Completely Environment friendly concrete mixing plant

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Product Description:

Following market requirements and adapting to development trend, NFLG develops completely environment friendly concrete mixing plant, integrating latest design concept with its rich field experience. The plant is supposed to promote green production of concrete.

1. Brief introduction
Following market requirements and adapting to development trend, NFLG develops completely environment friendly concrete mixing plant, integrating latest design concept with its rich field experience. The plant is supposed to promote green production of concrete.
Concrete plants from NFLG are tailored to customers’ specific requirements. We are not only committed to providing best technical solution for your customers, but also pay close attention to reduce indirect cost for them, helping them to boost investment return rate.

2. Characteristics
1) Environment friendliness
a) Enclosed sand and stone conveyance system, minimizes noise pollution;
b) Fully enclosed plant that is fitted with reasonable dust collection system, completely eliminates any concern about dust;
2) Energy efficiency;
a) Implemented highly efficient motors, reducing electricity consumption;
b) Appling mortar coating technique, drastically increasing strength of concrete, reducing cement and electricity consumption;
3) Zero emission: fitted with sand and stone separation equipment, enclosed integrated device to process waste water and reclaimed stone and sand, so the stone, stand and water are recycled, reducing pollution to minimum;
4) Safe: accurate dosage system, ensuring concrete quality; several layers of safety protection, ensuring production safety;
5) Stabile: double-spiral mixer, reliable, stabile, highly efficient and capable to produce highly homogenous mixture;
6) Intelligent: applying double computer synchronized system, key hardware consists of two high performance computers, PLC controller, human-machine interface, precision dosage unit and internationally renowned low voltage appliance, which are configured to work together with self-developed software to realize automatic control of concrete production process;

HZS series complete environment    friendly concrete mixing plant
Aggregate size(mm)≤120≤150≤150≤150≤150
Distribution binNumber44444
Belt conveyor capacity(t/h)400500500700700
Weighing range and toleranceAggregate (kg)4×2400±2%4×3600±2%4×4800±2%4×5500±2%4×6000±2%
Cement (kg)1200±1%1800±1%2400±1%2700±1%3000±1%
Fly ash(kg)400±1%600±1%800±1%900±1%1000±1%
Water (kg)500±1%700±1%900±1%1000±1%1100±1%
Additive (kg)2×50±1%2×80±1%2×80±1%2×100±1%2×120±1%
Total power (kw)155195250255330
Discharge height (m)

HLS series complete environment    friendly concrete mixing plant
Aggregate size(mm)≤120≤150≤150≤150≤150
Storage capacity(m3)200200300300300
Belt conveyor capacity(t/h)400500500700700
 Weighing range and tolerance   Aggregate (kg)2×2400±2%2×3600±2%2×4800±2%2×5500±2%2×6000±2%
Cement (kg)1200±1%1800±1%2400±1%2700±1%3000±1%
Fly ash(kg)400±1%600±1%800±1%900±1%1000±1%
Water (kg)500±1%700±1%900±1%1000±1%1100±1%
Additive (kg)2×50±1%2×80±1%2×80±1%2×100±1%2×120±1%
Total power (kw)155195250255330
Discharge height (m)

1. Total power doesn’t include that of screw.
2. Number of bin may be changed in accordance with design requirements.
3. Mentioned above parameters may be alerted, please refer to actual product.


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