Generator Diesel Fuel Tank/ Silos and Tanks Technology

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 Generator Diesel Fuel Tank/We Specialize on Silos and Tanks Technology


Specification for General Diesel Fuel Tank










Silo Diameter3.0m
Silo Height4.8m
Total Silo Height11.4m
TypeWelded WholeBolt Assemble
UsageFor Concrete Batching Plant
De-dusting system, explosive-proof valve, valve, cement block breaker device, stairs, handrail, maintenance platform, cement loading pipe. 
Electrical deduster, level indicator, loading filter device and vibrator 
NOTEThe anti-explosive valve is dual-direction pressure adjustement function to assure safety;The block breaker device can assure smooth unloading of cement in silo.

Processing for Silos

Strict Surface Treatment Guarantees the Durability of Clinker Silo Cement Plant  

1-  We apply hand-polishing + one time coat painting + two times surface painting + high quality paint. Compared with normal surface treatment, ours can strictly protect the silo body from corrosion thus to longer the cement silo life span.
2-  Painting. The logo, color or other pictures can be appointed by the Buyer for free.
3-  The main parts is painted with matching words like 1,2,3…. to facilitate on-site assembly work.  


Apart High Quality Clinker Silo Cement Plant, We Arrange the Best to Save Your Delivery Cost

1-   with rich export container loading experience. We will arrange the best solution to save the container usage.
2-  We will consider your other goods situations and max use the space.
3-  We will extra put more 2 sets of spareparts like bracing for back-up in case of lost.























How Guarantees the Successful Assembly of Clinker Silo Cement Plant

1.We will provide glue-gun, installation tools for free to assure the on-site smooth work.
2.Delivery with rich screw and sealing glue. The screw is national standard high quality product and the glue is china famous brand with assurance of strict sealing.
3.Furnish with detailed installation drawing and manual and timely response for any technical support. Normally the users can effectively and successful install well the silos by themselves and thus save the cost of inviting our technician to site.
4.If needed, We can provide overseas on-site assembly service.




Generator Diesel Fuel Tank/ Silos and Tanks Technology

Generator Diesel Fuel Tank/ Silos and Tanks Technology

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