Hacksaw Frame SJ-0127B Adjustable Saw Frame

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Product Description:

 Metal Hacksaw Frame
1.Metal handle
2.Square tubular.heavy duty.
4.Packing:polybag packin


Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

We can supply the sampe for inspect,but the sample cost and freight paid by customers
We have a special team for oversea marketing service,if there is any query,please feel free to contact with us.





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Q:Is the saw used by the fireman a cutting saw?
This may not be true, but the most commonly used are toothless saws and motor chain saws.Toothless saw: a power tool commonly used in wrought iron machining. It is used to cut iron wires, pipes and profiles. Can easily cut all kinds of mixing materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, wood, etc., two saw blades, reverse cutting, so that the entire cutting process without backlash. Used for cutting wood, plastic, iron, etc in a rush.
Q:Which brand of electronic saw is good for use?
Circular saw car precision guide (domestic and foreign manufacturers to choose electronic saw) after treatment by high frequency, close to the body exclusive "U" type installation, no oil, non stick ash, automatic dust, no machine, saw the long-term high speed precision;
Q:10 inch wood saw blade that brand is good, and the aluminum saw saw wood what is the difference?
If you want to grind the saw blade can find Feng rui1, they have to provide this service. The difference between saw blades and saw blades is mainly in the shape and angle of their teeth. The saw is flat with ladder, and the saw wood is basically with left and right teeth. Otherwise, you should ask the manufacturer for it. Hope to help you
Q:What brand is aluminum alloy saw blade good?
Aluminum alloy saw blade or to choose special, such as Feng aluminum alloy dedicated saw blade, opening effect is better
Q:It is hard to break a steel bar by sawing it
On the contrary, in sawing hard (such as tool steel, alloy steel, pipe, sheet metal, iron etc.) material or thin material, should choose fine tooth saw blade. This is because the hard material in the sawing process is not easy to cut into, each saw a chip less, not easy to block Sairong groove. In this way, the sawing power of each tooth is small, and the number of teeth that the saw blade takes to increase is small, the sawing resistance is small, and the material is easy to be excised. Therefore, the saw is labor-saving and the sawtooth is not easy to wear. Special attention should be paid to the use of fine toothed saw blades in sawing pipes and thin materials so as to avoid the possibility that the saw teeth are caught and broken. Otherwise, the sawtooth will be hooked and broken because the pitch of the tooth is greater than the thickness of the plate. Therefore, we should hold a point: when sawing the workpiece, there are at least two cross sections at the same time, and sawing will prevent the hook from breaking
Q:Chain saw felling clip saw why
A large leaning tree can only hang ears in the opposite direction to prevent trees from turning back
Q:What kind of material is the saw blade made of?
Different saw blades with different pitch should be changed for cutting saw.Most of the manual saw blades are made of carbon steel, and two kinds of carbon, tool steel and carburizing steel are specified according to the type of steel and process. Carburizing steel is made of low carbon steel saw, and then carburizing quenching. Cheap carbon blade.Most of the machine saw blades are made of high speed steel (W18Cr4V, etc.) and tungsten vanadium steel. The price is more expensive.Carbon blade cheap, hardness and strength and hot hardness than high speed steel low cutting speed allows very low. Among them, the biggest difference is hot hardness, and hardness is very small. And no matter what kind of saw blade, the material that allows processing is very low hardness, hardness is similar, but the strength of the material is very different.So for the same cutting speed and working condition (manual, motor), the first choice to adapt to the cutting speed of the saw blade material (carbon blade could not be used to machine); then according to the cutting of different materials, selection of saw tooth shaped, soft material (low strength, with large pitch, the teeth have larger anterior horn and posterior horn; whereas the smaller tooth shape, tooth pitch).
Q:20 inch chain saw chain how many how many knives
Caton chain knife head is white, in the import chain is the cheapest chain, the quality is also OK, right angle chain.Steele chain knife head part pan blue light, right angle chain. There is a special anti fake concave point on the tooth.
Q:What kind of seam should be set on the concrete pavement? What's the function?
Set up the concrete pavement joint seam and contraction joints. After pouring concrete pavement shrinkage joint, strength has not reached the design strength (such as second days) saw the cutting machine, cutting depth must meet the concrete pavement thickness 1/3, if the temperature drops, due to thermal expansion and contraction of concrete plate along the kerf in addition to disconnect no, caused by irregular broken plate. Is an expansion joint in pouring concrete slab, with soft wood will be separated from the concrete plate adjacent (middle and dowel bars), it is the role of the heat expansion, the concrete slab has certain space, avoid the heat when the concrete slab concrete slab arch suspended, the pavement damage
Q:What kind of hand saw?
Gardener: saws, folding saws.3, fitter: iron bow.4, the hand-held machine power saw: portable chain saw, electric saw.

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