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The fiber cement board includes two series:  solid fiber cement board(S series) and hollow fiber cement board (K series)


Fiber cement board is one new type wall board which is both functional and decorative, with idea of high- tech and innovation, the products combine the traditional and modern science and technology, which provide a brand  new green wall decoration material to the exterior wall field.


K series

3000 * 300* 15mm

3000* 450* 18mm

3000*600* 26mm


K series—Streak board






The colors are based on customer’s choice.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall decoration system

This system is widely used in public building and high end residential and other kinds of civil construction of exterior wall decoration. In existing buildings exterior wall decoration, the fiber cement board can be directly mounted to the exterior wall by keel, and not need to remove the original façade decoration materials. This system could give the construction quick speed, low transformation cost and good decorative effect.


Fiber cement board: exterior wall heat preservation system.

This system can meet different design requirements for energy- saving. The system has excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance, meanwhile, the mass production and quality control of the products overcomes the crack problem occurred in other external insulation system. The system are mainly used in energy saving renovation to existing building or the external wall thermal insulation of new construction.


Fiber cement board composite wall system has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, which make the system become an high and energy saving wall retaining system. The system could be applicable to the façade of steel or wood frame villa, and non bearing exterior wall for structural frame work or other frame structure.





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Q:Can you put ceramic tile over wood floors? If yes I was told that it wouldnt stay, even with cement board.?
Without reading any answers here, and after installing thousands of sq. ft. of flooring,,,especially tile. I suggest that EVEN on a concrete slab,,, perfection isn't something set in stone,,, so to speak. You don't state the state of the construction,,, IE: Basement or crawl space below the existing floor, slab on dirt, etc.. ANY floor substrate should be as level as you can get it,,, but even that can be supplemented by leveling a tile installation. Concrete backer board is my choice, no matter the substrate, as it allows for less movement, degradation over time, a porous/textured enough surface to GRAB thin set, with less chance for warp,,, as long as the bottom line is as secure as possible. Perhaps your least or greatest concern might be removing any existing base molding and determining adding what might be near 3/4 inch height to existing flooring. Consider a deeper issue. This is EARTH, on top of which,,, or in which a house has been built. I suggest no stronger force exists than that of the EARTH.... and it gives and takes, in its process. Consider too, the prep work, and knowledge of the structure, its construction, and history. Does it tend to ebb and flow like Tides? Or has its base element been relatively secure since it was constructed? Then consider that it may last longer, no matter what you do, or what was done, than your lifetime,,, No offense. It would seem that research is your first exploration option, and valid experience. If in fact the base flooring is above a basement or crawl space some shimming might be called for, especially if the existing floor seems to squeak, or be pliant. If it's Concrete, I suggest you don't stress. E mail accepted for more info. Rev. Steven
Q:DO I need to put thinset on top of the plywood and then add the cement board on top?
That is the proper way to do it. You need the thin set to act as a filler so there are no voids at all between the ply and the cement board. 1/4x1/4 notched trowel is the required trowel. This is according to tile installation ( both ATC and TCA tile guide line codes) and the cement board manufactures way to do it. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Q:Multilayer residential buildings used by the cement board to bear the pressure
Refers to the pressure can withstand the board should bear the live load;
Q:Is slight dip in cement backer board okay?
medium set is more forgiving.
Q:How the cement pressure plate sticks on the brick
Base treatment: the dust, debris thoroughly cleaned, no hollowing, cracking and sand and other defects. Pin line: before the construction of the wall around the height of the pop-up control line, in the ground pop-up cross-line to control the floor tile size.
Q:how do I lay cement board on a concrete floor with out screws?
look for a web site for the product your buying or ask for an installation sheet at the store. It will tell you what you can use and how to do it.. Type of glue etc. you don't want it to pop up and leave a springy section in the floor that bounces when walked on. I would think if you glued it down you would have to weight it down overnight.
Q:Outdoor doors of the aluminum-plastic plate can be directly in the waterproof cement board paste it?
To find out what kind of waterproof surface of the cement board, if the gray is large or not smooth, The other cement board itself will appear seepage and their alkaline, etc., then even if the decoration master made no harm, In fact, we are not recommended so to use. Otherwise infinite trouble.
Q:what's the best way to remove old school cement board (from a shower)?
I believe you are messing with lath & plaster ? they didnot make cement board in the 50's with lath and plaster they used chicken wire to keep it in place, like putting steel in concrete walls. A hammer is about the only way believe me... been there done that lot's of times.
Q:What are the densities of tiles and cement
Environmental protection-type green building materials, from cement as a cross-linking agent, wood as a fiber reinforced material, adding part of the additive pressed by the plate, mainly by the crushed wood chips and Portland cement glued together, color cleaning, Smooth and smooth. The product combines the strength of wood, ease of processing and cement durable characteristics. Wood fiber cement board in the 40's began to be widely used in Europe, has now become a wide range of international application of building materials. It is versatile, excellent performance, with corrosion resistance, heat resistance, resistance to corrosion, easy processing, and cement, lime, gypsum with good, green and other advantages. Now, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Austria, Russia and other countries have formed a number of such special plate manufacturing company, as well as professional equipment manufacturers, compared to China's less such production lines, wood The development of the domestic space is relatively large, to be the depth of development and utilization.
Q:Can cement board be tiled?
No need, Directly on the cement board tiling, If the cement board too light can be polished nap

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