Cumins Silent Diesel Generator Set in CNBM

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Diesel Generator Set

Generator set adopts Y&C Engine high-quality engine as power, selects name brand alternator .It has advantages of compact structure, high degree of automation, smooth and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, etc. Mainly parts were made from high strength Vermicular cast iron, this make 15% weight lighter than traditional engine.Emission standard reach national standard third class,higher than the national non-roadway standard.The engine was finished 50000 hours reliability testing, more than 90% mass production engine life over 125000 hours .Within 2,500 hours don't need to adjust valve clearance.

2.Main Features of Diesel Generator Set

European brand Engine 
Low Fuel consumption 
OEM, Good Price 
Global Warranty 
CE, ISO, Son cap Certificate

3. Diesel Generator Set  Images 


Cumins Silent Diesel Generator Set in CNBM

Cumins Silent Diesel Generator Set in CNBM

4. Diesel Generator Set Specification   



1)Power range: 16kw-1000kw/20kva-1250kva



4)Single/three phase

5)water cooled/air cooled

6)Silent/weather proof/trailer type

7)Fuel tank for at least 8H running

8)Two 12V batteries

9)24V charge alternator

10)50 degree C Radiator



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Q:Solve the tank world engine governor usage
The use of methods and repair the same package, but is a permanent product, only C and S cars, open for some time after the engine will be damaged (marked yellow) speed decline, it is recommended not to move off,
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1, as a rule, the engine, as a major part of the car, has been included in the risk of car damage. In case of losses caused by collision or overturning, the insurance company shall pay compensation under the limit of compensation according to the proportion of liability. But there is also a special exemption from liability provisions, such as the damage of the engine in the case of wading alone, you can turn to the insurance company exclusions.
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The new and 1.5L VVT (4GB2 power) is JAC joint international renowned research institutions, the integration of the world advanced power technology research and development resources, a new generation of aluminum 1.5L VVT small displacement engine together with the international first-class R & D manufacturing, international leading technology. Based on the international leading technology of MITSUBISHI 4A91 platform optimization design, for the upgrading of MITSUBISHI 4G15 technology version of the perfect presentation. The perfect presentation of the six major performance improvements:
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The gasoline engine mixes the gasoline with the air into a combustible mixture, then enters the cylinder and ignites with an electric spark. Each cycle of the four stroke gasoline engine runs through the following four strokes, as shown in Figure 1 - 3.
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Among them, the casting production line is from Switzerland into the GF modeling line, supplemented by the domestic advanced equipment, the United States melting equipment, the German cold box-core equipment and foreign direct reading spectrometer and other testing facilities.
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