Find Best Qquality Multistage Cyclone vacuum cleaner HT-518/SL-518

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  1. start machine by trample gently the Switch button. more convenient to use

  2. automatic take-up function, more intimate

  3. diffuser after design, no secondary pollution, At the same time for motor cooling, Increase the life of motor

  4. 360 - degree forward wheel, Casually drag direction

  5. Steel pipeFree expansion



  1.   rated voltage:220v

  2. Rated power:1400W

  3. The noise:<75Db

  4. Vacuum degree:19kpa

  5. Neight weight:3.5kg

  6. Rated frequency:50HZ

  7. The length of power cord:5M

  8. Dust capacity:2.0L

  9. Size of Color box:400X280X315

  10. Size of packing580X408X325



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Q:I need advice on vacuum cleaners.?
NO upright vacuum cleaner on the market will do a really terriffic job of cleaning the edges of carpet or flooring close to walls, furniture, etc. I've been repairing these things, all makes and models for over 35 years, and I can tell you with certainty that edge cleaning is nothing more than hype, by the vac companies. The best method to get the dirt and dust around the edges of your carpets is a hose attachment and a crevice tool or dust brush. Buying a high amperage vac is doing nothing more than spending more money for more electricity to run the vac motor. There are several vac's available that make tremendous vacuum with 6 - 8 amps, while there are many vac's advertising 12 - 14 amp motors that make less vacuum with less air flow. As for the Dyson, that's a real rip. The ads talk about not losing vacuum because they don't have filters to clog. I'm curious then, as to why my parts distributor lists 12 different filters for Dyson's. ???
Q:Best way to clean carpets without a vacuum?
Join Freecycle on internet in your area and you can ask if anyone has a vacuum to give or for sale cheap. They always have bargais on there site.
Q:s there a place that will let you rent vacuum cleaners for like a few hours or a day?
you can rent a shop vac from places like Home Depot
Q:Can you recommend a good vacuum cleaner that uses HEPA filters to filter the exhaust air?
either the miele brand cannister vacuum or the sebo brand upright vacuums are pretty much the best machines out there. Both machines use hepa our s-class filtration which in vacuum terms is very close to each other. The miele cannister is the best in my oponion, mainly because the machine is sealed better, thus all the exhaust air has to pass through the filter, and only the filter. I've sold the miele's for eleven years and in my sixteen years of repairing vacuum cleaners are the best in the market
Q:At what point in history did vacuum cleaners become an appliance present in every household?
Something like 1949. It was being used before that. It took some time to accepted ans affordable.I don't my mother had one until 1959 ? Long time ago.
Q:what type of plastic is any dyson upright vacuum cleaner made up of?
Q:Any advice on the dirtdevil featherlite bagless vacuum?
its light weight and is esasy to move around. the bad thing is that it fills up right me
Q:why are cars made as little boys toys but boys AND girls grow up and drive?
I don't buy a lot of cheesy plastic toys (I HATE them) so this doesn't apply much to the brands I favor. Take a look at the Haba and Plan Toy collections. They are wooden and usually made in primary colors. They are not designated for boys or for girls in most cases, and I like that. We buy our daughter cars AND dolls. If we ever have a boy he will get the same. I agree that people pigeonhole kids into gender roles all too often. I have a psych degree and in one of my classes we watched a video about a study in which a woman took her little boy and dressed him in his regular clothes and let a stranger watch him for a few minutes. They were videotaping the interaction. The subjects encouraged the boy to move around, go for toys, etc. Then they dressed him as a girl and repeated the exercise with different people. Thinking he was a girl, there was a big difference in how they treated him. They held her in their laps and stuck dolls in her face. Toy companies have figured out that parents will buy their little girls stereotypical girl stuff, and their boys boy stuff. That is how girls get stuck with junk like Bratz dolls, and boys end up with violent action figures. Anyway, I think it's important to buy a child of either gender a nice, neutral sampling of tools, dolls, cars, musical instruments, etc. Then they can decide what they prefer. But the market is driven by what parents buy and what children nag parents to death for. And I agree that it's partially due to a child's impression of what the parent would like to see them play with (ie, my mom insisted I be a girly girl, and what did I ask for? Lil Miss Makeup!).
Q:How do I use a vacuum cleaner as a masturbation aid?
Vacuum Cleaner Masturbation
Q:In your opinion, what is the best vacuum brand/model available today?
This might be something you would want to check out. I just did a review on this particular vacuum, I hope you like it.

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