floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin - 3020

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China main port
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30 set
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2000 set/month

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floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal
sanitary ware manufacturer,good quality with reasonable price

Product Informations

Item Name:

floor standing bathroom ceramic pedestal basin 



Capacity/20ft :290pcs
MOQ30pcs mixed in the 20GP container
 box/pcs:5-ply  brown or white carton box 
Per set two carton,basin one carton,pedestal one carton
Business Terms
Price terms: EXW/FOB Shenzhen
Delivery terms: 30 days after receipt of 30% deposit
Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Westerm Union

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Q:Do you want to send a faucet to the bathroom?
When buying, please ask whether the faucet,
Q:Is it difficult to install a bathroom sink? If not what should I know?
Turn off the water valve first. Debbie O
Q:Bathroom washbasin jade good or good ceramic
Recommend the use of ceramic pots, good ceramic pot prices and artificial jade prices should be almost even higher. If used for the bathroom, easy to clean, no ash, no mold is the most important, these ceramic pots most suitable.
Q:Bathroom sink keeps getting clogged?
My guess is that you have a big plug of hair and goop in the trap, and you either need to clean it out yourself, if you know how to do this, or hire a plumber to do it for you. This involves taking apart the pipes under the sink, so if you have never done this before, better spring for professional assistance. If you are renters, call the landlord.
Q:The characteristics of the basin
The traditional wash basin only focus on practicality, and now popular wash basin pay more attention to shape, placed alone, its type, style and shape are very unique, generally divided into column basin, desktop basin, stage basin, The
Q:how to prevent cat from peeing in bathroom sink?
Well you could always shut your bathroom door when you exit and not allow the cats into your bathroom. That would be the quickest way. you could also clean that sink very well with bleach or an Ammonia. This will get rid of their scent and might stop them from peeing in the sink. you could also watch to see what one goes in there and catch him / her climbing up on the sink and give him / her a good spanking. Cats are Extremely smart and believe me 1 or 2 good spankings will do the trick. Cats can remember over 200 different Life saving things. Cats only Remember what is most important to them and really nothing else. This is a proving fact, so by catching him /her in the act and you spanking its Azz, it will know its not allowed. * NOTE FOR THOSE WHO GAVE ME THUMBS DOWN * I know you gave me thumbs down because I said spank the cat but here is the issue. If you walked into your bathroom and your son or daughter was pissing in your sink you mean to tell me you wouldnt spank their asses. Theirs always a few in the bunch who I truly feel need their heads examined. The day I allow anyone or any animal to piss in my sink would probably be the day I did lose my mind. Not only is it absolutely gross and disgusting, its completely uncalled for and there is no need for it and anyone who feels that its not that big of an a deal well, your a slob and I would hate to set foot into your dump of a germ infested house. Hope these helped you out :)
Q:Basin basin drainage height is generally how much
The problem is not clear, refers to the water pipe out of the ground from the wash basin outlet height or refers to the water pipe into the wall on the wall out of the height of the wash basin outlet? The former, then the height should not be too high, with a hose to connect the wall can be connected down, so there can put some things, too high can not put things, inside the other pipeline is not easy to repair when the failure, if after Of course, naturally high is better, from the wash basin outlet 10 cm or so is not higher than the outlet just fine
Q:Bathroom desk too short how to do
If the basin is one of the pieces, to find the Hong Kong stone can be a high; if not one, the search can raise your washbasin countertop can not
Q:How to install a bathroom sink?
While you are replacing the sink and the faucets it would be a good idea to replace the shut off valves these tend to go bad over the years and you would hate having to tear it out again.
Q:plumbing for a new bathroom sink?
You're in good shape- the overflow was internal. The same drain is all you need.

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