High Pile and Low Pile Tufted Floor Printed Carpet

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polyester


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:How to clean the carpet if milk tea pours onto the white carpet
Toothbrush dipped in washing powder water back and forth more than a few times, and then lay out the tiolet paper on the surface. It's better to lay out thickly so that it can absorb water completely and won't leave water trace, detergent and cleanser essence can not be used, this will make the sewage is more obvious.
Q:How can I get a huge wrinkle out of a rug?
Try to steam it if you have a portable one, bring it in the bathroom and a hot steamy shower might un wrinkle it out or, iron it! ;) p.s. marilyn monroe is my idol as well!
Q:Water Heater broker, carpet wet?
Just use a wet/dry vac suck up the water. The real problem will be drying out the carpet before it gets moldy.
Q:How to prevent the carpet from shedding wool?
shedding wool is inevitable, you can buy a new one or stick the wool with scotch tape.
Q:What is the best way to clean a carpet?
My partner and I run a successful Carpet Steam Cleaning business and have heard every rumor going over the years. First a professional Steam Cleaner that knows what he is doing will never 'ruin' your carpet. Many less professional cleaners may not re-extract all of the detergent out of the carpet correctly and as these detergents are designed to attract dirt you end up with what is called 'resoling' with the carpet getting dirtier much faster than before but this in itself does not damage any of the fibers nor is it dangerous to any children or pets and much more likely to occur with a hired machine as the vacuum is usually not strong enough. However we have received many calls over the years by people who have incorrectly used hired machines and permanently damaged their carpets (Usually water related damage) in the process. Personally I wouldn't let one of those machines anywhere near my carpet they run too cold and have limited suction Call in a professional it's like comparing a moped to Harley Davidson Do not attempt to scotch guard your carpet yourself this really does need to be done by a professional (Most Carpet Cleaning Companies will do it for an extra fee) The scotch guarding itself is not difficult or dangerous however it needs to be done immediately after a professional clean. It works by creating a protective membrane on the surface of the carpet to prevent dirt from getting through but it works both ways any dirt still in the carpet cannot get out after application until it wears off in 3-4 years time In most Countries the local health authorities recommend getting the carpets cleaned Once or Twice a year
Q:bleached carpet?
Not a very nice thing to say about your mother. Bleach does not stain. (Now who looks soooooo smart) It has no color, it is a color remover. Nothing you can do to fix it on carpet but remove the carpet or replace it.
Q:Rug doctor?
Yes a rug doctor will do the trick. The rental for 24 hours is 16.95 and shampoo runs about 15. Unlike a professional carpet cleaner that cost just over two hundred. I know this becuase I live on a military base and we have to have our carpet professional cleaned before we move out. I also know the rug doctor does a good job because I have had two puppys and rescued a couple dogs that were not potty trained.
Q:how to take care of rugs?
the only way is to either vacuum daily, or if they rugs are small enough, shake them outside of all the excess dirt and dust. Imagine how much dirt would be on your floor if you didn't have the rug.
Q:best for carpet cleaning?
my husband lays flooring and just said that once it hits the pad, there's no return. sorry but you are faced with new carpet. good news is, if you live around ga....he may be able to help you out. lol. j/k......try the car cleaning stuff called purple power. i used to detail cars and we used that on the carpet and always has clean brand new looking results. it will no fade or dicolor your carpet either. just go to auto zone and gets some. it' worth a try.
Q:VERY cheap, cute rugs?
Many stores have discount areas and you might find one at a really good price. If you have a Home Sense outlet they have really affordable ones and neat styles to choose from.

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