without oil paint and waxing
d) Easy to be washed and cleaned
e) For interior decoration, suitable for kitchens, cabinets, teapoys, table boards,windowsills, ben doors and interior wall panels
f ) Any our standard HPL can be made into postforming HPL, anti-static HPL, anti fungus HPL and fire-resistant HPL
g) We also guarantee that under the temperature of 150 - 200°C, the postforming HPL's radii can reach 8mm.
3.Images of HPL:

High-Pressure Laminates Sheet HPL Board for Furniture

High-Pressure Laminates Sheet HPL Board for Furniture

4.Specifications of HPL: 
1. size
1220mmx2440mm     1220mmx3050mm     1310mmx2440mm      1310mm x3050mm
2.  thickness
Standard HPL:  0.5mm~1.0mm.
Post-forming HPL: 0.5mm~0.6mm.
Metallic HPL: 0.7mm~1.0mm
Compact: 1.0mm~12mm.
3.  color
Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color
4.  surface finishing  Glossy, Matt, Texture and some other special surfaces.
5. packing  Wooden case for HPL/ wooden Pallet for Compact Laminate
0.5mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 600pcsX14cases=8400PCS
WEIGHT: 2.2KGX8400PCS+80kgX14cases=19.60TON
0.6mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 500pcsX14cases=7000 PCS
 WEIGHT: 2.7KGX7000PCS+80kgX14cases=20.02TON
0.7mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 450pcsX14cases=6300 PCS
       WEIGHT: 3.1KGX6300PCS+80kgX14cases=20.65TON
0.8mm: LOAD: 14cases per 20ft container, 400pcsX14cases =5600 PCS
       WEIGHT: 3.6KGX5600PCS+80kgX14cases=21.28TON
6. payment      1) T/T 30% in advance, 70% before shipment  2) L/C at sight
7. delivery time         It depends on the specific order quantity
8.minimum order quantity   2000 PCS
 1.  What kind of certificate do you have?
 2.  What color can you produce?
Solid color  wood grain color or according to customs' requirements.
 3.  How about the samples?
For the samples, it will be prepared ASAP.
 4.  Do you charge for the Samples?
According to our company policy, we will charge you the express fee in the first time but the sample will be free. While we start our business, we will reimburse the money for you
 5.  Can you produce according to customer's design?
Sure, we are professional manufacturer, OEM are welcome. While the beginning you need to pay the moulded open fees and Orders meet the minimum ordering quantity of special products

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Q:Is the material inside the fire door gypsum board?
Not gypsum board. General inside the material is the fire board, steel or cement board, to have a certain fire resistance, flame retardant, can be used as a fire inside the door
Q:Why do the bathroom cabinet with fire board material to do, easy to fire in the bathroom do
Because the fire board has: waterproof performance. The concept of the fire board is easy to confuse with the professional name. In fact, the fireproof plate we talk about is the fireproof sheet (for example, on the cupboard). It is made of fireproof board (or fire board veneer) and substrate MDF or particleboard) by hot sol high temperature and pressure made by paste. Fireproof board (fire board veneer), also known as fire board, formerly known as thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure decorative laminated board, abbreviated as HPL, is a surface decoration with refractory building materials, a rich surface color, pattern and special Physical properties and ease of processing, widely used in interior decoration of the surface material. It is impregnated with phenolic resin for the core (bottom) layer and the amino resin (mainly melamine resin) impregnated paper for the surface layer by heating and bonding at a pressure of not less than 5MPa, the outer layer of one or two A decorative color or pattern. Fire board / fire board is the base paper after melamine resin and phenolic resin processing, the main physical properties are shown by the resin characteristics. Melamine resin thermosetting after a good gloss, good transparency, high surface hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, impact resistance, surface pores are not easy to be pollution, chemical resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, Such as excellent performance, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, good arc resistance and easy aging. Phenolic resin resin after heat curing and heat and hard and other properties. After the combination of two resins, fire board / fire board both the performance of both.
Q:Rock wool board for building fireproof materials need to test what the project, according to what is the specification?
Compression, Tensile, Acidity Coefficient, GBT-2017 Building Exterior Wall External Thermal Insulation with Rockwoel Plate Rover Porcupine Cabbage Cabo Goggles. Dayton fire insulation materials Co., Ltd
Q:Polyurethane fireproof material really effective?
This ad, I also served
Q:Fire doors with fire insulation materials which?
Perlite fire door core; glass magnesium fire door core
Q:What fireproof materials and methods can be used to make a bag of important documents?
You can use concrete pouring a box ridge set hoarding plateau dry chop suck raft by the child, in addition to a concrete door can be, but relatively heavy, but can guarantee that will not be burned bad! Concrete is best at 20cm or more.
Q:Extruded board fire B1, B2 grade material how to distinguish
Fire level and density does not matter, with the lighter point can not fully explain the problem, b1 level to compound gb8624b1 level
Q:Performance and Difference of Rockwool and Glass Fiber Fireproof Materials
Rock wool and glass wool fire rating are all A-level rock wool high temperature of 800 degrees glass wool high temperature 450 touch tiger whip mortar Zhuang Huan Biao cloth wave density rock wool relative weight of some glass wool bulk light from the waterproof performance or glass wool better some
Q:Gypsum board with fire performance is it?
How the fire rating of building materials is divided. Building decoration materials combustion performance level should be divided into four or more levels. Bayer fire gypsum board can reach A2 level.
Q:What is fireproof material? Fireproof material and insulation materials, refractory material is the same thing?
Fireproof material is to add a kind of anti-tripod foot with a large number of high-temperature, heat-resistant, flame-retardant properties of the material or itself has a high temperature, heat and flame retardant properties of the material. And insulation materials and refractories are not a concept. Insulation material refers to the insulation, insulation of a class of materials. Refractory material is a kind of high temperature resistant material, which is one of the four traditional inorganic nonmetallic materials.

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