High Capacity 12V 8ah Li-ion Battery Pack

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Product Description:


12V 8ah li-ion battery pack


1,competitive price

2,more than 500 cycle life

3,High capacity

4,low self discharge





Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity






Composed Type


Max Charge Protection Voltage


Cut-off Discharge Voltage


Charging Current


Charging Time


Charge Method


(constant current and constant voltage )

Max Discharge Current


Recharge Cycle Life

800 times

Working Temperature





Storage Temperature

and Humidity

One month


Three months


One year


Protection Functions

Over charge, Over discharge,

Over load, Short Circuit


full 12 months






























Battery Quality:

1. Cells: A grade cells to make sure batteries in high and full capacity

2.Protection: Dual IC chips,that can anti-shortcircuit, anti-overcharger, anti-overcurrent, anti-overload

3.Compose Type : Injection Technology to make battery more stable

4.Certifications : CE,UL,FCC, RoHS,ISO9001

5. Long life cycly, No memory, environment friendly



Diving light,Solar light,our door light,search light,HID light,LED flash light ,tactical light High bright flashlight, flame-proof Flashlight,HID Flashlight, Explosion-proof flashlight,aluminum alloy flashlight,Miner light,portable lighting, mobile lighting.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Neutro-packing,according to your kind requirements

Delivery Detail:10-15 days after payment

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Q:Will gamestop buy an Xbox 360 controller if it does not have its original battery pack?
Yes but they will give you like 10 dlls. You should seel it on OKorder, you could get like 25 dlls Gamestop always rips you off and gives you less of what it's worth.
Q:How can I reduce the voltage coming from the battery pack that powers 2 LEDs?
Your LED needs a minimum of 3.2v to light up. That's why removing one battery fails to work. You're using two LEDs, so they're apparently in parallel. (In series, you'd need 6.4v to make them work.) In any case, it's not excessive voltage that's damaging the LEDs, but excessive current. You need a current-limiting resistor between the battery and the LEDs. Be careful, though. When the resistor limits the current, it will also drop the voltage that gets to the LEDs. So it takes a little math. If you were using a single LED, odds are that its maximum current rating is around 20ma. You're providing 3.6v, but only need 3.2v, so you can afford to drop 0.4v across the resistor. The same current that flows through the resistor will flow through the LED. So the resistor calculation is E/I, or 0.4v divided by .02a, for 20 ohms. Standard resistor values are 22 ohms, so that's good. Since you're using two LEDs in parallel, connect a 22 ohm resistor to each LED, then connect the LED/resistor combination in parallel.
Q:I purchased a 2001 honda insight, with a good IMA battery pack at 1/2 level on the guage?
hold the rpm at 3000 for 5 minutes and the battery gauge should show full charge, a 13 year old ima battery is most likely going to be bad, they usually last 6-8 years.
Q:When shopping for a jump starter battery pack do peak amps matter? Should I go for more or less or does it not matter?
There's okorder
Q:psp battery pack replacement?
No, the battery for the 1000 series cannot be used in a 2000 or 3000. On the very bottom of it (with the screen facing up and the shoulder buttons furthest away from you), you should see a barcode with the model number. If it says 1000 (or 1001 or something similar), you have a fat model. If it says 2000 or 3000, you have a Slim model. The 1000's battery doesn't fit in the 2000 and 3000's compartment. Sony does make replacement battery packs, however, as well as an Extended Life Battery Kit. If you use your PSP a lot, I really recommend getting the Extended Kit. It takes the normal battery life from 3-5 hours to 5-11. The only problem is it's bigger, and a bigger battery means a bigger cover. They only provide black and silver battery covers. It's not a huge problem, but it is there.
Q:how to repair dead power tool batteries?
Once dead, they are dead. Time to buy a new battery pack. But, if you are dead set on repair, then take the battery pack apart. You'll notice it is nothing but a bunch of 1.5 volt batteries (probably NiCad) connected in series. You could replace them with store bought. But I would not advise this!
Q:Rechargeable batteries for electric shaver/trimmer failing?
Check if you have followed properly the battery polarity connection to its terminal. The contact must be positive to positive and negative to negative. If it was not followed the charger's red light will still comes on,but the battery pack will not charge because there is a reverse polarity circuit protection inside the charger. This is to protect the battery in case it was inserted in reverse position (polarity). The power supply current will not charge the battery or goes to battery. It will be blocked by the diode protection that is connected in series, This diode allows current passing in one direction only (polarized forward) and does not in the opposite (reverse polarization).
Q:Which is the better XBOX 360 wireless controller battery pack?
If You Want To Play A game Continuesly For Hour Then I Reccommend For You To But The Wireless If Not then Wireless
Q:Experience w/ REVA electric cars? How many thousand miles do battery packs last?
Well, I don't drive a REVA, but I do drive an electric car with a lead-acid battery pack. These batteries can last anywhere from 10,000 miles to 30,000 miles, depending on how well they are cared for. My own battery pack costs about $850 to replace, so at 20,000 miles, that's about 4 cents per mile. My electricity cost is about 1 cent per mile. So my total cost per mile is about 5 cents, which is much cheaper than gasoline. Again, I don't know about the REVA specifically, but I monitor the health of my batteries by checking individual voltages (they should be the same, within 2 tenths of a volt), and also by occasionally measuring specific gravity (the chemistry of the electrolyte.)
Q:What is the voltage of the series battery pack?
(Different capacity) battery in series, its voltage is equal to the sum of the battery voltage, the current is the minimum capacity of the current value.
It is engaged in the lithium battery R&D, production and sales, with high-tech enterprises import and export license and general taxpayer qualification. Main products are Medical Equipment battery, Electric Bike battery, Power Tool battery and Lighting battery etc. our products have passed ETL,CE,RoHs,REACH,MSDS,UN38.3 Certifications.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets 20.00% Western Europe
15.00% Oceania
15.00% Northern Europe
10.00% South America
10.00% North America
10.00% Eastern Europe
10.00% Southern Europe
10.00% Domestic Market
Company Certifications CE

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shenzhen,Hongkong,Ningbo
Export Percentage 31% - 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average