Double Size Pure White Australia Sheepskin Rug Used in Bedroom

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Product Description:

Sheepskin Carpet / Rug

Specification of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug :

1) Material : pure Australian Sheepkin fur or pure New Zealand Sheepskin fur

2) Wool Length: 55-75mm

3)Size :  100*60cm OR 55X95cm OR Double /Quarto/Sexto/Octo Size or other customed size

4) Color : White , Beige , Yellow , Grey , Black , Brown , Blue , Green or other customed color

5) Package : 20-50pcs packed into one carton box. The carton box size is about 110cm x 57cm x 57cm or 20cm x 15cm x 15cm .

6) Usage: Home , Car

Advantages of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:

We have two kinds sheepskin carpet/rug , one is Australia Sheepkin Rug , another is Nealand Sheepskin Rug.

The Australia Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from Australia.

The New Zealand Sheepkin Rug is made of 100% pure sheepskin that is imported from New Zealand.

The wool of our sheepskin is extremely dense, which provides for a more comfortable and durable.

Pictures of our Sheepkin Carpet / Rug:







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Q:How to turn over the carpet when people stand on it
If you are skilled, just need 20 seconds, with your feet to hook up the carpet. There is a good way to stand in the corner, so it will be very convenient, but to coordinate it, the moment of jumping, pull out it. no problem, then we put the other foot on over half carpet again, finally use feet to pave smoothly.
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We bought a house that was completely horrible with cat pee.the only way to get the smell out(And I tried everything) Was to get rid of the carpet and paint the floor underneath with pro blocker(oil based paint from Sherman Williams) You have to use the oil based the other did not work.I used 2 coats on the floor and put down new carpet and can't smell a thing anymore. Good luck!
Q:Is it Okay to Step on Wet Carpet?
Stepping on carpet isn't going to make it mold, Mold can start to grow within 4 hours of carpet getting wet, You need to get some air circulating on that carpet . it should only take a couple of hours to dry, Put some fans blowing on it or any way you can get air movement, Open the windows or do all of these thing It sounds like you saturated the carpet , this is a common mistake people make cleaning there own carpets, good luck
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Berber will be harder to match, but if you've never patched carpet you will not like the results. Somethings are just cheaper to leave to the pros who have experience and all the necessary tools and materials. I would check with a carpet cleaner who can fix carpet too. This would allow the repair to be part of the cleaning in the same visit, so it would be cheaper. You could just let your landlord have it fixed, but you should know how much it should cost so you don't get ripped off. If your landlord has a professional fix the carpet, the landlord must live with the result, he can't just say he doesn't like your work, or your carpet guy's work. Finally, a good source for new carpet is in you closets. Did you pay a pet deposit? That should cover you. Do you have renter's or household insurance? That should cover you too.
Q:Which is more harmful to the human body, the plastic carpet or the cement?
Plastic carpet, also known as rubber carpet, its scientific name is polyvinyl chloride resin, also known as PVC. The plastic carpet is the use of PVC material and plasticizer and other materials, through mixing plastic special a. Plastic carpet because of its main material is plastic, so there will be a lot of consumers worried that it will not toxic. In fact, this kind of worry is right and wrong.
Q:Removing a carpet?? Help..?
It's very easy. Start at a corner then pull on the carpet. You may need to remove the underlay after you remove the carpet. It's done the same way. Then remove the staples that they used to hold the under lay done. Remove the wooden strips that go around the out side of the floor that held the carpet down Go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. All the tools needed are a ,hammer,and a skew driver to get under the wooden strips and the staples.
Q:How to put the carpet?

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