High Alumina Bricks High Quality

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China main port
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100 m.t.
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10000 m.t./month

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Place of Origin:

Shandong, China (Mainland)




calcined flint clay,mullite,bauxite

Refractoriness (Degree):

1770°< Refractoriness< 2000°

Brand Name:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:On wooden pallets with plastic films cover
Delivery Detail:Within 20days after the order

High alumina steel ladle fire brick,Steel ladle brick,Ladle brick


1) High-temperature endurable .

2) Good thermal shock resistance .

3) Good resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

4) Good thermal shock and thermal spalling resistance.

5) High mechanical strength.

6) Good volume stability at high temperature.

Physical and chemical index:







AL2O3 (%) (≥)





Refractoriness °C(≥)





Apparent porosity % (≤)





Cold crushing strength MPa (≥)





Refractoriness Under Load 0.2 MPa °C (≥)





Linear change after reheating (%)


+0 ~ -0.4


+0.1~ -0.5


+0.1~ -0.5


+0.1~ -0.4


High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality

High Alumina Bricks High Quality


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Fire level and density does not matter, with the lighter point can not fully explain the problem, b1 level to compound gb8624b1 level
Q:Rubber insulation material fire it?
There are fire, but up to B1 level, more than half of ordinary.
Q:What is A grade fireproof material?
Inorganic insulation materials are basically able to achieve, such as glass wool, rock wool, foam glass and so on. Organic foam inside the phenolic foam material, more special. Phenolic foam is not only good insulation properties, and can be combined with steel and other materials, to achieve fire A-class combustion performance for the A-level of the muscle-chop resistance of the Gui-Guai-helium slurry temperature materials are: rock (mine) cotton, Inorganic insulation mortar and so on. Combustion performance for the B1-level insulation materials are: phenolic, powder polystyrene particles. Fire insulation with insulation materials can be used rock (mine) cotton, foam glass, inorganic insulation mortar and other combustion performance grade A grade material.
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General 120KG / cubic meter
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GB GB: Flame-retardant products and components in public places Flammability requirements and identification TB117: Elastic filling materials for cushioned furniture Flame-retardant fire test 16CFR16 Riverside hatching shelves Anticipated lamb rafts 34: Household cushioned furniture Flammability test British BS5852 , There are GB, ISO8191, TB116, ISO8191, TB116, NFPA260 (UFAC) and so on need to know more details, online search for fire resources network for inquiries

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