HF(High Frequency) Furnace Heating Power Supply

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Product Description:

Application Scope

The power supply provides energy for the zone melting furnace of preparing high purity single crystal. It is the HF induction heating power supply with power supply technology on the input side to provide stable power output for zone melting furnace. It is with the merits of small volume, high power factor and low loss.

Product Principle

The power supply is composed of the power control cabinet and vacuum tube oscillatory power cabinet. In power control part, it adopts special thyristor power control unit, which is combined with advanced DSP and PLC control technology makes the power supply be with merits of high control accuracy and reliability. High power tube, as the core component of vacuum tube oscillatory power cabinet provides stable power output for zone melting furnace.

Technical Features:

1. HMI: It adopts Siemens PLC + touch screen and is designed of full Chinese menu display. It works with simple parameter setting, and has a dual protection with double passwords to prevent wrong operation of parameters setting.

2. Advanced DSP control technology: The power unit control part adopts advanced digital processing technology. It works with merits of fast regulating speed and high control precision to ensure the zone melting furnace power control requirements during production.

Main Technical Parameters

AC Input
 Input voltage380V±10%(50/60Hz)
 Working power260KVA

AC Output
 Output frequency2.5MHz
 Output power120KW
 Work modeStable power control
 Working modePID
 Power output
0~10V or 4~20mA

 DC current feedback
0~10V or 4~20mA

DC voltage feedback
Protection Fuse failureAlarm and stop

Output overvoltage、over current

Alarm and stop when higher than setting value
Overheating≥75°C,alarm and stop

Power factor0.90以上 Above 0.90
electromagnetic compatibility> International Standard
Contact definitionAlarm resetNormal open
Power supply runNormal open
Power supply stopNormal open
Failure alarmNormal open


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Q:What is the difference between industrial furnaces and boilers?
Industrial kilns and industrial furnaces are collectively referred to as industrial furnaces. Industrial furnaces mainly refer to devices that heat materials by combustion reactions.
Q:What are the advantages of a vacuum furnace?
The accuracy of furnace temperature measurement and monitoring is obviously improved. The indicating temperature of the thermocouple and the temperature of the furnace reach 1.5 C. But there is a large temperature difference in a large number of workpieces in different parts of the furnace. If the forced circulation of the rarefied gas is adopted, the temperature range of the temperature range of + 5 DEG C can still be controlled.
Q:Why does the burner of industrial furnace burn occasionally?
The basic structure of the complete ignition system is the ignition device and flameout protection device. The ignition burner includes an ignition electrode and an igniter (equipped with some external type transformer, voltage transformer) through the above 10kV, the ignition electrode spark ignition of high voltage discharge to ignite gas column.
Q:How to use industrial furnace equipment?
When the furnace is used, the lifting mechanism of the furnace door must be in good condition, and the wire breakage of the steel wire is not allowed to exceed the designated value. The weight should be properly allocated, and the drive department shall be provided with a protective cover.
Q:What are the companies in the world that are currently engaged in metallurgical furnaces?
Basically, no industrial furnace manufacturer can do all types of stoves.Often associated with the industry is very large,so your ranking is basically meaningless.
Q:What is industrial furnace masonry?
Plane construction must level, slope construction must find slope,refractory bricks must be selected and processed according to masonry requirements.
Q:What are the combustion equipments used in industrial boilers?
The main auxiliary equipments of the general boiler are: upper coal machine, ash blower, blower, draught fan, economizer, feed pump and water treatment unit. Oil boilers are: oil pumps, burners, tanks and so on.
Q:Brief introduction to repair of industrial furnace
The industrial furnace is the main production equipment in the machinery industry. The repair of industrial furnace directly affects the quality, high yield, long life, low consumption and safe production of the furnace.
Q:What's the role of anchor bricks in industrial furnaces?
The wall of an industrial furnace or flue is mainly composed of an inner lining layer, a heat insulating layer and an outer wall layer. The lining is a refractory brick, and the outer wall is an ordinary sintered brick.
Q:Heat treatment equipment (industrial furnace), which products generally contain what kind of, which industries need to use heat treatment industrial furnace equipment.
The main equipments of heat treatment are classified into two major categories: main equipment and auxiliary equipment. The main equipment includes heat treatment furnace, heating device, surface modification, surface oxidation device, surface mechanical enhancement device, cooling equipment, cold processing equipment, process parameter detection and control instrument; auxiliary equipment includes cleaning cleaning equipment, furnace atmosphere heating medium permeability meter preparation equipment, cooling device, quenching medium heavy transport machinery, quality testing equipment, power transmission line and auxiliary equipment, fire safety equipment, dust and other production fixture.

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