Chrome Adjustable Hacksaw Frame SJ-0125B

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3600 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Metal Hacksaw Frame
1.Metal handle
2.Square tubular.heavy duty.
4.Packing:polybag packin


Adjustable saw frame:8"/10"/12",
surface treadment:chrome plating, plastic spraying, corrosion resistance,with non-slip handle.
Saw blade:18TPI,carbon steel product whole steel structure, with non-slip handle. Can cut steel, wood, plastic stool rod type, durable。


We can supply the sampe for inspect,but the sample cost and freight paid by customers
We have a special team for oversea marketing service,if there is any query,please feel free to contact with us.


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Q:What's the password for a heroic electronic saw cadmatic4?
First, there are many manufacturers of computer cutting saw has done very well, such as a crossbar, Shunde Bernie, the manufacturer of computer panel saw are good, have their own R & D team, produced a better mechanical. Secondly, many foreign brands of mechanical properties and the operation is not good for the Chinese master. The employment situation, many workers' cultural level is low. So the computer panel saw to practical, or the need for domestic workers to better development.
Q:What brand of electric chain saw is good?
Worm driven circular saws are powerful and widely used in the construction industry, but they are heavier and more expensive. A straight line circular saw is favored by individual users. The motor of the embedded circular saw is vertically connected with the blade, and the shaft of the motor drives the blade directly. Most circular saws are in straight line. Compared to worm driven circular saws, straight circular saws are cheaper, lighter and easier to operate.
Q:How long can the aluminum alloy saw blade be used?
The cutting time is closely related to the cutting material, shape, the outside diameter, thickness, number of teeth, the performance of the machine and the configuration of lubricating oil! The question you ask is very general and very good. It's good to ask for questions!
Q:How much does it cost to buy a Markov platform saw?
I only know about the push saw. I do this. The price of the push saw depends on the configuration. It's the same as the car.The general Markov platform saw is about 20 thousand,The table saw signs of Markov pushing bench saw dragons and fishes jumbled together, the price is good, Qingdao Yongqiang is also good, if the pursuit of high performance so I recommend altendorf
Q:Can a curve saw iron?
Working principleThe structure mainly consists of a series motor, a reduction gear, a reciprocating rod, a balance plate, a bottom plate, a switch, a governor, etc..The working principle is that the motor is decelerated by a gear, and the eccentric roller sleeve on the big gear drives the reciprocating rod and the saw blade to reciprocate.
Q:How to use a handsaw sawing stainless steel
Saw after the nozzle will have some perversing hand, which is based on the need to use sandpaper or angle polished with sandpaper rasp, remember do not pinch the mouth polished, preferably with sandpaper flat to the nozzle, with the thumb grip in the palm of the hand strength fine sandpaper, grinding, few will be able to.Note this method is very suitable for people who often saw not, basically do not appear mouth askew, also does not have that kind of pressure with the closing cut form, but if N (N10) root saw tube, the best holding identity cards and cash to the hardware store to rent a cheaper electric saw.
Q:How to saw blade
The new saw is not the main road, find a seam to the left and right things will break even saw the same angle or distance, the formation of a saw, with a triangle file working face of the front teeth on the line file,
Q:20 inch chain saw chain how many how many knives
20 inch chain saw chain 38 section 325 knife.There are 325 and big 3/8, the length is 18 inches, 36 knots, 20 inches, 38 knots. The big 3/8 is usually in section 34. The 78 paragraph is usually 32. The 85 is a 30 day high loquat.
Q:Aluminum sawing machine why sawing, saw the back when the slow?
One end of the material will be loose or fall off, saw no material by extrusion, the vibration will be restored to the original vibration, vibration is increased, if the knife back too fast easy to hurt the material section or the blade itself, there are a lot of machines in the cutting blade will leave after the material after annealing knife.
Q:Is the saw without teeth? Is it a kind of thing?
A toothless saw is used for cutting things. A corner grinder is used to polish surfaces or edges and corners.

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