Digital LCD Mobile Charger, Power Bank for iPhone, iPad

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Product Description:

5500mAh portable power bank with LCD display for Samsung and IPhone

Basic Info.                    
Power Source:Electric            Capacity:5500mAh
Size:122*62*15mm                Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.
Trademark: Neutral                Packing: Window Box
Standard:CE, RoHS, FCC    Origin:Shenzhen
HS Code:850780000            Production Capacity:10, 000, 000

Product Description.
1.Li-ion Polymer Battery
2.LCD display
3.Input:5V 1000mAh
4.Output:5V 2100mAh
6.Battery life: 1000 times
7.93% battery converaion efficiency

Technical Details:
Brand New and High Quality. Stylish, Compact, Portable & Fashionable Design.
High Capacity and USe Conveniently and Easily. LCD Indicator Lights Display the Capacity Left.
USB Output Ports. Suitable for charging iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile Phones, etc.
Overcharging Protection, Overloading Protection, and short circuit protection.
8 Connectors for iPad, iPhone, iPod, GPS, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

1. One year replacement.
2. This products is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. This warranty only covers failures due to the defects in material or work-ship,This warranty does not cover the damage which results from misuse,Casing damage,  abrasion ,cracking,distortion, introduction of liquid or other foreign matter into the unit, abuse, neglect,installation, improper maintenance or failures that are caused by products not supplier by DXT
Digital LCD Mobile Charger, Power Bank for iPhone, iPadDigital LCD Mobile Charger, Power Bank for iPhone, iPad

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